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Devastated. Sympathy and Advice Please

I'm distraught beyond belief. Yesterday morning I wrote off my pride and joy, a 2007 GT JTDm Lusso

I was on my way to Birmingham airport to fly off to Portugal on holiday. It was just gone 5:00am and the weather was poor with rain coming down. I was doing 70mph in the middle lane of the M42 (just overtaken a truck, not hogging, honest!) and had just passed J3 going North and noticed a car had hit the central barrier on the other carriageway and was still lodged in it. As I got level with it I hit a large piece of debris and that's when the horror started

There's no lighting on that stretch of the M42. As quick as I saw the debris (looked like a large piece of trim or half a bumper) it was under my car. I felt it hit and my back end immediately kicked out to the right and I went into a spin. I was heading towards the hard shoulder and managed to stop the spin but over-corrected and she kicked out to the left. I was now heading back across towards the central barrier with full opposite lock on, the car effectively going sideways down the motorway but drifting towards the barrier. My brain was screaming for the rear tyres to bite but they didn't and we hit the barrier, spinning us clockwise. The only saving grace is that when I got her out of the spin we were facing in the correct direction and I managed to roll her to the hard shoulder. My wife and I walked away but the holiday is cancelled

My Bella is a mess. Everything forwards of the front tyres is pushed back. The drivers door won't open because the offside wing is in the way. The sub-frame is cracked and the chassis is twisted. One look and you know her life is over

So a couple of questions
  • She was a 57 plate, 71k with FSH (dealer before me, NJS since I had her), MOT til Sept 15. Any ideas on what I should expect from the insurance?
  • I'd get another GT in a heartbeat, but it won't be the same (I feel like I'd be cheating on her, like after my wife died I married her sister). Am I being stupid and the feeling will pass?
  • I'm considering a 2.4 D Brera due to the point above. Apart form the usual things is there anything specific I should look out for?

Thanks for the sympathy and advice. Please raise a glass to Bella next time you have one in your hand, I'm going to miss her
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So sorry to read of your loss. She looked after you and your wife though, thats the main thing.

I'm sure she would want you to be happy and pick any car your heart desires.

Happy hunting and I'll raise a glass tonight for you.
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That sounds like some prang. Best thing is you both walked away from it
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A shocking story.

Take heart you are both okay, cars really are only metal and glass no matter how attached to them you are.

Don't rush into agreeing anything with the insurance company. They will of course try to bargain you down but you needn't come out of it hard done by. One of my mates had his 166 written off last year, he was expecting the usually insulting offer but was totally surprised when they settled for good solid figure. It can happen.

I wish you luck in your search.
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Yikes! Sounds like you really need the holiday, now......

As for the insurance - start trawling all sources such as Autotrader and Ebay classifieds and build a database of comparable cars to establish a realistic price - then fight hard to achieve it!
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Yes, sorry to hear that.

As for valuations, get on autotrader and find at least 2 or 3 examples like yours. Find them as close as possible to spec, age and mileage. You can use these as evidence if the insurance company come in with a low offer (or rather when )

I had exactly the same (feelings aswell) when I slithered off the road in my previous GTA. They sent me an offer, I thanked them, and enclosed 2 ads (there weren't many for sale!) and they sent a cheque for £1500 more...
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Thanks guys. Appreciate the advice on the insurance. I've started looking and found her twin sister; same age, spec, even colour but 10k miles less for £6,500. There's a few GTs out there to compare to. Did a check on and they valued at £3,780 so at least that should be my worst case

Considering buying a cheap runaround to keep me going so I can take my time choosing a replacement
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£3870?? = Pirates!

Ralf S.
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Sorry to hear about this and glad you are ok.

Just a thought...

As you hit a bit of debris from another car that had crashed, can you not claim off the other drivers insurance, as in effect it was them that caused you to crash?
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Bad news regarding your GT but good to hear you’re safe.
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Ralf - Agree 100%. That's a pi** take offer

Symon - That's the approach we're planning to take. My accident wouldn't have happened if theirs hadn't and was a direct consequence. I saw the debris but it was under my car so quick it didn't even have time to register what it was

Big Foot - thanks. We got checked out at the hospital last night, about 36 hours after the accident. I have a little neck pain with a little limitation on movement and a touch of lower right back pain. The wife has the same back pain plus some in her right hip where the seat belt clip dug in. She also has a cracking bruise on her thigh where my travel mug came out of the cup holder and hit her! Doc is happy they are all minor and we have some exercises to do
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Sorry to hear about the accident but as others have posted good to hear you both came out of it relatively ok.

Good luck in getting a decent settlement and finding your next ride
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Sorry to hear you lost your Bella, I know what itís like as I had my 156 written off in September last year and was absolutely gutted. It was my first Alfa and I still miss that car. Iíve since replaced it with a black GT JTS which Iím really pleased with. As everyone has pointed out, the main thing is that you are both OK and walked away.

Good luck finding your new one!
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Sorry to hear about the car (and the holiday), but relieved to know that you are all safe.

I am almost ashamed to mention it, but the ambulance chasers will be along soon and it would seem that you have a legitimate claim for shock and personal injury, and distress at the cancellation of the holiday, which should help to top up the car fund. If you take this route I would advise you to be sensible about it or the claim will be thrown out.
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159 2.0 JTDM Ti

tried to reply but had some DB errors

As has been said above, the main thing is that you both are ok. She has served you well, dont feel like your cheating on her. Fight hard with the insurance company so they dont give you a pathetic offer.

The Brera seems like a logical next option, good luck
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when insuring my 55 plate gt, I asked the insurance company how much to expect and that it would be 'book price' - in this case £4k.

Would you not have rights to claim against the persons insurance whos bumper killed your bella? After all if they hadnt crashed neither would you have!
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Originally Posted by Spuggy View Post
Symon - That's the approach we're planning to take. My accident wouldn't have happened if theirs hadn't and was a direct consequence.
That's certainly worth trying. It's obvious the other vehicle caused your crash.

But, as far as I know most motorway claims are settled with claims on each and every car involved. The cops are too busy to apportion blame and insurers love sharing out the claims like this because each policyholder loses their NCB; thus the insurers make more money.

I suppose your first port of call would be to get the police report so you have the details of the other vehicle then make sure your report to your insurers clearly lays the blame with him.
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What does the wife's sister look like ?

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Thank God you and your wife are OK. That sounds to have been an horrific experience.

Get a GT Cloverleaf - they are gorgeous and your old mistress would approve.
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Glad to hear you're both OK
Good luck in getting a reasonable settlement and finding a good successor!
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Very sorry to hear your GT is dead. You and your wife are unhartmed wich is most important though!
I hope your insurance pays a worthy price.
If i were in your shoes i'd probably get a brera or even better a GT V6 but that depends on your monthly milage i suppose. If you stick to a diesel a Brera 2.4 could be a nice replacement.
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Alfa GT Jtdm

what a bugger! especially at that time of the day and on your way to the airport.

hopefully thats your quota of major incidents for a while.
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Thanks for all the support guys, much appreciated.

I've been out today looking around and test driving, including some non-Alfas for comparison. Firstly, I went to visit Bella's twin sister. Same plate, colour, spec and similar mileage. Weird to look around her but I suppose I had to get closure. Less than 10 seconds behind the wheel and I knew; she wasn't mine. I know now I can't replace her with another GT. I can also say about the others I drove

BMW 120d M Sport - I feel like I should've been more impressed. Quick enough and responsive, but sterile and no soul
Merc CLC 220 - Not quote an Alfa, but a decent drive. Much better than the BMW but still missing something. This would be your wife, an Alfa would be your mistress

Last drive was an 08 Brera 2.4 JTDM SV 210bhp Limited Edition. If anyone asks why Alfa, they should drive this. Within seconds I got that feeling I got the first time I drove my GT and I knew I'm still Alfisti and always will be. She's overpriced at £9.5k, but in blue with black alloys and red calipers she looks stunning (if a little boy racer) and has less than 45k miles.

So now I know, it has to be an Alfa or it's a compromise. Just need to wait until I get a settlement figure so I know my budget. Now if I could get that Brera for £9k......
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