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Alfa Romeo
Carbonio Metallic Black
Limited Edition
This Limited Edition Quantum of Solace Alfa Romeo 159 is a truly gorgeous car. The unique Carbonio Black Metallic Paint and Darkened Ti Alloys make this the most desirable looking 159 spec out there. The opening sequence of the 2008 James Bond 007 film - Quantum of Solace features Daniel Craig winding through Italian mountain roads pursued by two Carbonio Black 159's. After the release of the film, Alfa Romeo releases an advert with the iconic MI6 building and the Limited Edition model 159 in the foreground. With 250 made, this Alfa could be considered a collectors piece. The LE model does not sport the V6 petrol engine from the movie but a 150bhp 1.9L JtdM diesel and has all the visual flair of the hollywood model.

At 43.7 mpg over my last 500miles and 54mpg on my Cornwall runs I would say this engine is definitely the best choice. I use Premium Diesel fuel and have done for 3 years, this car runs smoothly and corners like nothing you can buy from Germany, ok maybe a Golf, but that's not a bad thing by any means. This is clearly the best looking saloon in it's class and still is. With lean trim lines running the length of the body, the side profile of this car coupled with the short back makes this car timeless art.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the pics outside Stoke Park Golf Club (From another Bond Film, but the theme is there :)
2009 Alfa Romeo 159 (Carbonio Metallic Black)


73,000 miles Diesel 1.9L 16v JtdM
The LE model comes with a basic tail pipe. I have added the Chrome Tip to match Ti spec
Wheel and Tire
Darkened LE 19" Ti Alloys



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