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  1. 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal for sale

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi guys, I'm currently trying to sell my Dad's Montreal on his behalf (he now spends most of his time abroad so no longer needs the car). I thought I would share the car to this forum on the off chance that somebody here is looking for one, or knows somebody who might be interested. It's a...
  2. Studs shearing on new alloy carb mounts (1972 S2 Spider)

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    We have had a problem with a stud shearing on a new set of alloy Carb mounts that were fitted to my son's S2 Spider. These Carb mounts were supplied about 9 months ago by a very well known supplier of Alfa Romeo parts in the UK, whose name I won't mention right now. The stud failed sometime...
  3. Replacing Brake Pipes on a 1972 Spider Veloce

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    I'm looking to replace the original brake pipes on my 1972 Spider Veloce with some corrosion resistant ones. However being an early Kamm tail model that has been converted from LHD, I can't find a suitable copper brake pipe kit that is guaranteed to fit, so I'm thinking of measuring, cutting and...
  4. Horn wiring problem on 1972 Spider

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Can anybody tell me how the horn wiring should connect up at the steering wheel/steering box? I found a broken off piece of wire under the bonnet near the steering box, that activates the horns when you earth it, but I can't find anywhere to connect it to. Also when I removed the centre boss...
  5. 105 series choice: 1965 giulia sprint gt 1600 or 1972 gtv 2000

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi all I have a difficult but fortunate choice to make: Which one should I go for? 1) 1965 Giulia Sprint GT 1600: very original, matching numbers, but very average to poor paintwork 2) 1972 GTV 2000: completely original, never restored, one owner, very good overall condition The price...
  6. Windscreen - 1972 ALFA ROMEO SPIDER - KAMM TAIL

    South Africa
    Hi All Can anyone please assist with a windscreen or point me in the right direction to anyone that can help. I have tried getting one from overseas but the challenge is shipping and insurance which no one will assist with. Really desperate guys. Please help. Jason
  7. 1972 s2 Spider brake pedal

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi. In process of putting a 1972 spider back on road and having problems with brake pedal Previous owner has botched up putting new brake pedal in.. Original was a drop down through floor pedal. This has been removed and replaced with drop down pedal made up of two spanners welded together...
  8. 1972 Montecarlo Rally

    General Motoring Discussion
    lovely old film, shows 911s, Fulvia HF, Alpines, Datsun 240Z etc :cool: Rallye Monte Carlo 1972 - YouTube (and yes, I found this while searching for Lancia Montecarlo videos :lol:)
  9. Wheeler Dealer prog tonight 1972 Spider

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Special program on tele tonight chan242. Wheeler Dealer refurbing an Alfa SPider 1972. Jason and China.
  10. PROP SHAFT - 1972 Alfa Spider 2.0L

    South Africa
    Hi Guys im looking for spares for my Spider. Need a complete prop shaft of prop shaft coupler. Or please let me know if the prop shaft from any other ALFA fits on my Spider ( 1972 Alfa Spider 2.0L ) I live in Gauteng and travel to KZN every month. Please help. Jason
  11. Crankcase ventilation 1972 Alfa Spider 1750 engine

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi, Have modified the venting system on my Flipfront GT1300 Junior with a 1750 engine from a 1972 Spider, to fit a breather tank and a Pipercross airfilter. Result is sky high oil consumption coming out of the breather/catch tank. Oil all over the innerwing and all over the back of the car. 1...
  12. 1972 2000 gtv

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi, I am in the process of buying a 72 GTV, i havent owned a classic alfa before so i am looking for tips with regards to what to look for when assessing the car. i have located a clean straight honest alfa in jhb and will see it this week, it has the original interior and the body has had a...
  13. 1972 2000 GTV (105 coupe) parts sale

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Let my 2000 GTV go as 'er indoors insisted on a convertible. Have some bits now left , to forum members before they go on Flebay:- 1. New ATE brake pads front and back, + pins and spring sets , front copper brake pipes with ends £30 including postage (from Classic Alfa) - 2. Goodridge brake...
  14. 1972 GTV 2000,21K miles, MOT etc, for sale

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Financial circs have changed so my baby has to go. Up here first (you guys have been very helpful) , good condition, needs nothing, taken off road in 1992, dry stored, redeemed by me. Did the obvious bits, fluids and ignition, passed MOT first time. Posted in AO classifieds at £6950. I'll give...
  15. 1972 GTV 2000 flat spot at 2k revs, dellortos ??

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Advice needed. Have rebuilt my Dellortos on my 2ltr 1972 GTV. Car starts and runs fine. Mixture is about OK (Colourtune), points plugs, dizzy cap leads all replaced. There is a flat spot at 2k revs and using the colourtune you can see the mixture go yellow and the car splutter at 2k revs. Once...
  16. Drivetrain vibration on 1972 2ltr GTV

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Ok guys next problem. Have a noticeable vibration my my 2ltr GTV(1972). As I've posted this car has been off the road for 20yrs and is just back on. Anyway had a very bad vibration which got worse as she has been driven from the drivetrain. Anything above 2000rpm to about 4000rpm , goes...
  17. 1972 GTV seat belts - options

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Need new seat belts as mine are torn. Got some inertia reel belts from Classic Alfa and they have three places to anchor the belts, the reel itself and two of those moving strap holders. Been advised that the reel and one odf the strap holders should be bolted into the sill, and the other strap...
  18. Rusted in rebound straps (1972 GTV)

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    GTV 1972The rebound straps on my car both beyond use so will need replacing. Someone has already has had a go a one side and ruined the slots heads. The other side heads are fine. However nothing wants to move, suspect well rusted in after so long. Any tips, get get in there with WD40 so suspect...
  19. 1972 GTV 105 Bertone Coupe wheel bearing

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Hi, first post. Just acquired a 72 GTV 105 Bertone coupe and she needs work. Off the road for 20 years and 22k miles. First up is one of the rear wheel bearings is going. Are these easy to replace at home ? Second question is the GTV Junior instrument pod and instruments the same as the 2000...
  20. Another newbie 1972 2000 GTV

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, currently have a TR6 and buying another to fix and sell on hopefully for a bit of extra cash. Bought a 1972 red 2ltr GTV with 20K miles on the clock on the weekend. Its sound and runs well but as expected its been resprayed badly and needs to be stripped and repainted. No real rust but a...