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  1. **** Holiday Application Form ****

    Way Off Topic
    Can I go home now please? (y) I'm close to lamping someone. Not sure who yet, just the next person to ask me a pointless question! :eek: :mad::mad::mad: 🤬🤬👊👊
  2. Have we not got a "New Top Gear" thread yet?

    Way Off Topic
    26th Jan for the start of the new Top Gear series on BBC2
  3. December 2019 AO Detailing Competition Vote

    Poll Room
    No problems Metalgod23 your Giulia did look good. My pictures were rubbish to be honest. Bins left in as others on here seem to have a fetish about them so was appealing to the "weird" voters :ROFLMAO: Jparkin486
  4. Comedy binge-watching

    Way Off Topic
    I must admit if I can find them then old episodes of Never Mind The Buzzcocks tickles my boat. The Mark Lamar years were very acerbic and funny. Simon Amstell was ok and then we had a very guest presenters. There was one episode with Lee Mack as presenter that was right up there. I have it on my...
  5. What have you done to your Giulietta today?

    Alfa Giulietta
    I regularly take my back seats out for a bit of extra space on European fishing trips. The rears have 2 bolts that secure the seat squab, these are under a cover which just pop off and then it just unclips. The uprights have 15mm and 17mm nuts to secure them. To get the rear nuts on the...
  6. The price is right

    Way Off Topic
    Stop doing this to me Keithyboy, always wanted a mini pickup!! Had grand plans to "customise" it. (Please bear in mind this would have been the 90's and I was a lot younger then!) Think BMW are missing a trick in not reviving the Mini pick up on the Countryman chassis. The Newquay/California...
  7. The football discussion thread

    Way Off Topic
    I'm preying for mid table mediocrity this season!! At least fighting for survival will take us right through the season
  8. The price is right

    Way Off Topic
    I'm not going to put the prices against the cars, but my Mum used to have a TR7 convertible!! More importantly I'd have that mini right now!! 1440 engine, 13 inch Minilites and an RC40 exhaust! :p
  9. The football discussion thread

    Way Off Topic
    Could be worse Ronan, we went from dramatic 3 goal come back against Watford to draw 3-3 in the FA Cup and all was great in the world (replay this week) to a 0-0 against Southend (Worst team in the whole EFL). Oh the highs and (many) lows this season of being a Tranmere fan.
  10. What have you done to your Giulietta today?

    Alfa Giulietta
    A belated New Year wash with my crimbo pressies.
  11. Giulietta's spotted

    Alfa Giulietta
    Belated hazard light flashes at the red Giulietta by the, Rose lawn Hotel in Burghfield tonight. Too busy having a sing along to The Buzzcocks on my way home from work and I nearly missed you!
  12. 159, Brera & 946 spotted Thread

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hello to the grey SW with silver roof rails pulling into the petrol station in Burghfield this evening. I waved from the red Giulietta that was leaving at the same time. V dark so here's another wave 👋👍
  13. The football discussion thread

    Way Off Topic
    Sorry!! 🙂
  14. The football discussion thread

    Way Off Topic
    Well that was a turn up for the books! Great come back from a very poor 1st half. Welcome to Prenton Park Watford I'm sure you'll love our smooth pitch (no wait it's as bit rough!!) PS why can't we play like we did in the 2nd half all the times?? We wouldn't be in the bottom 4!!
  15. The football discussion thread

    Way Off Topic
    I fear our stay in League 1 will be just a one season wonder!! :unsure: But where there's life there's still hope. Come on the Super White Army
  16. Hi & Welcome To The New Year, Now That It's Official

    Way Off Topic
    HNY y'all AOers Here's to a prosperous 2020. I might get round to do all the things I said I'd do in 2019!!
  17. Butt Ache

    Alfa Giulia
    4 months of physiotherapy on my hips to relieve a trapped nerve was eventually cured by taking my wallet out of my back pocket! 25+k miles a year sitting on your money puts a lot of strain on your back alignment regardless of what seats you have.
  18. Sicko Diaries

    Way Off Topic
    I'm still struggling to get over the bout of flu I had before Christmas. Coughing a lot during the night. At least the aches in my knees, hips and neck have gone. Living on lemsips and benelyn!
  19. Gibbo's word of the day thread (II)

    Way Off Topic
    Hosanna - to squirt water over a princess
  20. Flu Jab

    Rant Room
1-20 of 492 Results