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  1. WCOC Group 1 4th place decider

    Poll Room
    It's the battle of Agincourt all over again.
  2. Twinspark 1.6 4th gear...

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, I've read a lot about 4th gear "swarf" fixes if you can't get it into 4th gear, but what about if it pops out of 4th gear? Mine works fine until about 2 miles down the road (i.e. it's fine when cold) and then it starts popping out for 4th. Changed the gear oil, no noticeable improvement.. Am...
  3. Gearbox whine in 3rd and 4th

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Good morning all Here's one for you... After spending loads on wheel bearings and brake calipers amongst other things, my late 2007 159 1.9jtdm has decided to make strange noises in 3rd and 4th gears. It is whining constantly regardless of revs - almost grinding. I suspect the worst but would...
  4. World Cup Of Films: 3rd & 4th place decider

    Poll Room
    Aliens V Monty Python's Life of Brian
  5. All Italian Car Breakfast Meet - Alton, Sat 4th August 2018

    South Central
    Following our fantastic meet in June, our next event will be on Saturday the 4th August. The April and June meets have both seen fantastic attendance with approximately 100 cars of all Italian marques and from modern daily drives to classics. In June we had an 8C, 2 De Tomaso Panteras, and a...
  6. Revs increase quickly in 1st/2nd but doesn't accelerate. MCSF in 4th full throttle

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    First a little bit of history. It's a 81 kw 8v JTD 147, 2002. - 2 years ago, IC hose snapped - replaced with metal pipe For the past 8 months, car was throwing MCSF errors (sometimes they'd just appear and go, and sometimes they'd stick for a day or two) - Vacuum hoses melted three times...
  7. Gtv stuck in 4th gear

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all , I have been offered a v6 gtv that is currently stuck in 4th gear..... I read one post about a sheared roll pin in the selector? And that it can possibly be replaced with gearbox in the Car? Can anyone provide further detail on this before I take the plunge? Kind regards Peter
  8. 2018 Events - All Italian Breakfast Meets Alton 7th April, 2nd June, 4th Aug, 6th Oct

    South East Number of planned dates, could be combined with a convoy drive down. Attended two last year really good meet up. 7th April. 2nd June 4th August 6th October. Couple of posts from 2017 meets with lots of pics and...
  9. WCOC 3rd & 4th playoff

    Poll Room
    E-Type v DB4 GT You know what they look like by now but feel free to add pictures.
  10. Newby Hall 4th of June

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Any of you Northern folk planning on going? I thought I might pop along if the weather's looking OK. I spoke to the organiser and it's going ahead this year. Just pay on the day and apparently the car park attendants have been primed to direct Italian...
  11. New here and about to buy my 4th Alfa

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all, From South Africa. Recently(today) found this group, have always loved Alfa Romeo since I cut my teeth on my first 80's era Giulietta. Last one I owned was a 155 ts and have recently looked at a 1998 Spider ts. Still not 100% sold on this particular spider though. Going to sleep on it.
  12. AO Ireland - Killarney To The Healy Pass : 4th Sept

    Republic of Ireland
    Time to organise the next Killarney to Moll's Gap & Healy Pass meet. We'll meet up in the Tesco car park (east of the town) in Killarney at 12pm for a chat & maybe a quick bite to eat before departing sometime between 12:30 & 1pm. There's a Costa Coffee behind the Tesco. From Killarney...
  13. Alfa Romeo 147 2.0ts no 4th gear

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all I'm in need of some help! My car won't go into 4th gear, every other gears fine just feels like it's being blocked by something. Took it to the garage he checked the gearbox and nothing was wrong that end then check the linkages and they are worn down as the gear stick was very wobbly so...
  14. 159 1.9jtd Gearbox Whine but in 3rd and 4th

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi All, Now that my VPS fault looks like it is cured I can look a bit further in perfecting the 159. One thing that is obvious is a whine in the gearbox but not in 5th and 6th but 3rd and 5th. In all others it is fine and apart from sound in those gears. Sound disappears when engaging the...
  15. Alfa MiTO QV 4th Multiair

    Alfa MiTo Above is my thread, the car is on its 4th MA unit. However just under a year of repacint that 4th unit the Error P1063 pops up, the car has been using the selenia oil and is changed every 15k km. What i did notice on the...
  16. Won't go into 4th gear...

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Ok.. What a farago of a night... First the engine management light comes on... And stays on... Then the little darling won't go into 4th gear... Then when I did get it in.. Jumps out again! The box has already been attended to by previous owner... This isn't looking good, is it? Series 3 GTV JTS...
  17. Turbo losing boost in 4th at high RPM

    South Africa
    I noticed something weird today. I was in D and was pushing my G for a bit of fun and down a long straight I held it in 4th and let the revs climb. At around 4,500 RPM I noticed the boost meter showing a loss of boost (I could hear it too). On the boost meter it drops down by 2-3 bars. I'm not...
  18. 4th gear not working

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    156 JTS 2.0 Whenever I put the car into 4th it pops back out once the clutch has been released and the gas has been applied. All other gears are still working fine. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing it? Do I need a new gearbag or is it likely that the linkage or clutch is at...
  19. Can't get 4th gear!!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Driving back from my daughter's yesterday I was suddenly unable to select 4th gear (all other gears working fine), it feels as if something fairly substantial is blocking the movement of the gearstick in that direction. However this cleared itself eventually and I was able to select 4th for the...
  20. 4th Year Warranty cover

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi guys, Looking at options for 4th year warranties, although the dealers all want to seem to rope you in with a servicing agreement plus RAC cover (Which I don't need as I have it already). What have other people done for 4th year warranties? I can't seem to find anything from Alfa. Does...