Poll Room

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  1. Do you think this is a manufaturing defect?
  2. Should Alfa Vincent run the marathon as his challenge for 2012
  3. Who is to blame for the spending cuts?
  4. Black car with anthracite wheels
  5. If you were American, which way would you vote?
  6. Star Trek or Star Wars
  7. DPF removal
  8. 1/4 mile table on this forum..good idea?
  9. Star Wars Fans
  10. Bats in the Belfry
  11. MonkeyFesters - Did you....
  12. Falken vs Hankook
  13. If a new Alfa enthusiast garage was to open in the Midlands...
  14. Favorite Screen Wash Colour
  15. Main dealer or independent?
  16. Favourite Voyage
  17. Peter Andre
  18. Ironing
  19. King of Trainers
  20. Curves Or No Curves
  21. Do Gibbo & HM need to get a room?
  22. AO Band Logo
  23. Car washing, who does yours?
  24. Best format for your music?
  25. Best Colour for a Guilietta
  26. Do you still have any cassettes
  27. AV Vote
  28. what would you want the Queen to do
  29. BBQ's
  30. Chat Threads
  31. AO Member Car of the Year - Spring edition: Play off
  32. Benidorm The series and hotel.Have you stayed there.
  33. Lottery winnings
  34. Forum scapegoat?
  35. Should PT14 be allowed on AO
  36. AO band name
  37. Gaz's MonkeyFest Band Name Poll
  38. Saab 900 Turbo T16 Carlsson
  39. What gets your goat the most?
  40. Pancake toppings
  41. From a cup or a bowl?
  42. Eggs in fridge or not?
  43. AO Member Car of the Year - Spring edition: Poll 1
  44. AO Member Car of the Year - Spring edition: Poll 2
  45. AO Member Car of the Year - Spring edition: Poll 3
  46. AO Member Car of the Year - Spring edition: Poll 4
  47. Cars
  48. Is one of the AO mods....
  49. what kind of school did you go to?
  50. Which do you change more frequently...
  51. Average Age - GTV/SPIDER 916 Owners
  52. Which Are Best - Cakes Or Pies?
  53. Who wood sponsur Pomeo oan a white watter ride fur charity?
  54. Who Knows What It's All About?
  55. Psychological screening
  56. Long posts & copy/paste
  57. Do you believe in evolution?
  58. Tonight’s Football – Two Choices
  59. Favourite Type Of Muffin...?
  60. Haircut
  61. Do you flat pack ?
  62. Growing family... which car?
  63. How many full stops....
  64. Do you have a cleft chin? (You know..a "baby's bottom" chin?
  65. Home Audio System/TV/Blu-ray/DVD/Etc Remote Control Type- Which Do You Prefer?
  66. Work deadline is....
  67. Boasting: which is worse..?
  68. Portugal or Argentina to win?
  69. Adult only flights
  70. Vodafone
  71. crumpet
  72. Have You Ever Been Insulted By Sif?
  73. PS3/GT5 Poll.
  74. Rolf Harris
  75. The coolest thing of all time?
  76. Cctv
  77. Who wants to see a picci of Happyman In a "boobie apron"
  78. How far will groovylee get with a faulty alternator?
  79. is the arrogance of AO over the tweet tab enough to stop you sending them your hard e
  80. Which daily newspaper do you read?
  81. Username poll! Cant decide!
  82. Who would have their car valeted/detailed?
  83. Are you fed up with "Ebay poster"
  84. 2011...How do you SAY it?
  85. For those with a floppy one
  86. Engine Braking and Oil Consumption - is there a linkage?
  87. Should SIF stop posting politically motivated threads?
  88. Nan or Gran ?
  89. Scone, or Scone?
  90. Stacey Solomon needs a gag..?
  91. Should the words Hi, Welcome, To, Your and Thread be removed from DP's AO vocabulary?
  92. AO Member Car of the Year-Winter edition: Poll 6
  93. AO Member Car of the Year-Winter edition: Poll 5
  94. AO Member Car of the Year-Winter edition: Poll 4
  95. AO Member Car of the Year-Winter edition: Poll 3
  96. AO Member Car of the Year-Winter edition: Poll 2
  97. AO Member Car of the Year-Winter edition: Poll 1
  98. new trackday options poll
  99. Which wheels should I put on the car poll
  100. Sooooo...hand over all the W/H facts for WHY you joined and continue to stay at AO.
  101. If you did own an 8C?
  102. The man who sold the world
  103. Does it matter MG are owned by the Chinese?
  104. GM Crops
  105. Favourite Alfa car chase in film?
  106. AO PANTO 2010 - The Poll
  107. Pop Quiz, Hotshots!
  108. Which is your favourite 'Saturday'?
  109. The Ashes
  110. Can you touch your nose
  111. What Should I Do Tonight?
  112. The French: Too Bolshy?
  113. Greatest Drivers Cars by Classic & Sports Car
  114. Greatest ever drivers' cars.....
  115. Best/favourite -lution?
  116. Tonight's Engerland match
  117. What sort of socks do you prefer?
  118. Let them eat socks AKA Fit or Fib?
  119. Bob's
  120. How Loud Do You Have Your Radio / CD / MP3 player
  121. Paul Weller
  122. Cheap supermarkets
  123. Do you like multiple choice polls?
  124. Seeing your poll on the AO Home page
  125. Where do you fit into the AO family?
  126. Do you want to see SiF's bush?
  127. Which Is Best - Bacon Or Cheese?
  128. MiTo & Giulietta-ists
  129. Christmas Feast???
  130. Who is the Greatest F1 Driver of all time?
  131. Rear of the year
  132. Apples or Pears?
  133. Aldi Peri Peri Sausages
  134. What motoring Magazines do you read?
  135. Who is the coolest moustached legend?
  136. FIT or FAT
  137. parma violets
  138. Neighbour's left his side lights on...
  139. Be honest now.... would you???
  140. V6 hughes
  141. What is your favourite way to help?
  142. Soldiers with your boiled egg
  143. Boiled Eggs for breakfast.....
  144. Which Oil should I use
  145. Settee, Sofa Or Couch
  146. Only fools and horses
  147. a-ha - one hit wonders?
  148. everton vs liverpool
  149. Haircut, Sir!
  150. Which is nicer....?
  151. gamu,stay or go
  152. Does the result of a poll ...
  153. Best modern Alfa
  154. Side Exit Exhausts
  155. Bacon Sandwich
  156. Is Autumn depressing?
  157. Bond Films.....
  158. Does anyone actually buy food from Lidl ?
  159. Grammatical grief
  160. Hamilton v Webber
  161. Body Types
  162. Favourite Modern Childrens Show
  163. Who corrupted who?
  164. Kebab shop
  165. Restore or buy?
  166. France and the Roma
  167. Naughtiest
  168. Blissfully ignorant or worrying knowledge..
  169. Favorite Dip/Spread
  170. I just don't know
  171. My (Favourite) Little Death Trap
  172. How are you feeling this morning?
  173. What's your (UK currency) age...?
  174. The Lionel Richie Walkers Ad
  175. What colour is your (new) Giulietta?
  176. Sharing Hotel Rooms
  177. Are you a hooligan?
  178. 159 Calipers, to paint or not to paint??
  179. Citroen DS3 Racing price
  180. Which Engine is the best???
  181. Getting rid of hard skin off your feet.
  182. Is HM......?
  183. Gaz's Mystery Motor
  184. The Uma Thurman Giulietta ad
  185. Are we too obsessed with fuel economy?
  186. Best facial fuzz on TV?!
  187. Quality or....
  188. Stay with GMT or move to CET (central european time)?
  189. Fin-tastic - styling excess
  190. Mot stations..
  191. Street "Racing" Threads...
  192. The Award for the best named car goes to...
  193. Scraping of free milk for under 5's
  194. Travel Insurance...?
  195. Who is the Stig?
  196. Should Alfa Romeo's Be Banned?
  197. Practical jokes
  198. Top Gear can be Rubbish
  199. Is 8C paint worth it?
  200. Should I stay or should I go?
  201. Do you ever enjoy a bit of Shakespeare?
  202. Sunflower seeds.
  203. Pub Snacks
  204. CEO for the day
  205. A Dilemma. What would you do?
  206. A quick poll..!
  207. Can you confirm you understand that?
  208. Drinkin out the bottle...
  209. BBQ'd Pineapples?
  210. Yolky goodness or apply 'appiness?
  211. Fan Death
  212. Do you ever sit in the passenger seat of a car with your feet out the window?
  213. Mosquitoes
  214. Which news website do you use?
  215. washing your car
  216. air con
  217. What alloys would i go for...?
  218. Should I remove my badges
  219. Upgrademania
  220. Windscreen sunshade/reflectors
  221. Holiday - how do you pack?
  222. Are you less likely to....
  223. World Cup Winners?
  224. Poop Quiz!
  225. Ginger Beer v Ginger Ale
  226. Cold coffee....
  227. Weekenders
  228. what's the most suitable punishment
  229. Bathroom floor
  230. What's your favourite Poll?
  231. Should Acapulco Al be allowed to play with Matches and petrol
  232. james cordens world cup live
  233. Which Smartphone Platform?
  234. Robot Vacuum Cleaners...
  235. Tonight's game....
  236. After The Deepwater Horizon/Gulf of Mexico oil-tastrophe...
  237. Last Minute Travel
  238. Favorite Onion
  239. How many England flags have you got on your car?
  240. Would it be a good idea ...
  241. WHat did you drink as a kid?
  242. Which day are you going to Goodwood FOS?
  243. What did AV get in his care package from the US?
  244. Favourite Make of Ice Cream
  245. Shirts
  246. Should Jason....
  247. Where to you prefer to have breakfast?
  248. Do you all need Ipod/ Iphone adaptors for your cars?
  249. Do you all need Ipod/ Iphone adaptors for your cars?
  250. should i vote in the proalfa photography competition?
  251. Garage Door
  252. Is it quiet in here?
  253. Proalfa Photography contest finalists - you choose.
  254. People who walk around urban areas barefoot
  255. Who uses the forum jump feature
  256. Toilet paper rolls...
  257. What will Smaky find wrong with realslimshady's 20v 156
  258. Gerry Anderson
  259. Favourite Baps!
  260. What job earns 156chris so much?
  261. Robin Hood
  262. Energy drinks
  263. Summer is (just about) here: Cucumber sandwich time!
  264. is trawling autotrader....
  265. Nick Clegg - good looking or not?
  266. Song to the Siren..
  267. Favourite U2 song?
  268. How do you sleep?
  269. Brighton Run Dates
  270. Did you see/hear any planes today?
  271. Do you eat Asparagus
  272. Which superpower would you most like to possess?
  273. Die Hard
  274. Bumper Inserts
  275. Are you a .......
  276. hand guns
  277. The Internet: Good or Bad?
  278. Do you eat crusts?
  279. Favourite "disaster movie"
  280. A Poll Featuring Some Bint....
  281. Should I post a Sunday music thread?
  282. Which American male "Comic" actor do you hate the most?
  283. Should polls be repeated ?
  284. Have you been stalked by 159?
  285. General Election MAY 6TH 2010
  286. Do you wee in the shower?
  287. Most Annoying Alfa "News" Item?
  288. Anthracite or Silver Alloy refurb?
  289. Alfa Romeo jacket - Yay or Nay
  290. Should polls be repeated?
  291. AO General Election
  292. Ant 'n' Dec
  293. Claudia Winkleman
  294. Dahl or Lawson
  295. Who Mostly Answers The Knock At Your Home Door?
  296. The ninety nine pence thing....
  297. Coffee - how do you do yours...
  298. Favourite Dexter...?
  299. Getting on my ***s
  300. MiTo or 159/Brera owner??? Door and arch chips??? Pirellis fitted???
  301. unnamed
  302. pet insurance
  303. The AV London to Brighton Bike Poll !!!
  304. How PC are you?
  305. What is your favorite ice cream?
  306. DSA Theory Test
  307. A Competition Prize You Don't Need/Want-Would You Still Enter?
  308. Which is Hardest?
  309. Peanut Butter Sandwiches...
  310. Hot Drinks: Do they quench your thirst?
  311. Do you keep gloves....
  312. What do you fill your tyres with?
  313. Windows Browser
  314. Which is worst?
  315. Favorite Tall Skyscraper?
  316. Rear Engine Size Badges
  317. Who does the chores in your home?
  318. How Often Do Your Sheets Get Changed?
  319. Official AlfaOwner.com 10yr & Alfa Romeo Centenary Stickers
  320. The Mito Advert
  321. Favourite Tinned Fish
  322. Do You Work In An Office...
  323. Xbox 360: Next Season, What to race
  324. Worst Car Colour to Have?
  325. The Merkin Poll
  326. How long have you had your mobile number?
  327. Giving the Horn.
  328. 6 Nations Rugby
  329. How many GTA's are coming to the world record attempt on Sunday?
  330. Assisted Suicide
  331. Alfa stone chip poll
  332. Lurkers on the 7th?
  333. Best 100th Birthday Present from Alfa
  334. Would you consider altering your AR badge to include a national flag?
  335. Lucy Porter
  336. iphone
  337. Who's your favourite Sheen?
  338. Do you wear your work entry badge/ID outside of work?
  339. Would you support the concept ...
  340. A Lamborghini, A Watch Or Something Else?
  341. Household Electrical Applicances You've Replaced The Most....
  342. road tax petition
  343. What footwear can you drive your Alfa in?
  344. Which Finger For the Starter Button....
  345. The Audi TTRS
  346. Audi TTRS
  347. How do you start your press-to-start car?
  348. Should AR introduce a new V6 engine?
  349. Global warming. Are you a believer or a sceptic?
  350. Ashtray: In or Out?
  351. Are you drunk?
  352. Chips: Which first...?
  353. Worst weather in around 30 years
  354. Snowy roads - are you going to work today?
  355. favourite celebrity death of 2009
  356. What year is it?
  357. What are the best crisps
  358. Favourite tin of chocolates
  359. Are the DERVists tempted by the 1750 TBi...?
  360. Assuming You Don't Drink & Drive
  361. Will the Alfa/Chrysler partnership work?
  362. Christmas message sticky?
  363. Frosty windows
  364. Dreaming of a White Christmas?
  365. Winter tyres....would you?
  366. What is more reliable in this cold weather.
  367. How many options do you expect to be missing...
  368. What are you eating as a main meal at Christmas?
  369. Twiglets?
  370. Will you miss White Lightning (Trampagne)
  371. Did Bradders text or call you last night?
  372. Can you get away with ...
  373. Lady Gaga
  374. Breakfast is boring
  375. The Brera
  376. Sympathy for Mrs 156 ...
  377. Kimi Raikkonen seals rally move to Citroen junior team
  378. touch screen phones, love em or hate em
  379. responce to fellow ***** drivers or your model?
  380. New Alfa Romeo Giulietta
  381. What do you do if you get a flat tyre?
  382. How do you de-ice?
  383. I'm A Drama Queen
  384. Should I Get a Compnay Car?
  385. Do you believe in ghosts??
  386. Sex and the Alfa
  387. Do you draw ...
  388. Do you wear slippers?
  389. Which Digital SLR???
  390. Private Policing
  391. 18 rated games?
  392. Is your region having....
  393. Jayne wants
  394. David Haye or The Beast
  395. Favourite MiTo colour?
  396. Alfa Clothing, Would You?
  397. Have your firm put you on short time working?
  398. Favourite 159 engine?
  399. how do you rate the BBC's F1 coverage this season
  400. PS3 Vs Xbox 360
  401. Spiders...........are you scared or not......
  402. Ps3!!! Xbox360???
  403. Britain has gone to the dogs....
  404. Who looks more like Raffa
  405. Love Letters
  406. Gordon Strachan
  407. Poppy Appeal
  408. Do you meet?
  409. Sheridan Smith
  410. Have I met you IRL? NOS stylee...
  411. Wine
  412. Do you support the postal strike?
  413. David Beckham - MOTM
  414. How to say 2010?
  415. Wet, Dry or not at all
  416. Is Graham P Darren156's slightly richer twin brother?
  417. Nick Griffin on QT....
  418. Daylight Running Lights (Mito)..On or Off???
  419. Woman you'd most want to take for a ride in your Alfa?
  420. Our troops - bring them home?
  421. Is it normal for a woman to have wine for breakfast?
  422. Shooting kangaroos before The Great Race
  423. How do you rate yourself as a driver?
  424. Show of hands for the ex BMW driver.
  425. Are Brawn GP a new team?
  426. Please make your journeys safer this coming winter
  427. Chips n Cheese...
  428. Front fog lights - how do you deal with them?
  429. Have I met you IRL
  430. considerations when buying a car
  431. lamborghini
  432. Pandas
  433. Pandas
  434. Approaching Traffic lights...
  435. mutton chops
  436. allow sister to join up
  437. Goodwood Revival - naff or cool?
  438. BANANARAMA - which one?
  439. Is A Car An Appropiate Place For Zip Fasteners?
  440. Emmanuel Adebayor
  441. Is it beneath you to answer the door at work?
  442. Foxy - Could I/She be a MOD?
  443. Corned Beef and Tomato Sandwiches
  444. Bread
  445. tommy k
  446. Watch or Camera
  447. Do you care about your Alfa's MPG?
  448. Do you like to let everyone know how much money you earn?
  449. 09/09/09
  450. Would you eat your Sandwiches?
  451. Body piercing or tattoo?
  452. Anchovies
  453. Vote yes for Tess
  454. David Bowie
  455. james bond
  456. Have you ever been rescued by Rayq81?
  457. Tyres
  458. Alloy size for a 156?
  459. Best Black...
  460. Bazza's Avatar
  461. Pre-Ordering
  462. do you sleep with
  463. What's more annoying when staying in a hotel...?
  464. '73 2000 GTV -Vs- '73 Giulia Super 1.6
  465. Rusty Ferrari, Crash Damaged Lamborghini Or Seized Maserati?
  466. gtv & spider meet
  467. To be or not to be
  468. Who would you like to see as the next FIA President?
  469. Glove or no Glove
  470. TOCA? Or F1?
  471. DPF Issues Poll vs. Remaps
  472. Brera Burns!
  473. Which 166 do you prefer? Facelift, or pre-facelift?
  474. Which Roadster?
  475. Tyre question for 166 V6 owners
  476. What truly defines an Alfisti?
  477. The Euro
  478. the recession
  479. Wimdmills or Windmills?
  480. Top Cat - fave Feline
  481. Do You Use Your Mobile Phone ILLEGALLY when driving?
  482. Michael McIntyre
  483. what spurred you on to....
  484. Automatic or manual?
  485. On the road, what cracks you up most?
  486. Favourite nut?
  487. Alfa's
  488. Do you cut the labels out of the inside of new clothes?
  489. an evil question
  490. aspiration
  491. engines
  492. Grand Prix (1966)
  493. Honesty Poll
  494. Do you prefer sexy ...
  495. Melton Mowbray Pies
  496. Has your 159/Brera/Spider ever left you stuck (now with the poll)?
  497. Of what meals do you partake on an average day?
  498. What "make" of fuel do you use ?
  499. Top Gear or Fifth Gear?
  500. Should Alfa make a people carrier?