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Alfa Romeo
159 TI 2.4 JTDM QTRONIC (793nm @ the wheels)
Fully Loaded
Bought with 60K miles as a neglected company car. Invested more than I wish to count in trying to push the boundaries of what is possible with the 200 engine & Automatic gearbox. Currently at 140K+ and going strong with enough torque to embarrass most things on the road ;)
2008 Alfa Romeo 159 TI 2.4 JTDM QTRONIC (793nm @ the wheels) (Black)


- Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) & all CAT’s removed
- Blow back Recirculation Breather System re-routed to exhaust via E-Vac Scavenger
- Swirl Valves fully blanked in the Manifold
- Straight through Wizard exhaust with no mufflers & 4″ tails
- 600 x 450 x 76mm core High Flow, Front Mounted Inter-cooler
- 18 row Mocal oil cooler (235mm 18 row)
- Hybrid GTB2056 Turbo (BMW 530D Gt22 Turbine Conversion, 62mm Extended tip billet Compressor Wheel with 4mm extended tips and 49.60mm inducer “62 trim”, Blueprinted, staggered gap oil seals on exhaust side, 15 degree cutback / clipped turbine wheel and 63mm custom intake adapter)
- 3.5bar TMAP sensor
- 80mm BMC CDA direct to turbo on 2ft pipe run
- External Gearbox Cooler mod (Mocal 115mm 25 row)
- AEM V2 Water Methanol Injection System
- Inline OIL sensor resevoirs on Engine and Gearbox
- Twin Digital Temp Gauge in air vent mount
- All ECU Mapping work courtesy of Jacekowski and Jabawoki.
- Various Electronics mods
- Full Internal LED Conversion
- 55W 6000K HID’s
- Full External LED Conversion
- Cylon High Level LED brake light
- Foglights and surrounds removed
- Re-grilled front end with thicker honeycomb
- Project Halo – Tri-Halo Conversion
- FM/AM/DAB/GPS Aerial swap
- Front Splitter TBC...
- Custom Sub Enclosure with 12″ Infinity KAPPA Perfect 12VQ M3D Sub
- Fully Soundproofed
- Modified Alpine MRV-T420 Amplifier
- Custom Wiring
- Pioneer AVH-X5700DAB
Brand new 330mm Brembo Callipers (stopping is important!!)
Autolusso Braided Brake Lines
- Performance Friction Carbon Metallic Pads (Front)
- EBC Yellow Stuff (rear)
- MTEC Groved, Vented & Dimpled Discs with Black Treatment
- ATE TYP200 Racing Brake Fluid
- Bilstein B12 Pro Suspension Kit (B6 Shocks & Eibach Springs)
- Powerflex Front Upper and Lower Bushes
Modified upper wishbones with grease nipples
Wheel and Tire
- 255/40/19 Vredestein ULTRAC Vorti Tyres
- Custom drilled 19×8.5 Axe CS Lites, with machined face, 5×110 @ ET40



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