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  1. Alfa 155
    Hi all. Been sorting out my teenage bedroom and needing to have a clearout! Found this in there - it's like new and never been out of the box. Being a Minichamps the detail of the model is very good, it's of a 1992 model The colour looks black but the light shows it is in fact a lovely...
  2. Motoring Images
    I took my 3 latest Tamiya Alfa models to work for "safe keeping" as we were moving house recently. One of my more challenged boys had a "look" at them this morning. Minor corrective surgery is now needed, for the model that is......:lol: I've called the 1:24 RAC and they are on their way...
  3. 4C & 4C Spider
    BBR have got pre-orders open on their 1:43 scale model of the LE 4C. Even more exclusive than the actual car with only 200 being made. Available in Red or Matt White. They are around €118 (€98 outside Europe). BBRModels® car-model-preo blm4305...
  4. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Evening Minichamps have previously sold a 159TI Saloon in Black as part of the 007 Quantum of Solace Collection. Fine if you have one in black (an LE or TI), but not so good if you have a red one. I went to the trouble of having a black one re-painted (!); However, they have now made a Red...
  5. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    I have been looking for a decent 1:18 or 1:43 model of a 159Ti and although there are a few Sportwagons about, I have only found one saloon with correct wheels (most have lusso style multispokes). If you have a Black 159Ti Saloon, I can thoroughly recommend this model...
  6. General Alfa Discussion
    Just wondered who else out there is brave enought to own up to collecting 155 models- like the Minichamps/Onyx DTM &ITC touring cars? If so do you get laughed at by your other half like I do??!! :rolleyes:
1-7 of 7 Results