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  1. Giulietta 1.6JDTM vs Focus 1.5TDCI

    Alfa Giulietta
    We're looking for a nice economical and pratical car for my fiancee. The two main choices at the moment are either new, or perhaps more likely 1-2 year old versions of the Giulietta and Focus. Both claim over 70mph and put out about 120bhp. Real word I think that is likely to be 60mpg if...
  2. Giulietta 1.6JDTM oil change light???

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hello, First time poster, usually read most threads on here to get advice to similar problems but thought I'd give it a try to get some help. My Giulietta is a 62 reg 1.6 105bhp diesel model, serviced in march which was a full service however the change oil light has started appearing. Took...