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  1. Advice welcome re wheel spacers spider v6

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    H & R do an excellent range of hub-centric wheel spacers. I have the 2L TS with standard brake and suspension and I'm running on 18" Khan Alloys at 7.5J with 225/40 tyres. I have H & R 30mm hubcentric spacers on the rear and the same at 20mm up front, purely just for better looks alone.
  2. Help please with a noise!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    ...the left turn "rumble" sounds as if it could be a wheel bearing as that's when the o/s wheels are under more stress, the noise could still be there at all speeds and revs due to it being harder to hear through increased engine and road noise. Next time you use the car check the wheels for...
  3. Returning to the Alfa fold with a GTV

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    ...your story sounds very similar to mine as I've just bought a 97 GTV and come back to the fold too (I've sort of come back to the fold countless times over the years as I've owned many Alfa's over the last 30 odd years). I bought it from my brother who bought it from a mate of his with the...
  4. Happy Birthday ASCARI

    Way Off Topic
    ...thanks Zulu. ;-)
  5. Happy Birthday ASCARI

    Way Off Topic
    ...thanks again guys,[email protected] dxechick, I'm still trying my best to hold onto the 145 by passing it over to the wife, she's drove it 5 or 6 times and admits she does like it but she says it's too fast for her and she doesn't like the Recaro type seats :confused: I do sense that she will come round...
  6. Old Butch (Joke)

    Way Off Topic
    ...very good.:D
  7. Happy Birthday ASCARI

    Way Off Topic
    :inlove: ....Thanks for the best wishes you guys and Gal ;) , I've been away on my Hols. and got back 2 days ago. Been busy selling my beloved Rover Mini 1.3 Italian Job, time to let the little mite go as I don't use her anymore and my daughter who was the main user in the summer months has...
  8. I used to think this was a classy looking car.

    General Motoring Discussion
    ...the proportions are not right for a Cortina although I can see what you mean, the bonnet or should that be hood is too long for a Cortina. The Pininfarina styling hit me straight away and it does look like a Gamma Coupe, I liked them then and still do and this stood next to your average mid...
  9. American muscle, Camaro styleeeeeee...

    General Motoring Discussion
    ...the whole muscle car era was fantastic, late 60's to mid 70's and some designs were on par with the Italians imo. How could they go from that to what they churned out in the 80's. ?
  10. I used to think this was a classy looking car.

    General Motoring Discussion just looks like a Lancia Gamma Coupe copy to me.
  11. Is Billy Mckenzie the most underrated singer the UK has ever produced?

    Way Off Topic
    ...never liked him when he and the band peaked for about 6 months and I still feel the same, just too gimmicky for me.
  12. Jean Todt

    Poll Room
    ....voted other because I don't think he is either of the other 2 options. Jean Todt and Ron Dennis have a great mutual dislike of eachother to a point where they don't speak or even acknowledge one another. Maybe it's a personal thing between them rather than Ferrari v McLaren ?
  13. tyre question.

    General Alfa Discussion
    ...the difference from 195/50's to 195/55's is very small and you would'nt even be able to notice any fuel economy or speedo error. As long as you keep the wheels and tyres which are on the same axle the same you're ok.
  14. New clock = mileage clocked!

    General Alfa Discussion
    ....Different issue again, with me it was my Fiat Coupe which needed the whole Speedo Head replacing. The original developed an annoying ticking noise as you drove the car and the digits were not tumbling correctly, pointed this out to Dealership at 60K service and was quoted £260 to repair. I...
  15. Driving with your fogs on?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Wow, I can't believe anyone would think such a thing, I can give you lots of examples from personal experience where other speeding drivers have had a direct impact on me but I don't want to bore you all with the obvious or take this off topic. All I will say is that your speed is directly...
  16. Benfield Alfa, Railway Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

    General Alfa Discussion
    AlfaTech on the Foxhunters Ind. Est. Whitley Bay (behind the Ice Rink) and Lyles of West Rd. Newcastle are both excellent specialists who get good reports on here.
  17. Car park cameras

    Way Off Topic
    ...maybe a number plate recognition system, those can be hidden away far easier than a camera and if you've overstayed your welcome time....:(
  18. Paint protection

    General Alfa Discussion
    I've used DiamondBrite before but applied it myself, it's good stuff but I would doubt the claims of it or any other product preventing your paint fading, I put that down to neglect by previous owners when you see a Red car turned Pink. I never keep my cars long enough to notice them fade...
  19. My first Alfa: teething problems

    General Alfa Discussion could well be that the seal is in fact OK and the fault lies with the angle of the glass as it comes up through the door when you close the window. Check with the passenger side, if the seal looks identical to the drivers side and the passenger side glass sits fine you may have to remove...
  20. Sad Day. Just finished grieving.

    General Alfa Discussion
    .....I'd look into getting it repaired if you like the car so much, there will be a GTV in a Breakers somewhere with rear end damage which would be a good donor for repairing the body. From what damage you state I don't think you're looking at a lot of money to get it roadworthy again. Good luck...
1-20 of 339 Results