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      Try something like these, same thing but rather than costing £16 posted they're only £2.09!

      When you put them into the bulb holder, test the lights first before putting the lights back together as some of these LED bulbs are sensitive to which way around they go so if it doesn't work take it out and put it in the other way around and test again.

      I personally just use normal front indicator bulbs, they're bright and nice enough when you look at them yourself ;)

      P.S. You only need to remove 2 of the 3 screws to remove the unit, the upper and outer ones. The other is meant to adjust the fog light, it doesn't seem to do anything though lol!
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      But have you fitted them? If so, please give a report and post a picture.

      They are obviously not the "same thing", the differences are obvious to me. Plenty of cheap W5W LEDs around and plenty of bad reports.

      I went for these because of the good reports, and they are very good, pity they are not presently available, I bought mine about a week ago, maybe I bought the last pair.
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