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General Information

Alfa Romeo
156 GTA
Nero Metallico
Winter Pack: Xenon headlamps & rain sensor
162,000 miles


Autolusso Beds & Penrith (August/Sept)

Replace N/S/R wheel arch liner
4-Wheel Alignment

Autolusso Penrith (Apr/May)

Timing belt & water pump plus auxiliary bits
Recondition the cylinder heads (24 new lifters, triple angle valve seats and valves lapped, head test and skim + plus new head gaskets and all the rubber bits and manifolds)
Replace the clutch & slave cylinder
Premium service
Fit new starter motor
Fit parts from the shed: Driveshafts, injectors, alternator, upper cam covers, rear engine mount and stainless engine bolts
Replace N/S/F lower suspension arm
Check floor and front brake pipes
Clean-up engine covers
Swap from blue to red coolant
Replace front engine mount
Replace earth strap
Replace a weepy power steering pipe
Replace exhaust mid-section
Replace track rods, rack ends and boots
AC regas
161,056 miles


Autolusso Penrith (Sep)

New xenon self-levelling sensor
158,144 miles

Neil Creasey Ltd. (Jul)

Front brake rebuild (discs & pads)

Autolusso Penrith (Jun)

Diagnose engine noise
Repair and re-tep O/S/F stiffener bolt
Repair fault on injector 4
Compression test
156,281 miles

Dale's Subaru (Feb)

4-Wheel alignment
155,035 miles

Autolusso Penrith (Feb)

New lower wishbones
Inner CV boot
Refurbishment of Teledials
154,703 miles


Full exterior respray by Alpha Paints, South Shields (Dec)
New Michelin Pilot Sport 4s all round
New genuine airbox and Bosch MAF
New genuine intake flexi-pipe
New TRW front upper & lower arms
Underseal floor and floor repair
Coolant & PS fluid change
4-Wheel alignment
6 new genuine Bosch coil packs
Set of 4 new check straps
Loads more odds and ends
150,373 miles


Neil Creasey Ltd. (Oct)

Rear brake rebuild inc. handbrake cables, discs, pads and 5.1 fluid
Goodridge braided brake hoses all round

Autolusso Penrith (May)

New Eibach Pro shocks & springs all round
New Eibach roll-bars
Wizard manifolds
New genuine Alfa exhaust back-box
N/S/F Xenon Ballast
Stainless radiator coolant pipe
4 x New check straps
New Bosch S5 Battery
Loads of odds and ends
146,071 miles

Dale's Subaru (Mar)

A/C re-gas
4-Wheel alignment

Sold to me by Autolusso Penrith (Feb 2017)
Quaife differential by Autolusso Penrith
Timing belt / tensioners / idlers by Autolusso Penrith
Service oil and filters
New OEM downpipes
144,679 miles


Service by AHM (Apr)
Replace inner and outer N/S CV gaiter
Replace gear oil
132,128 miles


Service by AHM (Dec)
1 x Timing belt, water pump, tensioner and idlers
1 x Aux belt
6 x spark plugs
1 x Dog bone (top steady)
1 x xenon adjuster link
127,443 miles

Service by AHM (Sep)
Oil and filters
Front brake pads
Rear brake pads
Handbrake cables
Brake and PS fluid change
New rad / expansion cap
124,596 miles


Service by AHM (Nov)
Replace upper wishbone
Replace gear oil
Inner CV boot
Driveshaft oil seal
Fix faulty rear windscreen heater

Service by AHM (Oct)
Oil and filters
108,311 miles


Service by AHM (Nov)
1 x front anti-roll bar plus links
A/C re-gas
1 x air-con hose

Engine rebuild by AHM (Mar - included.)
1 x Timing belt, water pump, tensioner and idlers
1 x camshaft
12 x exhaust valves
1 x Head gasket set
24 x lifters
2 x head reface
1 x thermostat
1 x temp sender
6 x spark plugs
1 x aux belt + 2 x idlers + 1 x tensioner
2 x front brake hose
1 x Service (inc coolant)
1 x O/S/F Fog Light
1 x N/S/F Door mirror

Service by AHM (Aug)
1 x front anti-roll bar plus links
A/C re-gas
1 x air-con hose

Service by AHM (Mar)
Timing belt, water pump, tensioner, idler plus plugs
80,794 miles


Service by Unknown (Sep)
Oil and filters
73,715 miles


Service by Alan Gibson Ltd Basingstoke (Nov)
59,421 miles

Service by Alan Gibson Ltd Basingstoke (May)
47,414 miles


Service by Alan Gibson Ltd Basingstoke (Aug)
34,329 miles


Service by Stratstone Alfa Leeds (Nov)
Timing belt, water pump and service
23,149 miles

Service by Stratstone Alfa Leeds (Feb)
9,331 miles


Registered by Dixons Alfa Romeo of Leeds
2005 Alfa Romeo 156 GTA (Nero Metallico)


Standard Busso 3.2 V6
Standard - Silverstone Grey
Standard BOSE setup with CD changer.
Standard Xenons
Standard Alfa catback
Eibach Pro Shocks, Springs & Roll Bars
Wheel and Tire
Standard 17" GTA Teledials & 18" Jetfins with Michelin PS4s



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