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  1. Ferrari 360 Throttle body.

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Soo since i gotta fix up the old 2.5 witch i found out had head gaskets gone to hell i started reading here and there that there is a option to put a ferrari 360 TB on our V6s. May i ask foes it work for 2.5s as with 3.2s ? Since most people have GTAs and thats where they put them.I would like...

    The Technology Section
    Những câu chuyện xổ sổ: Chơi xổ số vì học sinh nghèo * Có lẽ đã qua rồi cái thời chơi xổ số để tạo quỹ quyên góp ủng hộ học sinh nghèo nhân dịp tết đến xuân về, nhưng những ký ức về những ngày đó gần như còn in đậm*Xo so Minh Ngoc truc tiep*trong tâm trí tôi. * Những cơ hội luôn chờ bạn *...
  3. Ferrari 360 throttle body

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Alfisti Gurus! From time to time there are discussions about using the Ferrari 360 throttle body on the Alfa V6 engine. But the cost of buying one, even second hand, is prohibitive. So are other similar throttle bodies suitable? The earlier models of Audi A8 used the same type of throttle body...
  4. Welcome 360 Autolease!

    360 Autolease
    Please welcome our newest site sponsor, 360 Autolease. You can check them out at Contract Hire and Car Leasing | 360 Autolease Surrey and Sussex
  5. Fitting Ferrari 360 TB

    Alfa GTA
    Hi all well I ordered a 360 Throttle body for my money pit and its in transit from he U.S. My question this time is regarding the intake pipe from the air box to the TB. Do I need to change these or is it as I was told the same outside diameter cheers Allan
  6. 00 ferrari 360 modena 3.6l v8 rear right throttle body

    Alfa GTA
    Hi all is the above mentioned throttle body the one that bolts onto the GTA with only small changes to the plenum or am I chasing the wrong part. Cheers Allan
  7. Swirl Flap rotation is 360 degrees normal

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Dear All The linkage bar keeps dropping off and I will eventually get round to doing a repair using one of the kits available. Its off the car now. Looking at it today... I noticed 3 of my swirl flap actuators * will actually rotate 360 degrees - (obviously not the one connected to the...
  8. Xbox 360 OR NOT

    The Technology Section
    My daughter wants an Xbox 360 so she can play minecraft intially but I suspect it'll spawn other needs. Does anyone have any input as to go and get a 250gb version or just a 4gb version or whether a bundle with the Kinnect would be best. Also , for those in the know, we've an orignial Xbox, do...
  9. For sale: Ferrari 360 Throttle Body & Bespoke Adapter plate

    Alfa GTA
    Plug and play fitting, including custom adapter plate made to perfectly mount it. Cost me £350 + loads of import taxes etc from USA.. plus £140 or so for the adapter plate. In perfect condition.. just selling to free up some cash for other projects. £400 delivered. Cheers, Olly
  10. 4C 360 view configurator up and running

    4C & 4C Spider
    So is the interactive video... The 360 viewer includes colours, brake calipers colours, mags, headlights, spoiler, tailpipes etc.. Have fun :thumbs:
  11. Ferrari 360 TB & Adapter Plate for Sale

    Alfa GTA
    Mentioned on other threads, but am raising some cash to fix / upgrade some things on my GTA, so unfortunately the TB has to go. It also comes with the Autolusso adapter plate worth £150 which means you don't need to mess about drilling new holes to fit it, so it's just plug & play. It's up in...
  12. 360 throttle body

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi Thinking of fitting a Ferrari 360 throttle body to my car, will it give me a lot more improved accerlaration ?:thumbs:
  13. Benefits of a Ferrari 360 throttle body

    Alfa GTA
    What are the real benefits of fitting a Ferrari 360 throttle body to my GTA? I'd need the throttle which I have found a source for from a specialist breaker at £150 each. Then an adaptor to convert the bolt pattern, or ideally a custom plenum. What are the pros and cons?
  14. My xbox 360

    The Technology Section
    If anyone is interested in my collection please PM me :) Here we have my xbox 360 with all my games and accessories i've acquired over time. It's a Jasper variant with a 20Gb hdd 2 x controllers DJ hero turntable guitar hero Gibson les Paul controller Microsoft force feedback steering wheel...
  15. 360 throttle body

    Alfa GTA
    Slow stripping my car of upgrades, I Have a throttle body and cf3 plenum (doesn't say gta on it). Plenum requires machine work to bore out or can supply an adaptor to fit your existing plenum. Been on the car for 9 months with no issues. I have a figure in mind but will accept offers Thanks Marc
  16. Ferrari 360 throttle body

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I've heard a few people on here mentioning the Ferrari 360 TB mod for a 156 GTA. Which got me thinking, would this be compatible with the 156 v6, and if so what are the advantages/disadvantages?
  17. Xbox 360: Forza 3: HolyGrale Cup

    General Alfa Discussion
    XBOX: FORZA 3: HolyGrale Cup (Intergrale) Logistics 6 Races over 6 weeks on Wednesday Evenings. Lobby Opens at 8:00pm for qualifying, the quicker the lap, the higher up the grid you are. 9:00pm is when the main race will start. The trophey is limited to 16 people. You can be awarded up to 16...
  18. Ferrari 360 Modena

    General Motoring Discussion
    Just been looking at prices of these and you can pick up a low mileage example for around 35K, considering they cost 105-130K new this is staggering and actually puts it in the price range of normal people. I just got an insurance quote on compare the market and the lowest quote was £600 a year...
  19. Xbox 360: Next Season, What to race

    Poll Room
    As the title suggests, what are we to race in the new season. This will take place 2 weeks after the current one.
  20. xbox 360 Class S championship

    Motoring Images
    Pics from the latest forza championship, the Italian Trophy Cup :) And my car for the championship :)