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  1. Mito veloce lusso 155bhp for sale

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi, I’m selling my 2009 Mito on Gumtree and thought I’d post it on here if that’s allowed...any questions please don’t hesitate...
  2. Alfa Mito 1.4 155BHP

    Alfa MiTo
    Does anyone know what’s wrong with my car. When I’m driving and hit the 4000rpm mark it like my car just gives up in power. I have replaced all 4 spark plugs and 1 coil pack on cylinder 1 as my diagnosis machine told me the misfire was coming from cylinder 1. It also says I’m having random...
  3. Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 tb 155BHP

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Guys What does everybody think of the Mito 1.4 tb 155 bhp? Im really enjoying mine so far. Hope you all are as well ;)
  4. Alfa Mito 155bhp leak. Please Help.

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  5. Sports Exhaust System on GTV 2.0 155bhp

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hello,I planed to add sports exhaust system to my car this week.What type of system you`ll advise me to do?Also I want to remove the catalizators,they are 2 in this car,aren`t they?Can you tell me which is their part number,it is important to know when I am selling them :) Also I want to know is...
  6. Mito 155BHP fuel economy?

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi all, I'm thinking of trading in my GT for a Mito. There's a 155BHP version, 09 plate, going at a dealer near me and I'm tempted. My younger sister has this same model and I remember going on the test drive with her and loving it to bits. I adore my GT, but I'm a dad now and need to put my...
  7. Test drive on a Mito 155bhp

    Alfa MiTo
    Looking to test drive a Mito 155bhp Lusso this week. It's in a 'Fiat' garage a '09 with 18K at a resonable price. It's White in colour but I have yet to see it in the flesh. I was looking to buy an Abarth 500 but have decided against it for the moment. My missus drives a '09 Mito 1.6MJ Veloce...
  8. Newbie looking to buy a Mito 155bhp

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all. Looking at buying a Mito 155bhp to replace a just recently sold Fiat 500 1.4. Had two of them but was looking for a bit more oomph. Did source a Mito in 2009 - a 1.6 MJ for the missus and she loves her car. Being a bit of a petrol head I prefer a petrol engine for my own use - do around...
  9. Mito 16v versus 155bhp

    Alfa MiTo
    Well the time has come for me to put my 147 out to rest - 10 years 80k and apparently only worth £675!! The car has been fantastic although has cost me a bit over the last decade. I am thinking Mito would love Guilietta but cannot afford. I am going 2nd hand and have spotted a couple I like...
  10. Alfa romeo Mito 155bhp exhaust manifold

    Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    Hello guys, i have a problem with my exhaust manifold. Does anyone know from where i can order new and stronger aftermarket manifold? :confused:
  11. mito 155bhp

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi I am new to this site and new to Alfa and im confused and hoping someone can sort my problem. Me and "Her who must be obeyed" love the Mito looks and was told all the right things by the sales man and shown how economical the 135bhp veloce is :) So we handed over the money and called a few...
  12. 98 octane fuel for a 155BHP Mito recommended?

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi Guys, Just got my 155BHP Mito and got a question regarding fuel octane. The manual says that 155BHP is only possible when using 98RON fuel. Does anyone know what is the power drop when using 95RON fuel? Is is significant or minor? I'm asking because where I live, 98RON is somewhat more...
  13. 155bhp Veloce @ Western, Glasgow

    Alfa MiTo
    The car is Alfa red with 18" three-hole wheels and red dash. It's only a few months old and has 6,000 miles on the clock. Does anyone know anything about it?
  14. My Alfa Mito 1.4 Veloce, 155bhp! - in grey

    Motoring Images
    Hi Everyone, This is the car I shall be picking up next Wednesday - 24th Feb. I can't wait, I drive a Fiat 500 sport at the moment so I'm really looking forward to upgrading to the Mito!! :)
  15. Mito Veloce 1.4 155bhp

    Alfa MiTo
    Hi i have been thinking about getting a Mito 1.4 Veloce 155bhp. I was just wondering if anyone has got any feedback on them?
  16. My Alfa MiTo 1.4 TB 155bhp

    Alfa MiTo
    Hey guys, Today I placed an order of an Alfa Romeo Mito 1.4 TB with 155 horse bhp. :) I'm so anxious, I just can't sleep... Picked some extras: Sport Pack, brembo brakes in red, parking sensors and bi-xenon headlights! Can't WAIT!!! :D
  17. Tyre pressures on 155bhp

    Alfa MiTo
    I can't seem to find the tyre pressures in the manual. I've got the 155bhp version with the 16" sports alloys with 195/55 R16 tyres Any ideas? Cheers
  18. 155bhp exhaust for lower models?

    Alfa MiTo
    I was wondering if it would be possible to get the 155bhp exhaust on the lower model to make a lookalike? (I know the brakes are slightly bigger on the 155bhp too, but I wouldn't go so far as to get them for the lower model). The reason I would want this is because whenever I see a 155bhp model...
  19. What oil is best 155BHP GTV

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    As per title.The car is a TS BHP,97,000 miles.About to have a cambelt,variator etc etc and im going to have new oil/filter,as i dont want to drag crap through a new variator.I have used halfords 5W/40 fully synthetic before which i found good.But,some people say stick to semi,but why?Semi...
  20. GTV 2.0 155BHP superchip

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Worth the money,would you really notice the extra 10 BHP?Would make my TS 165 BHP.Input please :)