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General Information

Alfa Romeo
147 2.0Ts lusso
Verde Agero
Bought for the grand sum of £350, via Ebuy.gum in October 2014 with a running out MOT and an air bag warning light failure. A quick check of the wiring and a 30sec system check via the Autel, and "hey presto" new MOT.
Now the to do list:
1. Timing and balance belt
2. Oil Leek
3. Fabricate and weld in (a) rear tow eye box
(b) front bumper mounting pylons
4. Sort out paint blister at N/S lower rear wheel arch
5. Renew brake pads and Discs
6. Renew Front Tyres
7. Check tracking.

Jobs done so far;
1. Re finished under body coating stone chip and shutz: cost £40
2. Lower wishbones : cost £42
3. Anti roll bar drop links: cost £18
4. Engine and gearbox oil changes incl filters,£6 for filter £0 for oil (theres always some left after oil changes!)

Who said anything about it being a bargain!
2001 Alfa Romeo 147 2.0Ts lusso (Verde Agero)



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