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Alfa Romeo
166 Super 3.0 Manual
Neptune Grey
Between 2005 and 2012 Lots spent - 8k + on most of the common problems (New heater matrix, water pump, front suspension, radiator) and regular servicing. He sold it because he didn't want to bother with the MoT

If he'd seen the advert I bought it through he'd have been gutted to see it only needing two new tyres for this MoT and no advisories - all his money well spent!

It's on 103k, fair few battle scars but I figured one "known" (needs cambelt) better than all those unknowns, and it's a 3.0 manual.

Drove it for 6 months to discover anything else, but seems solid

So for the MoT @ 111k Rear suspension and a few other bits + Cam belt £800 all in

A year on and no new problems. Two coil springs for the MoT (So that was the squeeky clunk), oil change - £450

Getting 23mpg on my commute - more if I drive sensibly. 55MPG if I'm even more sensible and use the Mrs' Picasso..
2001 Alfa Romeo 166 Super 3.0 Manual (Neptune Grey)


Lots of new bits. Powerflex rear wishbone bushes at last MoT
Wheel and Tire
17" Horseshoe. Have toyed with buying the 18" Zenders (usually require purchase of whole car) but too much hassle. And 17" tyres are quite a bit cheaper


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