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  1. S****horpe

    Rant Room
    Look what the swearword merator does to the name of this fine English town: S****horpe.
  2. Disabling 156 headlight washers

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    There is a 20amp fuse, that runs the pump, located via a little flap in the glove box roof. Pull it out and they will stop, untill you puit it back in again.
  3. top ten greatest war films

    Way Off Topic
    Jamie recently posted on asking for some advice. I sometimes see him at the Norwich AROC meetings but haven't been for a while. Guess he is OK, dunno if he ever got his Spider fixed though. :(
  4. Lights

    Motoring Images
    Look good to me. A pair of silvertech bulbs in the indicators would finish it off a treat.
  5. East Anglian Meet

    General Alfa Discussion
    Sounds interesting. I'll have a chat will some others on and see if they fancy it too. :)
  6. 156 Interior Help!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    My Kevlar/Carbon console has a matching ash tray. When buying second hand make sure you get this as they are very hard to buy on their own! If all else fails you could get your existing console painted.
  7. Google Earth

    Way Off Topic
    My old 155 is still on the driveway! Noticed that Lowestoft dosn't even exist. Now there's a thought...
  8. Saw some beautiful birds....

    Motoring Images
    Just for the boys:
  9. My 147 with projector xenons

    Motoring Images
    But will it pass it's MOT?
  10. Newbies pics

    Motoring Images
    Hi Paul! Have you dragged Herbi along?
  11. Favourite Only Fools And Horses Episode ?

    Way Off Topic
    Wanted: Rodney alias "The Peckham Pouncer" going on the run to the water tower... Tea for Three: Del gets a tan to match Rodney's when he goes hang gliding... Healthy Competiton: Rodney and Mickey corner the market in used mower engines, more than once...
  12. Alfa Crash on Wrecked Exotics.

    Motoring Images
    You missed this unfortunate 33:
  13. Garden and Blinking Balls!

    Way Off Topic
    Please Mister, can I have my ball back?
  14. Arsenal 4-2 Wigan

    Way Off Topic
    Even found time to poison the Spurs dinner last night...
  15. Aftermarket radio in facelift 147 w/ Bose

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Now thats definitely a Blaupunkt! Don't they all have the same connectors at the back?
  16. How does 156 compare to 155

    General Alfa Discussion
    Sorry to say it but a nice as my 155 (2.0 sp) was the car was a world behind the 156 (2.0 sp3) I replaced it with. The 155 was raw where as the 156 is sublime. The build quality,as you would expect, is a league ahead on the 156. If you do buy a 156 you MUST get a sports pack with leather (sp3)...
  17. Here's what we did this weekend

    Motoring Images
    "What's long, hard and full of seamen?"
  18. Lancia Stratos replica

    Motoring Images
    Medallion to wear? :cheese: Seriously: Nice car bet she turns heads? :D
  19. Today I am mostly listening to

    Way Off Topic
    Glad to see the Irons doing so well. Just think if you'd lost to Ipswich in the play offs last year you could be left languishing in 15th place the league and your old first eleven would now be called Charlton FC! Sunderland - WTF, how the hell did they finish first last year?
  20. Shafted by dealer - Game over for me with Alfa.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Shows how stupid the dealer is. They should honour their quote and make up the difference with some spurious repairs carried out under service. The customer wouldn't know any better and everyone would be happy! But seriously: Brake fluid it has to be. Just imagine their nice and unshiny Brera...
1-20 of 474 Results