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View Poll Results: Your alfa experience
Car has been faultless 17 25.76%
Minor niggles, sorted by dealer quickly/efficiently 33 50.00%
Minor niggles, long time to fix/bad dealer experiece 7 10.61%
Major fault/malfunction fixed by dealer promptly 2 3.03%
Major fault/malfunction not resolved/ongoing 7 10.61%
Voters: 66. You may not vote on this poll

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Alfa Owner reliability poll

Just curious after sbaddision posting about the autocar survey, and with JDPower etc. what everyone on here's experience with their car is.

For me atleast, the car has been good and I only had the airbag light on intermittently and the speedo problem. Both sorted by the dealer, airbags in an afternoon. And the speedo ordered, which arrived and was replaced within a fortnight.
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

Alfa 147 2.0 manual
In 3 1/2 years and 72,000kms(45,000 miles), a broken hatch lock and a sunvisor , a faulty, but working clutch master cylinder replaced and a few typical squeaks and rattles......touch wood
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

Bought my Selespeed new at the end of '99. Until last month it had never broken down or left me stranded. Nothing has fallen off or broken off despite some very hard use.

Last month had to replace the Selespeed system which was expensive but the car has cost me only on average 100 a service. With 6 years of ownership the car still looks and drives practically like new with 70k kms.

All the 'problems' I've had have been the common issued which everyone has ie drop links, variator etc.

So one big thumbs up to Alfa

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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

2 yrs into owning an '03 147GTA.Sweet machine of course and extremely happy with it.Only things to have gone wrong have been some noisy brembo's at the front and a faulty regulator in the alternator.Unfortunately my dealer made it an absolute struggle to get these things fixed.
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

The car has been good bar minor niggles, problem is I know a lot of people wouldn't put up with the type of niggles I have had, they are pretty poor when you think about it, fit and finish issues, problems that have existed with 147 and not resolved on GT, Alfa could do better, my dealer are good, very accomodating so I am happy but if I had to deal with the main Bristol dealer I would never buy another Alfa.
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

Apart from my struggle over the brake upgrade, I have only had relatively minor stuff that's been sorted quickly by the dealer!
The bigger stuff listed below was done just as quick, although with the larger stuff, there does appear to be a lot of red tape to go through!

As a result of 'my' experience to date, I've sent a letter into the AutoExpress mag stating the fact. Hopefully it'll go in some small way to balance the bad press Alfa always gets regards servicing etc.

Works done to my car under warranty are, starter motor, brake servo.

147 GTA
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

Need "other" option...
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

Just wear and tear stuff.
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

Originally Posted by Pasi
Need "other" option...
Sorry Pasi, missed other off and can't see if I can add it now.
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

Three years with a 147, only faults were identified and fixed during service - bushes and rear arms. 6 months in to GT ownership - the odd rattle but thats it - could just be luck ?
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Mooney Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

- Upgraded Brakes! fixed.
- Condensation in headlights! comes and goes like the wind.
- Condensation in the nearside indicator! see above.
- Faulty electrical connection post fusebox, caused xenons to fail! Fixed after a 200 bill off of an auto sparky.
- No ****'N' 4th gear! Dont even go there at the moment.

But that roar! & my ever growin' GTA grin....

And buy another bella 2mrrw..........
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

I've not voted yet, as I'm not clear if you're talking about only cars bought from new, and of a certain age (i.e., still under warantee?).
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

own a 164, and have owned a 146, both (touch wood) have been bullet proof!
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

A sad experience for me... Never really completely ok and several times had to go to the shop for different reasons...

One thing was constant, though, the high price!!
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

20 months into 147 Ti ownership and... so far so good! Touch wood.

Alfa / Blaupunkt single disc CD player failed after 14 months. Kept switching it's self on and flattening the battery! The stereo was two months out of warranty (one year only on Alfa audio kit) so I had to buy a new one for the thick end of £200. Complained to Alfa and they posted me £100 worth of Alfa vouchers as a good will gesture.

Other than that, the car has been faultless. Touch wood again. It's only done six and a half thousand miles though so I'd be bogged off if things started going wrong already.

The only other fault was the car was supplied brand new with a slightly scuffed front nearside alloy wheel rim. I never complained though. I must be stupid cos it bugs me now.

Love the car though...
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

Up until last tuesday afternoon I would have said minor niggles and all sorted out.
Alas Alfa ownership can be a cruel mistress. Limped the car into the garage yesterday and its sitting there waiting for its new clutch now. Was supposed to be done today but the parts won't get there until next monday. Looks like I won't be able to get it until monday evening/tuesday morning.
I kinda miss the car.
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

Yes, I agree that the "Other..." option is missing.

Overall my experience with the 155 is quite gratifying. Bought her when she had 65,000 miles on the odometer (8 years). Since then I had two medium failures that would have taken a (very) hard long look to diagnose beforehand, the steering pump and the clutch master cylinder. Both failed pretty much without giving any warning at all. Turned out expensive due to towing, and because in both cases I was far away from home on vacation, so a rental car was on the order, and neither is covered by my insurance.

But then she's 10 years old, the engine is going strong, and the rest is just the usual minor Alfa electric glitches... Since Feb 2005, zero problem. And I love her!

Even though I saw a nice 166 the other day and...
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Crazed Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

Lots and lots of minor niggles combined with varying degrees of dealer ****-ups...

- 2 sets of brake disks. 3rd set being fitted in 2 weeks. All of them have warped.

- Speedo and fuel gauge replaced at 8000 miles.

- New gearbox. Been lousy from new. Being fitted in 2 weeks.

- Electrical gremlins. Been locked out of the car. Had aircon failure. Heater failure. Leccy window failure. Radio/CD intermittent.

- Alloy wheels flaked and rusted after 6 weeks.

- Rear suspension trailing arms replaced.

- Steering wheel buttons failed.

- Turbo inlet pipe replaced (prior to remap! )

- ABS, ESR and VDC failure. Sensor been replaced twice already.

But, I still love her....

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I'm experiencing deja vu and amnesia at the same time... I think I've forgotten this before.
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

4 years in a 156, just needed a new window motor and the drivers mirror wouldn't defrost

8 months in a GT and nothing really worth mentioning
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

Only faults were aircon hose recall - easy fix bt left the carpet soaked after they did it

Speedo replacement last Sept at 8826 miles under recall - instand job but took until today & an article in AutoExpress to get mileage corrected

SRC button control on steering wheel replace - 2 minute job.

Poor radio reception - ongoing. Longer mast fitted & new head unit but part order for aerial cable keeps getting cocked up

Then you drive the car & forgive / forget the above (for a while at least)

Car is almost 2 yrs & 1 months old and has done 12640 miles. Since buying it in Ausgust, it's hardly been used as I've not been driving. Back to work on Monday and back to 500-700 miles a week

Fingers crossed for good reliability


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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

Going to have to wait on this one as it's going to be one of the last two options Having had the lambda sensor connector hard wired recently, I need to wait a while to see if any other errors pop up

22 month's ownership, can't remember everything, so off the cuff:
  • steering wheel replaced (buttons were worn)
  • BOSE sub replaced (although later I realised it need not have been replaced
  • knocking noise from back, both bushes replaced (different times)
  • major engine failure, engine replaced (twice as the replacement was faulty too... apparently)
  • ding on wing because of engine fitment, argued toss, goes in for free repair
  • thermostat failure after engine fitment, that gets replaced
  • rattling noise on steering lock, they left something touching steering rack
  • rattle noise on shutdown, they left loose wires which they tied up
  • lambda sensor error, hardwire at sensor end
  • knocking noise persists, back exhaust box replaced
  • lambda sensor error again, so hardwire at connector end (bigger job)

Estimate two months of being car-less. It really went paired shaped when then engine went. I predicted it might, considering what needed reconnecting and putting back together (which they did twice due to faulty replacement engine). Before that, it wasn't so bad

Currently, like I said - waiting to see if any other errors turn up, but also the car is pulling to the left which is more noticeable on motorways. Had it tracked twice by different places... so am watching a related thread in the tech lounge on other possible causes. Oh and that knocking noise is intermittent now

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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

30,000 miles in 12 months in a 146Ti (it had over 90,000 on it when I got it).

The only problems have been a clutch slave cylinder failure, a heater cable broke, one part of the handbrake bust, and it's needed an exhaust and brake pads. Nothing that made it stop, or prevented me from using it (though the dodgy clutch was!).Apart from that the usual tyres, oil, filters etc. It's going in for a cam belt change and new handbrake cable at the end of the month. I should get the plugs done as well, so it'll be a pricey one!

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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

I forgot I did this poll.

Majority had minor niggles, but then I think every new car will have some silly little thing. Hopefully the poll shows that the dealers are getting better, though any bad experience is not good
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

No problems yet with my spider... but I've only had her for 2 weeks
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Re: Alfa Owner reliability poll

My Alfa's have never let me down yet.

Well the battery in my Alfasud Ti was flat yesterday when I went to start it - but that was because I had left the radio switched on overnight.

My old Alfasud Ti also stopped once in the middle of nowhere and after spending 3 hours trying to find the fault it was discovered that the car was out of petrol.
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