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    Hi all, I've recently acquired a set of leather seats from a crashed 164 Cloverleaf, which I'd like to fit to my Twin Spark. Trouble is, there's no wiring for the motors/heaters on the front seats. Can anyone give me an idea how easy to would be to either: fit the wiring from the crashed...
  2. Alfa 164 & 166
    Saw a nice looking 164 v6 with some interesting wheels on the A20 on Sunday afternoon was it anyone from here? Only seem to see such cars when not in the Alfa - I was in the capri so decided not to wave.
  3. Alfa 164 & 166
    Hi. Just done anti-roll bar bushes on front of '92 164 2.0, just wanted to ask... How tight should new nuts on link rods be? Just a bit of squish to the bushes, or keep going until the washers stop on the insert sleeves? Off on holiday Saturday, would like peace of mind before then...
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    Hi I'm looking for a 164 to feature in Practical Performance Car. We've a photoshoot booked for 24 Aug at Sandy just off the A1. Anyone interested please e-mail me or ring 01780 758800 for more details. Thanks
  5. Alfa 164 & 166
    I've been offered a 164 'leaf that i was tracking on ebay (this one) for the selling price as the top bidder hadn't got in touch about it.....what do you reckon? A good second car?? A modern classic??? Or a pile of trouble and a money pit????
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    It failed the Mot on CO (high) and Lambda (low) and I'm assuming that the sensor needs repalcing, however I have not been able to get underneath the car yet or trace the wiring so I don't know if it is the 3 wire or 4 wire type. Does anybody know/have any ideas?
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    Hi. I'm a first-time Alfa owner. Needed something to drive while repairing my Vauxhall Omega's oil leak... Now I'm having so much fun driving this I might just keep it! The last time I had a car this enjoyable to drive was a Nissan Silvia. Since then I've had a Senator and two Omegas, so...
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    Hi all, My '92 164 Twin Spark is experiencing a serious loss of power/misfire under acceleration, especially between 2-3000rpm. I changed the spark plugs last night (the old ones were sooty, suggesting rich running) and it still does it. The engine also seems to stumble during idle. It runs OK...
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    Chaps, have a 164 super, but is the AC pump in a diffrent place to the old 164's?? also can the cc control unit be fited in-place of the manual one i have (got two buttons ive just got working for a/c and recirc, but i think its been thrown-in before i got it as maybe old display did not work...
  11. Alfa 164 & 166
    Hi all, I'm going to do a full drain, flush and refill of the cooling system on my 1992 164 TS. Does anyone know where (if any) the bleed screws are so I don't get any air trapped when I put the fresh coolant in? There appears to be one at the rear top right of the head, just by where the pipe...
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    Hello Alfa fans! I'm in a team who are also doing the Staples2Naples banger rally this year. For any of you who have seen Team Piston Broke's forum posts about the rally, we are the other team entering a 164 TS. As you can imagine, it's had a few issues, most of which I've had a pop at fixing...
  13. Alfa 164 & 166
    Hiya My '97 2.0TS has a slight buzzing noise from the gearbox area from 1500-2000 revs upwards, and when you shift from 1st to neutral or 3rd to neutral it makes aquick, short rattling although fairly solid sounding noise, not too loud. Is this anything to worry about? I think I'll get it...
  14. Alfa 164 & 166
    I'm after some advice about upgrading the suspension on my '95 24v Super, specifically, getting rid of the "arse-up" stance that Supers seem to have. However, I don't want to ruin the ride too much, as it's already quite hard (I'm running 17" rims with 215/45 Falken tyres). I've got a couple of...
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    Shortly in need of some new front tires. The fitters put on V rated tires last time, but I'm right in thinking they should be W rated aren't I? I'm sure the ones they took off were W rated. Asked for exactly the same tires to be put on (Michelin F1s W rated) and received NCT5s V rated. Not sure...
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    Hello, I am Edgardo. I will appreciate if any member can share me a copy of alfa romeo 164 owner manual. I'm residing in the Philippines and far from any alfa romeo service centers. Thanks