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So as not to highjack Chris's Thread, a re-buff..........

Originally Posted by chrisd_b View Post

So whilst it appears you don’t have a clue about employment law – you can use a spell check…
I have a little more than a "clue" about employment law, though I am the first to admit I don’t know everything, which is why I previously bowed to your superior knowledge, and whilst I DO know how to use a Spell-checker I had no need of one on this occasion!

Originally Posted by chrisd_b View Post

Congratulations on coming into a thread that was meant to be a rant about people going over the top with their criticism of the site, mods and the people behind the site – for making technical and practical decisions to improve the site.
I confess that I have not fully read this whole thread to determine its purpose. Neither your title line "WTF is wrong with people slagging off AO?" nor your initial post suggests that this is what the thread was about. I took it to be a general rant about people who slag off AO.

Originally Posted by chrisd_b View Post
I see clearly that you have no interest in saying something sensible on the topic in hand…but rather choose to show up crassly barging into to make an inane comment about employment law, which seems in the way that you have referenced, suggests you know nothing about….
I have mixed feelings on that. Certainly I agree that I have little interest in anything sensible especially about someone having a general rant. I thought that this whole site was meant to be light hearted and a little silly, then again I could be wrong. I think accusing me of "choose(ing) to showing up" (by which I assume that you mean I showed up late, a position I have already explained) "crassly barging into the thread" (I was not insensitive, but merely made a post at my earliest opportunity) "to make an inane comment about employment law" (Yes I confess my comment was totally frivolous,) "which seems in the way that you have referenced, suggests you know nothing about…." is a little harsh, especially as my post was loaded with smilies, an indication that it was not meant to be taken too seriously.

Originally Posted by chrisd_b View Post
It is clear if you read the statement again I was no longer employing that person – that I was actually unfairly dismissing them….I did not say either like it or lump it....more I run the show and as you are questioning the way I am - I am sacking you (There, I hope that is better and helps you understand what I meant).
I read the statement again very carefully. At no point is it clear that the fellow is no longer in your employ. Of the two suggestions for him to leave, when you say "if you don’t like it there is the door, thank you for your time and effort, but I can see no point in you continuing your employment with me’ " and "In other words if you don’t like it **** off." you have given him an option by saying "If you don't like it" then go. Hence unfair dismissal is not clear. It is, as I said before quite possible that the guy left because of your comments. In that case it amounts to bullying really. I do now however understand what you meant but at the time of my original statement I was totally in the dark. I hope that clears up the confusion.

Originally Posted by chrisd_b View Post
Now do you have anything sensible to say about the topic in hand?
About the “Chat Line thread”? Good Lord no. I wish now I had never seen the thing. Some people have no sense of humour!

Originally Posted by chrisd_b View Post

Or do you still want to push the employment angle?

If so I can readily provide you with contact details and web-links that may assist and help you understand the difference between unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal and the necessary information the hypothetical employee would need if he were to choose to take me or the company I work with to court.
Again, no to that. I am quite satisfied with my recognition of the facts as I see them and it seems all in line with the policies laid down by my employer’s, The London Fire Brigade’s, code of conduct with regard to unfair and constructive dismissal etc., which is the one I work with.

Originally Posted by chrisd_b View Post
But many thanks for contributing to the debate on whether it is right, or fair to criticise this site for making changes it feels necessary to help with the smooth running of the site in the manner some chose to adopt….

I thought I had better put this in word first and use spell check so as not to offend anyone with my poor use of grammar.

AH! A little sarcasm just to finish off!


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