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    hello people :) i joined here last year when i bought my self a 147 gta (replica :rolleyes:) unfortunately i got into a bit of money issues and the alfa had to be sold not long after :( can see my previous thread here: (please dont bump the thread up though, i miss those cars so try not...
  2. South Africa
    I've been having a look around like I usually do and I stumbled upon a Maserati 3200 GT at what seems a really good price for the condition and mileage of the car (judged from service histroy and pictures). It would mean selling my beloved Spider though... I've showered her with love (and...
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    There are obvious pros & cons to Italian car ownership and a millenium aged Maserati has to be up there with the best of them. There has been talk within the house that a nice summer / occasional driver car (4k miles p/y) could fit in the garage towards the end of the year :thumbs: It would...
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    i have been offered £4500 by the garage where i put deposit down on maserati, i just wanted to see if i can give someone a chance to buy it for similar money and not let them get their money, the maserati will be coming 20th march so have till then or ill give it to them, its on for sael on this...
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    Thinking i should buy one but have zero knowledge about this car:o Any info good or bad would be great
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    What a fantastic looking car, though I understand it's a bit of a marmite car. Bodywork: Rust under the rear arches and upper part of the wing :o - very shocked to see that, but paint seemed to have lasted with age (2001) :thumbs: Interior: Surprisingly not as well crafted as I had imagined...
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    Anyone run one of these? What's the parts and servicing like? Tarquini (155 v6) costs me £500 plus parts and labour whenever anything breaks.... what would a 3200 touch me for? What's the donkey like..? Tough as old boots, or swiss-watch delicate? Ralf S.
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    Well, sold my Maserati 3200GT tonight, sorry to see it go, but practical motoring is a must right now.... Anyway, off to look at a 147GTA tomorrow, and hope to join the chat soon! All the best. Robert
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    Don't ask me why (not sure yet myself!), but I've been looking recently at the Maserati 3200 GT's. At around £25k for a decent 2002 example, with FMSH, should I let the devil tap me on the shoulder or forget it and buy a Brera or 159 Q4 3.2 come November :confused: But just look at how...
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    Call me a moron, but I have saved up some money over the years and now that I won't be working for Vestas after all, I wanna make myself happy with a gift :D Maser's 3200 GT are doing between 40 and 50 k EUR. Should be *just* possible to buy one :rolleyes: I know, I can't pay...