Poll Room

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  1. Ebay resistor performance tuning upgrade +20 bhp threads
  2. Your favourite confectionary
  3. 159, Brera & new Spider Experiences
  4. Is your name Richard?
  5. Vacation Email Message
  6. 156 Rear spoiler or not?
  7. Would you or wouldn't you
  8. Any other coulrophobes here?
  9. If Alfa Romeo did not exist....
  10. Do you think that the Internet is close to collapse ?...
  11. Marmite
  12. Marmite
  13. Bacon
  14. gaslock indy-cator
  15. More Brera's or 159's
  16. Pink or brown?
  17. Beyonce Or Shakira?
  18. Worst colour for a car?
  19. Spelling ...
  20. NAD - Are you going? If so are you planning to camp or travel on the day?
  21. Moisturisers/ Mens grooming products....
  22. Best MPV for Wife and Kids
  23. Is gingerism as bad as racism?
  24. What does she drink?
  25. Bonfires - How Do You Start Yours
  26. Who's is the best Avatar.
  27. Do you DIY?
  28. Are you scared of Wifi ?
  29. Which Car Should My Brother Buy?
  30. Whos on Alfabb.com
  31. Lottery win!!!!!
  32. Should someone update and bring back the Professionals
  33. Debbie Gibson or Tiffany?
  34. Gaiter - where do you keep yours?
  35. Am I too old to be watching Hollyoaks?
  36. Who likes Big Brother
  37. Sir David Beckham or no thankyou sir
  38. Should Round Robin threads have limits?
  39. When was the last time the lead in a F1 race changed on the Race Track
  40. My first poll
  41. Who's the best guitarist
  42. How did you meet your partner?
  43. Gordon Brown Tool or No tool?
  44. Adultery
  45. My car is at the auto-electricians...
  46. Are garages for cars or storage
  47. How Long Do You Keep A Car For???
  48. pulling girls or lads in your alfa
  49. Champions League Final
  50. Branston Pickle
  51. Marmite dispenser
  52. Vandalising speed camera's
  53. At What Time Is It Acceptable To Start Banging & Clashing On A Sunday Morning?
  54. Do you think that Shop Lifting Fines are...
  55. Sweary, sweary SWEARY!!!
  56. Your favourite movie Tetraolgy/Quadrilogy
  57. Your favourite movie trilogy
  58. Corned Beef Or Tuna?
  59. Top Poster for May
  60. how much do Alfa Owners earn...
  61. Do you think rewards are a good thing...
  62. SZ for commuting..?
  63. Re-map
  64. Winehouse or Allen?
  65. Caviar? Roe?
  66. Microwave ovens...
  67. Marmite...
  68. Will you be watching the Eurovision song contest this saturday ?
  69. COTYA - Grand Final!
  70. Should Nomad become NoMod
  71. tacky or tastefull?
  72. How Far Would You Travel To Find 'The Right Car'?
  73. I've let the wife use the GTV...
  74. What Colour Is Your Hair?
  75. What kind of drunk are you?
  76. Alfaowner.com COTYA - GT/GTA lounge (9)
  77. Alfaowner.com COTYA - Classics lounge (8)
  78. Alfaowner.com COTYA - Brera/GTV/Spider lounge (7)
  79. Alfaowner.com COTYA - 147/156/159 lounge (6)
  80. Alfaowner.com COTYA - 164/6 lounge (5)
  81. Alfaowner.com COTYA - 145/6 lounge (4)
  82. Alfaowner.com COTYA - 155 lounge (3)
  83. Alfaowner.com COTYA - 75/Alfetta/RZ/SZ lounge (2)
  84. Alfaowner.com COTYA - 33/Sud/Sprint lounge (1)
  85. Your favourite Stanley Kubrick film?
  86. Give smokers time off from work?
  87. How many non-sexual partners have you had?
  88. The GT.Must have extras ?
  89. Do you drink bottled water at home?
  90. Car or mortgage?
  91. Where am I?
  92. Crisps...
  93. In a quandry
  94. What's in your Garage :confused:
  95. How good is your Brera?
  96. What is your favourite colour?
  97. How big/small is your mortgage?
  98. what watch do you wear?
  99. A poll for the ring trip attendees
  100. Should Admin stats be included or hidden?
  101. Your home
  102. Cufflinks ...
  103. Do you smoke???
  104. Democracy doesn't work ....
  105. Food Supplements
  106. Are you now going to pay the £25
  107. Do you like tha moon ?
  108. Whos gonna win the cricket?
  109. 156 Owners - Which one do you own
  110. Tart or no Tart
  111. Ever acted in a Movie?
  112. How confident are you talking to ....
  113. To Open Wot Or Not?
  114. To Open Wot Or Not?
  115. Deal or No Deal
  116. Is your name Phil?
  117. Hamilton
  118. When you take a dump.......
  119. When you take a shave......
  120. When you take a shower...
  121. Do you think this joke is funny?
  122. New AO membership badge
  123. My new numberplate
  124. The Boat Race
  125. Junior beauty
  126. Kimi or Massa
  127. Easter Eggs!
  128. Champions League
  129. Which CSI?
  130. Toothpaste
  131. I decided to take a mid-waash photo of the car last week...
  132. How many AOers have you met
  133. How do you describe the time...
  134. Round the Clock Childcare
  135. On Average, How Many Hours Sleep Do You Have Each Night?
  136. Speeder or Spyder
  137. Snorting Remains?
  138. Tiswas or Swap Shop?
  139. Spring Alfa Day
  140. Rocky Balboa: the movie
  141. Does this poll make any sense?
  142. Life on Mars
  143. Are you a Gambler ?
  144. What was the best decade to grow up as a kid
  145. whats your favourite
  146. Porn
  147. OCD or lazy git?
  148. OCD or lazy git?
  149. Friday night with...
  150. Box or bottle
  151. Why is BMW referenced so often?
  152. Sweet Or Savoury - Which Do You Prefer?
  153. Facelift 166: beauty or a beast?
  154. How many people will post a reply
  155. How much coffee?
  156. Is it time to get Yoda back
  157. How much for a pint of Guinness
  158. How Much Do You Pay For A Haircut?
  159. AlfaOwner.com got me fired
  160. what is the future for public transport?
  161. The GT.Which colour ?
  162. Ever driven a Caterham or Westfield?
  163. great movies
  164. Catherine Tate vs. Little Britain
  165. MMR yes or no?
  166. Food of the Devil
  167. Who's best
  168. Cliff Richard
  169. Should BF keep dredging up old polls ?
  170. Have y ever drive a ferrari??
  171. Gran Turismo 4
  172. Sushi/Sashimi is it addictive?
  173. 75 twin headlights
  174. Pre Face Lift GTA or Post Face Lift GTA
  175. Favourite male undies
  176. Favourite Female Underwear
  177. Budget
  178. How should cars be taxed?
  179. should 4x4s pay more road tax?
  180. Why I chose an Alfa
  181. Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff
  182. Am I drinking too much caffeine?
  183. Best Bond Girl
  184. Ex issues....
  185. How many AO members are Bus Passengers???
  186. Munchies or Rolos?
  187. Cats and Alfas - do they mix?
  188. (Male) Circumcision
  189. Which should I have bought next...?
  190. Toilet Paper
  191. Do you think we should...
  192. Who will be first to 5
  193. Car Washing
  194. Which new tyres for my GT
  195. Should I swap my GTV TS for a Corrado VR6 ??
  196. Do you RTFM when you buy a new car?
  197. do you own a manbag?
  198. Would you have Colonic Irrigation ?
  199. Proportional Driving fines?
  200. What's your poison?
  201. Auto Italia, Brooklands, May 5th
  202. Is it wrong to use your front fog lights...
  203. windows live or msn messenger?
  204. Should Cartoon Characters be turned into "Live Shows"
  205. Where For Service In South West
  206. Charity Donations
  207. When Blair goes should we have a general election?
  208. Slegg vs. Slegg
  209. Which New Hot Hatch Would You Most Like To Own?
  210. Have You ever had a car accident???
  211. Film 'Trilogies' that have gone wrong
  212. Style of Alfa wave
  213. What is the men-to-women ratio in your workplace?
  214. Name the 3rd CD in the Stadium Arcadium album
  215. Pixar's Car: which character would you be?
  216. Visual Aids
  217. Forum vs Real names
  218. What do you do if you run out of bog roll ?
  219. IPT v JNT
  220. Roast dinner
  221. Thread Digging: your opinion
  222. Do you surf on AO at the weekend?
  223. Charles Darwin. Genius or Heretic ?
  224. Should Prince Harry be sent to the Gulf..?
  225. Which F1 Team would you like to see return
  226. Who would you PREFER as the next president of USA?
  227. Should I change my name?
  228. Who's having pancakes tonight (improved poll)
  229. Who's having pancakes tonight?!
  230. Why do you drink?
  231. Why did you or would you buy a Diesel
  232. Pet names
  233. What caused your cam belt failure
  234. FAO: Nev and nomad (Alfa Brera)
  235. Drivetrain
  236. Which is the most Dangerous?....
  237. A real democratic vote
  238. Does Country Music suck?
  239. Which colour suits Alfa 159 sportwagon better!?!?!
  240. AO Car Of The Year 2007 - Should It Happen???
  241. help baby names
  242. Senator Barack Obama Presidential bid...
  243. do you like the "big spoiler" for a 156?
  244. Does it only ever happen in London
  245. Hands Free???!!
  246. Are you a Starship commander...:confused:
  247. Replacing Wiper Blades
  248. LED's? Chav or Cool?
  249. Six Nations
  250. Will the new MG Car Company be a success
  251. Where would you prefer to Gamble ?
  252. Which 75 bumper
  253. How late will the 2012 Olympic venues be?
  254. the hamster
  255. Will the 147 be a classic?
  256. Most ignorant when waiting in line at the post office?
  257. Mod or not
  258. What's The Best Colour For Any Alfa?
  259. Would you if you could ?
  260. How long to wear a pair of jeans???
  261. Nomads new Avatar
  262. Keely Hazel - is it all a cunning publicity stunt?
  263. Bigfoots Avatar
  264. I M H O
  265. Your favourite Airfix kit..?
  266. What's the best Monty Python Film
  267. Seagulls!!..... worthwhile contributors to modern Society ??
  268. Noise Cancelling headphone?
  269. A meta poll
  270. English Parliament
  271. Whisky - single or blended?
  272. Favorite Pickled Thing?
  273. Ice cream vans...
  274. How do you like yours
  275. Roy 'Chubby' Brown
  276. what's the worst aeroport in the world?
  277. Are GPS users a worse menace than phone users?
  278. Worth 1/2 Million a week?
  279. So who's looking on job sites?
  280. Money in your wallet
  281. Whose DNA..??
  282. Emails to yourself…
  283. Ray Mears...
  284. Lemsip or Beachams
  285. Hybrid Embryo Research.....
  286. What should go
  287. Which Is Your Favourite Rocky Film?
  288. Don't you guys and gals think that.....
  289. Mobile phones in cars...
  290. Do You Always Wear Your Seat Belt When You’re Driving Your Alfa?
  291. How do you listen to your iPod in the car?
  292. Hunting - should the ban remain
  293. How Long.......
  294. saddam should he shouldn,t he???
  295. What do you think of UK TV Output over Christmas?
  296. Girls Aloud - I Think We're Alone Now
  297. Whats your favourite rally car of all time
  298. New Years Resolutions
  299. Fav cartoon that is meant to be for kid, but isn't.
  300. Santa Clause - Does He Exist???
  301. Mulled Wine - a cheering treat or Devil's P155
  302. Bacon
  303. Lembit Opik
  304. Do you have a new "electronic" passport?
  305. PaulR's Avatar
  306. Real Or Fake?
  307. Carrots
  308. How big is your....
  309. Selespeed... how do you use yours?
  310. How many (school) boarders on AO?
  311. How many boarders on AO?
  312. Princess Diana's crash. Accident or not?
  313. How many skiers on AO?
  314. How many miles has you twin spark done
  315. Bank Charges...
  316. Middle Laners?
  317. pot holes/manhole covers
  318. Pete Doherty
  319. Best Stand Up Comedian?
  320. Hot Tap - left or right?
  321. What stop you going out on a Friday night?
  322. Are you better off now than you were ten years ago?
  323. When ending a question with the "confused" smiley,
  324. Russell Brand
  325. Star Wars Conundrum
  326. Signing off a telephone conversation.....
  327. How much TV do you watch ?
  328. Fav xmas song
  329. how fast is your internet line?
  330. Do you think some people vote "other" in polls
  331. When are you your most evilest?
  332. Work, are you:
  333. Slavery
  334. How Many Countries Have You Been To?
  335. Wet Or Electric Shave
  336. Whats your favourite takeway hot cold
  337. How Many Glasses
  338. Shaken, not stirred
  339. Should Britain renew Trident?
  340. Is all publicity...good publicity ?
  341. What dance should our rugby players do
  342. Do you pick your nose whilst driving?
  343. Russian poisons?
  344. The Ashes
  345. What's the fastest speed at which you have driven unashamedly on a public road?
  346. Who shall be at NAD
  347. Do you complain?
  348. What’s Your Favourite Oasis Song?
  349. How Often Do You Do Your Weekly Checks?
  350. internet jobs
  351. Christmas Roast
  352. Sprouts? - It must be nearly Christmas!
  353. After a heavy night out do you
  354. do you butter your bread all the way????
  355. Balamory: Who's Your Favourite Character?
  356. How many rashers of bacon do you put in a sandwich ?
  357. Favourite Bond Theme
  358. Favourite toast topping
  359. Favourite Italian Carmaker
  360. Time to chuck away the old undies!
  361. GTA or no GTA?
  362. Casino Royale
  363. Do the new Alfa's look too similar
  364. David Gest - Freak Or What?
  365. Strictly Come Dancing Or The X Factor
  366. Heart Versus Head
  367. Your top Bond Villain
  368. Who watches the watchmen?
  369. The best english language car magazine
  370. Jonathan Ross
  371. What's Your Favourite Magic Tree?
  372. Drunk Cooking....
  373. AO a great forum
  374. Scariest/favourite monsters
  375. Scariest/favourite monsters
  376. Monsters: When are you troubled by them?
  377. Ao FF IE ?
  378. A bound book for your car?
  379. Greatest Guitarist of All Times
  380. Time Travel
  381. Tv
  382. What is your favourite Discworld novel?
  383. In What Year Was Your Alfa First Registered? Poll 2
  384. In What Year Was Your Alfa First Registered? Poll 1
  385. Would you ever go "under the knife" ...
  386. What's Your Favourite Madonna Song?
  387. Starbucks (allegedly) spiking Ethiopian coffee
  388. SAP CRM software
  389. Gatsos?
  390. Does Mr Kipling make exceedingly good cakes ?
  391. Elephant Riding
  392. Which of these handles better?
  393. Favourite Nut
  394. Torchwood
  395. Annoying things on the road
  396. which "In Law" do you get on with best
  397. Is your Alfa a BOY or a GIRL?
  398. Simon Baddison's tattoo
  399. Favourite Wallace and Gromit?????
  400. New avatar for the Slag Brothers.....
  401. 156 owners. Do you suffer uneven tyre wear?
  402. Smoked Salmon
  403. who'll win?
  404. Would you drink this coffee
  405. Would you drink this coffee
  406. Do you have a speed camera detector
  407. You mechanics
  408. Who’s Your Favourite Gallagher?
  409. Do you like these Scudetto chrome grill strips?
  410. Mobile phone use whilst driving
  411. Would you rather......
  412. Did you post an Introductionary Post when you joined AO
  413. Who'd be up for a blat to the Milau Viaduct
  414. Should I ?
  415. Do You Care?
  416. Do you read all posts in a thread before replying?
  417. Does the fact new Alfa contain GM parts put you off.
  418. What's your Alfa's colour?
  419. What's your Alfa's coulour?
  420. How many Alfas are company cars?
  421. 2007 Car of the year
  422. Alfa Story Time thread: Time to close it?
  423. AO Widows
  424. What do you drink?
  425. Was Monty Python's Flying Circus funny?
  426. Best F1 Commentator
  427. New Word Association Thread
  428. should we throw a party?
  429. Do you own a Volvo?
  430. Is their an AO Moderator Conspiracy for a 156 to win the title?
  431. Milk or hot water first???
  432. Most sexy AO tank
  433. Clerks II or Children of Men
  434. AO Member car of the year, round 1, group 3
  435. AO Member car of the year, round 1, group 2
  436. AO Member car of the year, round 1, group 1
  437. What car to get for my wife?
  438. Time to move on?
  439. What would you prefer in a car?
  440. Do you like Fiats?
  441. What is your "Other" Car
  442. Ralf's new job
  443. Marriage....
  444. Deal or No Deal?
  445. Roll the Dice, what do you hope for?
  446. Autodelta Modified?
  447. Brera owners: Do you ROCK, or what !?!
  448. Who will be BSB Champion
  449. Fav US (Current) Cop Show
  450. Is their a FIA Conspiracy for Schumacher to win the title?
  451. Which Is The Best Pie?
  452. Who Is The Best Lord?
  453. Everybody was kung fu fighting...
  454. Which of these alloys would you go for
  455. Cheap chocolates
  456. Who Was The Craziest Driver At Today’s Track Day?
  457. Are you worried by how much you post on AO
  458. Airline loyalty/miles cards
  459. AO top 10 sexy cars!
  460. Would you eat the pear of a garden pear tree...
  461. Throwing away an angry reply
  462. Saturday night
  463. Euro Licences Your categories
  464. Do you use Super unleaded fuels
  465. what type of underpants do you prefer to wear
  466. Selenia Oil
  467. Will Schumi retire or stay on for another year?
  468. Why is AO soooo cooool???
  469. What's cooler, "Quite Cool" or just plain "Cool"?
  470. Brera Standard Stereo
  471. Favorite "big-pot o' grub" sharing food.
  472. When will Ant get to 5 Platinum Cloverleaves?
  473. Smilies... again....
  474. Has your car ever been stolen?!?
  475. Will you still be an AlfaOwner in 2010?
  476. Favourite soap
  477. i had my mot today...... how do you think it went?
  478. Do you feel your age?
  479. Is summer over?
  480. Supermarket Check out
  481. A bit of a Turkey
  482. Alfa owner political Opinion poll
  483. Dealer Courtesy cars
  484. GT Or Brera?
  485. Foie Gras Banned in the US...
  486. UK House prices
  487. Are You Indecisive
  488. If Money Were No Object Which Car Would You Buy?
  489. Best Michael Caine Film
  490. Why does this happen?
  491. Sight!?!?
  492. i saw a datsun cherry the other day, does that count?
  493. What's Your Favorite Spicy condiment?
  494. The most annoying thread?
  495. Should the Alfa GT have the 2.4 JTD engine?
  496. Bitten by a vampire or a werewolf ?
  497. Are you complete, or do you have another half?
  498. Alfa Arna, how many out there?
  499. Should I or Shouldn't I
  500. New "Car Magazine" layout