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Should we support Alfa breaking or send them to Hades?

I'm in two minds on this subject.....I hate the thoughts of Alfas being broken, but also on the other hand, the ensuing parts help to keep others on the roads.
One bigger advantage on breaking is also the fact that there is one car less obtainable from the open mkt. and therefore making them more scarce value wise.
I also like buying up the odd lame duck to rebuild/store. as I don't like seeing good cars broken.
Maybe you go and buy a complete car before it gets broken so you can secretly break it yourself instead of paying inflated broken prices?
Whats your verdict on Alfa breaking?
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I'd never break a car... but other people would, unfortunately.

On the other hand when parts are no longer available (or they cost three of four times the valus of the car) it gets more difficult to not go for second-hand parts... and that puts the prices up (and hence the value of scrapping a car that could otherwise be saved)... so I suppose I am encouraging them.

I guess these things tend to be self-regulating since the more that get broken, the rarer the remaining ones get and so less likely to be broken in turn..

However, I fear for the unloved and forgotten, already rare models like the 6, 90 and 116 Giulietta. I hopes the people who have any of those appreciate how few there are left..

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I does depend.

If they are breaking purely for profit reasons (I doubt most on here would) but if the car is only worth 600 as a complete car (someone could get a great deal of joy from it)

But they then sell the doors for 500 (dont actually know the proper price for 2nd hand doors) and the seats for another 200, then they still have the majority of the car left to sell and have already made a profit over selling it as a complete car.

The only question comes from an enthusiast point is that, is it better for 1 great car to die so that 10 may live longer or that the 1 great car could have provided enjoyment for someone else who was prepared to spend time and effort on it.

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It depends on the economics and whether have the room.

I have sold a couple of cars knowing that they would be broken, both were Alfa's of low value and with serious engine problems.

I haven't broken one myself though.

My dad has broken a couple of Ford Cortinas many years back to use the parts on kit cars.
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I am breaking my current Alfa 156, and i mean everything i am down to the 2 windshields and frame. I have sold many parts on ebay and still have about 100 left.

First of all i have given the couriers alot of jobs which in return provides alot more jobs
Secondly i think it allows other Alfa owners to keep running their cars. I sell all my parts really cheap, only making between $15-50 profit.
I had 2 women one had her a coil pack issue and her car was off the road for months, by selling the coil pack fo only $60 she was able to bring her Alfa back to life, another lady couldnt afford a starter motor, i sold it for $80 and she had her car back on the road in a week. And many other similar situations.
I think i have done good and also made a bit of cash from it. And at least 7 Alfa 156's are on the road again. I will never do it again because it has taken up my garage for 10months now
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I ran a breaker's yard (around 700 cars, including about 80 Alfas) for 13 years, then downsized to a small unit, just dealing with Alfas but only holding 15 or so cars, and have now semi-retired, with only 10 or so cars around and a small unit, mostly holding my "project" cars....

So I've broken more than 100 Alfas, and realistically the saying "there's nothing too good to break, just ones that are too expensive" has to rule. When you see the prices that early 156 and 147 cars are selling for on eg Ebay, there are many that are never going to be realistically viable to repair or even service properly. Not saying I approve of the situation - just viewing it dispassionately.

The converse of course is that the demand for spares and what people are prepared to pay for them is relatively low - its ages since I sold any panels because they have to be in the correct colour for it to be worth anyone fitting them, and whereas a few years ago a TS engine was worth maybe 450, you'd be lucky to get 250 now, and even then people expect a recent belt change.......Of course in the world of the internet, its easy to be an amateur breaker, which means Ebay is flooded with parts for buttons.

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