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  1. T-Jet MiTo From İzmir

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi everybody, This is my Alfa Romeo MiTo and I'm from İzmir, Turkey. It's production year is 2010 and has 125,000 km on it. I have bought my MiTo back in December 2016. It was on 68,000 km back then and it was bone stock. I have driven it as stock for 1 year. But after that, It has been a...
  2. Hi from İzmir Turkey

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everybody, I am an Alfa Romeo Mito owner from İzmir, Turkey. I have been reading some topics from this forum time to time. Today, I thought that it is time to be a member. My Mito is a 155hp Tjet one, it is both a daily driver & a track car for me. I will get on the details about that in...