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Alfa Romeo
Rosso red
1.6 TS 105 hp
My first Alfa, and first car in Spain. Looks like most of the cars down here, dented, but at first test-run it ran nice, drove nice and felt very mechanically good.

It was not. So far the engine has developed a ticking noise, it eats and leaks oil like no car I've ever had. The gearbox was almost out of oil and lost fifth gear. Fifth gear now works with some new oil. But the gearbox still makes some nasty noises. I'm not sure if this is the gearbox or just the clutch-release bearing. Time will tell. According to previous owner the clutch was recently replaced. I suspect they forgot to top up the oil after this, and they might not have changed the bearing either.

The thermostat is also gone, along with the catalyst.

Photos and updates will come. I've owned a lot of different cars, from diesels to rotarys an American V8's. I'm looking forward to sort out my Alfa and see what it has to offer :).
2006 Alfa Romeo 147 (Rosso red)


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