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    I've recently noticed LOADS of BMW 3-series. It seems to have become the "family sized saloon" of choice. It even outnumbers the former family favourite (pre-Blair) Ford Mondeo though I dunno the respective registration figures. It got me wondering... which one would I have, if I was offered...
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    The new 3 series didn't even make it to the cool wall on Top Gear last night. Dropped to the ground as "Its just a lump of car". Quite amusing. :lol: :D Bangle has a lot to answer for. :rolleyes:
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    Due next year, but due to a leak the pictures and specs are out in the open. There will be a 320i, 325i, 330i and 320d at first. The 320i will no longer be a 6 cylinder but only a 4 in line (150 bhp) and will have topspeed of 219 km/h The 325i will have a 6 in line power unit, producing 218...
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    I am going to buy an ALFA 33 3-series (1990-94) with a 1.3 Boxer. The only thing I need to know is if it supports unleaded fuel. Thanks.