Poll Room

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  1. Powernapping at work
  2. What does your other half think about ....
  3. Choosing a new alias....
  4. Do you ever!?!?
  5. what do you look for in a woman - CLOSED
  6. Using the horn as a door bell
  7. Ever rang someone in the same house?
  8. What diesel do you prefer?
  9. Heaviest
  10. The icesheets are melting...
  11. Have you posted on the " Ignore pls." Thread?
  12. Chain or belt
  13. Are you happy?
  14. Which Alloys look best?
  15. Your post count- important or not? #2
  16. Should Ant get out more
  17. Buying from Alfaowner
  18. rate alfaowner.com for helpfulness
  19. Is undertaking on motorways a sin?
  20. Favorite "Tick-Box"?
  21. Greatest British Rock/British Metal band
  22. Whose the greatest superhero
  23. gonna have a takeaway tonight
  24. Does size matter ?
  25. Would you move out of the UK?
  26. Caffeine
  27. I wish I had a blasted _________ on my Alfa
  28. Best modern Alfa alloy wheel design
  29. Favourite TV Rodent
  30. Which drive would you take?
  31. Best Looking Alfa Romeo dash since 1990
  32. Which shave product?
  33. Where's Mike Brown
  34. Is The 147 A Girl's Car?
  35. Bank accounts?!
  36. Anniversary of the Suez Crisis
  37. Are you going to the UK motor show and how?
  38. Mobile Phone Games
  39. New or Used Alfa?
  40. What - no Alfa!!
  41. Who is the greatest Rally car champion....
  42. Is religion a good or bad thing?
  43. Frog and Toad
  44. Flyers II
  45. Flyers
  46. Gerbils and Hamsters!
  47. Favourite cider
  48. Tires
  49. who is the best captain of the enterprise
  50. Is Israel Correct in Its Actions? :confused:
  51. New TV Screen
  52. The radio station in your car
  53. I am Pasi
  54. Cats and Dogs
  55. Best time of day for your first drink?
  56. What colour is your car...
  57. To Beard or not to Beard
  58. World Cup Final 2006
  59. Favourite Lucozade
  60. Do You Have Emergency Breakdown Cover?
  61. New Alfa
  62. To be or not to be, that is the question...
  63. To be, or not to be...
  64. Whats the best era for cars
  65. Another other
  66. Daleks and Cybermen
  67. What floats ur boat
  68. who is the best doctor
  69. Sexiest Makeover
  70. Where Do You Position Your Hands On The Steering Wheel Whilst Driving?
  71. My Next Mod
  72. Car Showroom or Car Auction
  73. How Annoying!
  74. Avon ZZ3s
  75. The best Steve McQueen Film
  76. whats the best daily tabloid
  77. Ragazzon or Supersprint ??
  78. undrivable
  79. Will Henman win Wimbledon this time
  80. Jacques Album
  81. You favorite country to drive in.....
  82. what do you think of caravans
  83. Forwards or backwards
  84. Watching the Detectives
  85. Favourite sports
  86. whats the best Walt Disney theme park
  87. Spam - LOCKED
  88. Other
  89. Snooker Greatest
  90. Spare tyres
  91. To sauce or not to sauce
  92. how do you like your eggs cooked
  93. Favourite genre of film
  94. What Ice-cream
  95. Things you've eaten on holiday....
  96. The Redmen
  97. Peter Crouch.....Future England Legend?
  98. Have the polls in AO been dull lately?
  99. macca f1 or veyron
  100. Which Classic Should I Sell?
  101. Has your car ever been keyed?
  102. Which supermarket do you use? (UK)
  103. Rolls Royce Hot or?
  104. Head Gasket
  105. What feature would you like to see on Top Gear
  106. Date for Berwick area Meet
  107. Top Gear...
  108. Is Schumi having a laugh in Monaco?
  109. The last time you honked?
  110. Do you get on with your next door neighbours
  111. Is your clutch heavy?
  112. Poll. Who is the Phantom Corrie Poster.
  113. Best Racing Sim (with a poll this time)
  114. Best racing sim
  115. Airbus A380.....
  116. Speed camera's, a good idea?
  117. Shut Up!!!-James Allen (Nr 2)
  118. Shut Up!!!-James Allen
  119. Greatest Film Car Chase?
  120. Favorite gear??
  121. Best England Football song
  122. Another start of the week poll...
  123. How Many Belts Is It Ok For A Straight Guy To Own?
  124. Its lovely and hot, are you perving more ?
  125. Tiff or Jason
  126. Which Wrist Watch Do You Own
  127. Vicki Butler Henderson - Babe or baddy
  128. What title...?
  129. Fifth Gear Related Poll
  130. Return to Capital Punishment.
  131. Should Britain have a Monarchy?
  132. Profane!!!!!!!!!!!
  133. What Kind of Bot Would You Be?
  134. Smashing
  135. Button or Zip flies?
  136. Angelina or Sienna?
  137. Do you talk to your car?
  138. radio one breakfast show
  139. Which Is The Best Online Parts Supplier?
  140. Top threads that have been done to death...
  141. Iconic Sports Cars of All Time?
  142. What's the most likely thing to happen?
  143. Alfa Dealers
  144. should should should....
  145. When cleaning out your ears, with which ear do you start
  146. Alfa 156 Big wing, like it or not?
  147. Peugeot 307 Convertible
  148. cruise control?
  149. CloverLeaf or GTA
  150. Best Alfa TV advert
  151. Wine?
  152. How often do you Bath/Shower
  153. What sort of computer monitor do you have?
  154. Are You An AROC Member?
  155. What mods do you have?
  156. have you ever sported a mullet?
  157. Does any of your socks have a hole?
  158. Printer Ink
  159. Should Alfas have oil pressure gauges?
  160. Are you marqued?
  161. Who's getting up at 3.30 to watch the GP qualifying
  162. Affordable semi-exotics
  163. How many time showing devices in your house?
  164. Ever driven over a human?
  165. Sexiest Sugababe?
  166. Complaining in Restaurants....
  167. Have you 'maxed' your motor
  168. What's your favourite sunday roast?
  169. Modern skin users - PLEASE VOTE:
  170. Where Have I been???
  171. Selespeed, is it rubbish?
  172. Would you use a DIY car repair facility?
  173. Eating Out Of The Box
  174. Show Us Your Favourite Avatar
  175. Who makes the best cars?
  176. Preferred writing pen colour?
  177. Is white alright?
  178. Alfa Owner reliability poll
  179. Brit-ball-run 2006
  180. Chip or Fries?
  181. The Ring Trip - how will you prepare?
  182. Gumball 3000
  183. Bath Or Shower?
  184. What summer foot wear?
  185. Out of the three main sciences...
  186. How do you listen to music at home?
  187. How do you listen to music at home?
  188. Fart types
  189. Do you peek before flushing the toilet?
  190. Do you look in the toilet before flushing?
  191. Brake pads. What's owners opinions?
  192. what yr scariest moment ?
  193. Kate Moss - That attractive or not?
  194. Call Girls...
  195. Do you like cars with sunroofs?
  196. Hows your AO surfing speed?
  197. Have you started mowing your grass?
  198. Do other drivers Xenon/HID lights annoy you?
  199. Have you ever done a Basil Fawlty to your computer?
  200. Have you ever done a Basil Fawlty to your car?
  201. Do you drive... part 2
  202. GTA Mats?
  203. Do you talk to your car?
  204. Do you drive... part 1
  205. Which 3.2 V6 Powered Alfa Would You Most Like To Own?
  206. Do Bird Droppings damage your Paint?
  207. Do you Drive With Your Front Fog Lights On ?
  208. Were you ever bitten by a Dog?
  209. Do you use winter tyres?
  210. ???
  211. Do you have hairy feet?
  212. Which speed detector? (for Foxie)
  213. How often do you change your socks?
  214. How often do you change your car?
  215. Toothbrushes out number Occupants?
  216. Which Sock Do You Put On First?
  217. What Speed Camera Detecor ?
  218. How frequently do you check your fluids?
  219. Do You Like Lasagne?
  220. Buy Danish ?
  221. 156 or 159 best styling?
  222. Right Then, Once And For All, This BMW Thing...
  223. How much do you spend on petrol/diesel each month
  224. Holly or Fern.....
  225. Holly Or Fern?
  226. Are you nang?
  227. Have you had a major paint job done on your Alfa?
  228. Original or Retro
  229. Will you follow the winter olympics?
  230. Are we being conditioned to accept invasion?
  231. Are we being conditioned to accept invasion?
  232. Toilet paper... Do you drop a few sheets before use?
  233. Suspension Bush problems
  234. Is Super Unleaded Really Any Better Than Regular Unleaded?
  235. How many miles on your Alfa?
  236. How much lottery money have you/your family won?
  237. How much longer can Fiat / Alfa last in the UK?
  238. How many miles on your 155?
  239. What type of roads/driving do you least like?
  240. Which Supermarket Do You Use Most Often?
  241. Ever driven a Lada?
  242. I keep a picture of my partner in wallet/purse (Y/N)?
  243. Heaven or Hell
  244. :: 147 or 156sw? ::
  245. Breakfast, Dinner & Tea Or Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner?
  246. How many chairs around your dining table?
  247. What Wax ?
  248. How long till I get my Coupe back?
  249. James Blunt
  250. Europeans vs Japanese
  251. Would you?
  252. What are front foglights?
  253. again, just wandering, 147/156 owners
  254. Just wandering
  255. First AR Service Experience - Place your bets
  256. Brera 3.2 vs 147 GTA
  257. Which generation are you?
  258. James Blunt thread - but with poll this time!
  259. Love your Alfa? How often do you bathe her?
  260. How are/did you see in the new year?
  261. What's Your Favourite Soup?
  262. How do you Sleep
  263. Favourite screen wash flavour
  264. What's your new years resolution?
  265. How do you browse the AO forum?
  266. Would you buy a 159?
  267. Whats your favourite U2 album
  268. In how cold weather have you been?
  269. I'll spend my XMas
  270. I wish you a ...
  271. Which shoe goes on first?
  272. Attitudes to drink driving?
  273. The Power Of Love
  274. when will she arrive????
  275. Good or bad?
  276. Who Do You Like Best: The Cure Or The Smiths?
  277. AO Member car of the year, Final round
  278. Am I Evil......like?????
  279. Which MP3 Player Should I Buy Roswell For Christmas?
  280. Would you buy jewellery from H Samuels?
  281. If It's Not Italian - Is It Rubbish?
  282. Small talk
  283. Goverment!
  284. AO Member car of the year, round 1, group 3
  285. AO Member car of the year, round 1, group 2
  286. AO Member car of the year, round 1, group 1
  287. water or coke?
  288. The sharing concept
  289. In the year 2525 If man is still alive can Alfa survive?
  290. There's a scar man waiting in the
  291. What would you do?
  292. Where to crash!!?
  293. Pimp my Ride with Xibit or Pimp my Ride with Westwood?
  294. Firearms!!!
  295. GTA, what size brake ya got??
  296. Ever Never Ever....
  297. Cool or nerdy as hell?
  298. Best looking car on the AO calander '06
  299. Do I have too many cars?
  300. Do You Ever Take Up Two Spaces In A Car Park?
  301. Is Your Car Debadged?
  302. Have you ever....
  303. How much would you spend on performance?
  304. a creepy feeling....
  305. Restaurant throw up!!!
  306. Return of the Jedi.... or what ever....
  307. Deacon Blue or Wet Wet Wet
  308. The Smiths Or The Stone Roses?
  309. Does Your Car Have An Engine Undertray?
  310. Nurbugring
  311. Are Clear Side Indicators ok? Are dust caps with car makers badge on the ok?
  312. Are Clear Side Indicators ok?
  313. are you a luddite?
  314. Would you pay for workshop manuals?
  315. Barbie or Ken?
  316. Hills Starts
  317. Do you type or click?
  318. Will we ever be able to move on from the ''Up The Skirt '' Thread
  319. Is it acceptable to laugh at a picture of a guy caught taking an upskirt picture?
  320. Morally Acceptable?
  321. Where is THROTTLEMAN'S Camera?
  322. Beer Or Lager?
  323. Can you control the urge to...
  324. Do you pay income tax for a company car?
  325. Porn!
  326. Is 'coz' acceptable
  327. AO age groups. how old are the members?
  328. What do you do?
  329. How many points do you have on your license??
  330. Should prisoners be allowed to vote??
  331. What's your computer?
  332. Who Is Your Favourite 'Girl Band'?
  333. Which is your favorite pot noodle
  334. Is A Jaffa Cake a Cake or a Biscuit?
  335. What's Your Favourite Curry?
  336. what is Everyones Favorite Biscuit....
  337. How often do you backup you PC?
  338. Do You Get Stick Off Your Missus For Spending Too Much Time On AO?
  339. do you like polls
  340. Bird or Bloke - Part 3
  341. How about a 155 "sightings" section
  342. Bird or Bloke - Part 2 (with Poll this time!)
  343. Bird or Bloke? Part I
  344. Do you find farting funny
  345. Is It Sad To Log On To AO At 8pm On A Saturday Night?
  346. When will The Mad Poll Maker return?
  347. What speed do you normally travel at?
  348. Engine Temperture
  349. your favorite vegatable in the world
  350. your favorite thing of a chinese takeaway menu
  351. what is your favorite meat
  352. Lawnmowers - which is best?
  353. Who likes Polls?
  354. Quick-Poll Shoot-out: Ugliest Car?
  355. What cost Kimi the F1 Championship?
  356. BMW drivers in UK. What do we truthfully think?
  357. What screen resolution do you use?
  358. How many forums are you a member of?
  359. Scots - NE England Meet
  360. What kinda Birds do you go for
  361. Save me....
  362. Do you looking like an AR driver
  363. Would you buy a hybrid/electric alfa???
  364. Ebay - what do you think
  365. Help run Eddie's GTA
  366. Ever been to a sauna?
  367. Buy me Elise - donate here!
  368. Buy me Miura - donate here!
  369. Ikea poll
  370. I wash my at-work coffee mug ...
  371. How do you grip your......
  372. Ever owned a Russian car?
  373. If you had to buy a Russian car...
  374. If you HAD to buy a German car...
  375. If you HAD to buy a German car...
  376. Do they still make Blue Stratos?
  377. Have you ever walked out of a job?
  378. Drepression: Do you suffer from it?
  379. Educating?
  380. Photography - what would be...
  381. Favourite Playground Ride?
  382. Favourite tipple?
  383. What Would You Do If You Couldn't Post A Poll At The First Attempt?
  384. what would you drive if there wasnt any such thing as an Alfa Romeo
  385. what would you drive if there wsnt any suvch thing as Alfa Romeo
  386. Who's going to Gaydon on 11 September 2005
  387. Ever stepped on a ....
  388. Double Decker
  389. How many Hobbies do you have?
  390. Thiefs
  391. How Many Alfas Do You Own/Have You Owned?
  392. Stuck in gear........
  393. Favourite bit
  394. Harddrive space!?!?!?!?!
  395. what facial hair do u have
  396. First humans on Mars
  397. Half full or half empty??
  398. Yes Or No?
  399. Ever used drugs??
  400. Late night posters
  401. Should engine size dictate "legal" top speed
  402. What type of Internet access have you?
  403. If you happened across an RTA....
  404. Do you dribble after you p.......
  405. What's the worst colour for a car?
  406. Your favourite swear word
  407. Quailty time
  408. do we really need a post count ?
  409. Clowns
  410. The Totally Impartial Ralf S. Reliability Survey
  411. George Bush
  412. CD estimate
  413. # of DVDs ripped and compressed?
  414. What working hours do you do?
  415. DIY Mechanics
  416. How do you park?
  417. Which F1 drivers should retire?
  418. Ever driven a Lotus Elise?
  419. How often do you shave?
  420. Margaret Thatcher?
  421. Given Two Options, Which Would You Take?
  422. Would you have a Back, Sack and Crack wax
  423. Have a Visa?
  424. What country are you from?
  425. Could/Should The Fiat Coupe Have Worn An Alfa Romeo Badge?
  426. Have a website?
  427. Where is alfa_147_jtd_16v ?
  428. It It It It It.....
  429. Top Gear Hot Hatch Test
  430. Is the end near?
  431. AO Photo competition FINAL round!
  432. If it's not broken...
  433. Yes I work in IT.
  434. DIY Mechanics
  435. Can you fix a punctured tyre?
  436. Puncture's
  437. Can you reverse a Car & Trailer?
  438. Silliest (?) Poll Ever: To be or not to be?
  439. Best colour for a car?
  440. AO Photo competition semifinals part 2
  441. AO Photo competition semifinals part 1
  442. Friday Night Pub Poll
  443. Do you leave your AC turned on???
  444. What's your favourite P2P client?
  445. Performance mods...
  446. Who/What would you save
  447. Which is your master eye II ?
  448. Which is your master eye
  449. Handed...
  450. New Yaris T-sport OR New Lupo GTI
  451. What OS?
  452. Favorite Ocean?
  453. What color is the hair on your head?
  454. Smilies - Which is your favourite?
  455. What's Your favourite 'Burger Joint'?
  456. Serious Saturday Night Poll...
  457. Have mustache?
  458. Internet Explorer Or Mozilla Firebox?
  459. How to keep track of passwords?
  460. Do You Have A CD Player In Your Car?
  461. Highest priority on waking up?
  462. Low ....
  463. Who has hte most distracting Avatar?
  464. Crazy Frog Q
  465. Getting a 159?
  466. What to have!
  467. Electrical problem
  468. Driving Footwear
  469. Which Search Engine Do You Use?
  470. Am I Able To Post A Poll At The First Attempt?
  471. Do you have any piercings?
  472. Have you any Tattoos?..
  473. A little extra - help
  474. Do you own a Camcorder???
  475. how long before pasi posts
  476. Own a digital camera?
  477. Marmite.......
  478. How often do YOU clean your teeth?
  479. The fat of the land...
  480. 'Reinstate Jamie' campaign
  481. How often do YOU exercise?..
  482. Beeping Car Alarms
  483. Distance from birthplace?
  484. Do You Like Football?
  485. How long work day do you do?
  486. 159 MPH - What Do You Think???
  487. Favourite cinema snack
  488. Best seat at the cinema?
  489. What do you think about Hunting?
  490. LEXUS style lights?
  491. 225 or 215/45/17 for my 147JTD
  492. 159 design
  493. Do you wash &/or polish your pillars/sills/door frames?
  494. European Union Constitution, For or Against?
  495. Which Car Is Best?
  496. Cars in 2004
  497. Personalised Plates - Hot Or Not?
  498. Parking fines....
  499. How long are you willing to wait in line for Episode III?
  500. Your relationship with GT...