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Truth be told, I didn't really care for Alfa Spiders at first, but two friends and myself were gearing up to do a Top Gear style road trip where we fly to LA, buy three cars for less than $2500, and drive them to Seattle via the Pacific Coast Highway.

As the day drew near, I knew I wanted a convertible and was looking pretty hard at a couple MGs, plus a few BMWs and Triumphs, all of which could be had at or near budget. I also had a couple of Alfas on this list as I figured now would be the time to buy one, just to say I had.

We flew into San Diego late Thursday and Friday morning immediately headed to LA to buy cars. Long story short, I ended up buying a 1987 Spider Graduate for a little over budget from the shadiest of shady shade dealers. Initially I figured there would be NO WAY I would make it the 2000 miles to Seattle, but a little less than two weeks later all three of us were driving off a Ferry into downtown Seattle.

The original plan was to sell the vehicles in WA and fly home, but as you'd expect all three of us fell deeply in love with our cars. All three are currently being shipped to our respective homes.

I look forward to getting the Alfa a bit more sorted than it is now. It currently suffers from a very pretty, but somewhat poorly applied, color change, awful non-factory rims, and a lot of misfitting trim. Also the speedo and blowers don't work and it could use a good tune up.
1987 Alfa Romeo Spider (Anthracite)



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