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  1. BMW Air filter service (330D)

    General Motoring Discussion
    This ones just popped up on 'the other place' I visit (UKSAABS), caused much hilarity, when compared with the servicing of SAABs. Seems overly complicated even when compared to my 156 V6. Remember this is a general service item, so should be within the capability of even the most modest of...
  2. BMW 330d

    General Motoring Discussion
    Something Simes said on the new M3 thread inspired me to give a little write-up of my mates new purchase, a BMW 330d. I think BMWs are very good cars. Not what is usually said on here, but true nevertheless. I'm more of a driving fanatic than an Alfa fanatic, so maybe I can see things more...
  3. 330d Sport

    Motoring Images
    This.... is the replacement for the GTA. Am I mad? Perhaps, but not doing 25k a year in a 3.2 V6. I've got my bomb proof flame suit on :p Something's wrong with this one... the indicators work :o It's a completely different drive to the GTA - no steering feel, no quick rack (it...