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Alfa 145 - track project

Newbie here!! New to Alfa's as well!!

Myself and a friend have been talking about building a cheap track car for a while, after many considerations we had pretty much decided to leave it until next year.

Just the other day I was reading a thread about an Alfa 145 & 146, and I thought 'I remember those!!'. Mentioned it to a mate of mine that the 145 Cloverleaf might be a good option for not too much cash, he found one for sale just down the road from him, went to take a look and a deal was struck!!

I only have a crappy iphone pic at the moment:
Alfa 145 Cloverleaf by Hallsy01, on Flickr

I've not even seen the car yet!! Said friend has been using the car for work this week and says it runs well, so that's a good start!! It will be coming back to a mutual location next weekend so we can see what needs doing and make a plan to get it ready for it's first track outing early next year!

We have a basic plan but would appreciate any recommendations as obviously you guys know these cars better than we do!!

First up we will be doing the following:

Stripped interior (this one has quite a nice leather interior with red stitching - almost a shame!!)
Attend to any welding it needs
Replace any worn/tired components
Bucket seats & harnesses
Steering wheel

No doubt even at that point it will be great fun on track, but as an initial stage we will aim to make a few upgrades:
Sticky tyres, maybe some track specific wheels
Brake upgrades - what's the most cost effective option here?
Suspension upgrades - again, if a good damper & spring setup can be bought for a lot less than coilovers I would be happy with this
Strut Braces/ARB's

That will probably do initially. Maybe in time we will look at fitting a roll cage, and perhaps making some engine upgrades - but it all depends how we feel about the car after a few track days.

Will also make some lightweight door cards, maybe some lightweight carpet for the footwells, just to keep the interior stripped but neat.

Also plan to give the paint a bit of a machine polish (is it single stage or lacquered?) to bring the red up a bit. I think it would look great with some anthracite wheels and bumpers as well - but this will just be some finishing touches!! I really like the standard wheels, but guessing they are not the lightest?

Anyway - watch this space!! We'll be starting work in a few weeks, and will no doubt have lots of questions!! Any advice, or recommendations would be a great help
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Uhm. I would do the stripping out last.
The weight saving will not give you much in a car that is not upgraded, so leave it.

For brakes, just get braided hoses, new fluid and Ferodo DS2500 pads, they are adequate, just brake later.
Sticky tyres; Toyo R888, R1R, Kumho KU36, Advan A084, anything really. Check out

Of the suspension; harder ARBs are probably the cheapest / biggest handling upgrade you can get.
If Eibach makes anti roll bars for the 145, get them!

But other than that, welcome, great car, and keep us posted!
And have fun!

2003 156 GTA Selespeed - Alfa Rosso + black multispokes, Eibach anti rollbars, Quaife ATB diff, 330mm brakes, Bilstein B12, De-cat wrapped manifolds + EQ downpipes + Ragazzon silencer, CDA intake, (carefully) removed interior & Sparco bucket seats + 6 point harness
2002/6 156 JTS Selespeed - Full Ti interior, late model camshafts, Supersprint manifolds, Ragazzon silencer
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Thanks for the info cannotstop - we have already started stripping the interior, I hear what you are saying, but it doesn't cost anything to do, and some of the interior stuff is pretty heavy (such as the leather interior, and all of that sound deadening).

So, it's been a while, but we managed to find a few hours to get some more jobs done on the Alfa.

She was looking a bit sorry, covered in dust and bird crap, also sporting a flat tyre and battery!!

The exterior can come later though, we wanted to carry on getting the rest of the interior stripped, so it was out with the carpet, and in with our new Corbeau Sprint drivers seat.

I bought some OMP steel side mounts, they are heavier than I expected, but a lot cheaper than alloy ones. I have modified seat rails to suit buckets before, so was glad to find that the OMP mounts almost fell in place!!

The outer drivers side runner lined up perfectly with the factory mounting points - 145 QV by Hallsy01, on Flickr

The other side wasn't far out, but the rear mounting point is actually at 90 degrees to the rails, but I found that when I drilled the rail from the top, the recessed section (shown below on LH side of rail, pass side, but same on drivers) is actually quite thick, probably 3-4mm, this meant we could use the factory front hole, and drill for the rear one: 145 QV by Hallsy01, on Flickr

Here is the factory rear mount - 145 QV by Hallsy01, on Flickr

Even though I am happy that the material in the rail is thick enough where we have drilled, I will make a right angle bracket to pick up the factory mount on this side, and weld or bolt it to the OMP mount - just to be happy that I have used the four OE mounting points.

So both mounted up quite easilly really - 145 QV by Hallsy01, on Flickr

So then we mounted the seat up, and played around with the base angle, until we were happy. Luckilly we are both pretty much the same height and build (short arses at 5'8"-5'9"!). Before sitting in it, I was convinced that the seat would be too high on the factory rails, but in actual fact, it was about right for us, as was the pedal reach. If the seat was much lower we would struggle to see over the bonnet - the mounting height is deceptive once seated!

So, the new seat is in - and a snug fit it is too!! We might have to hit the track in just our pants, lol!! 145 QV by Hallsy01, on Flickr

Now we need to look out for another Corbeau Sprint, and fit some harnesses and eyelets.

Other than that, we had a slight case of a 'perforated' floor on the passenger side - a common site for many Alfa owners I'm sure!! Ours didn't look to bad, although I need to have a thorough check of the other footwells also. After a bit of prodding we had a bit of a hole...... by Hallsy01, on Flickr

and it's now cut out ready for a new piece of Zintec to be welded in.. by Hallsy01, on Flickr

While I was faffing about with the rust, Pearcey was chipping away at the tar soundproofing - bless him, he loved it.......he really did!! by Hallsy01, on Flickr

Where the floor pan had rusted, I hadn't accounted for it being rotten into the folded section that is spot welded to the sill, so I bent my repair panel as best I could with what I had (the car is not at my home), but it needs a tighter fold that I could manage with a borrowed work mate and a hammer!! So we retired for the day, and have set aside a full weekend to get some more done at the end of the month.

Hopefully we will have some more bits to bolt on by then as well, currently have some Eibach springs (Thanks Nathan ) but really need some uprated shocks to go with them. Then we will be fitting some new OE discs, with uprated pads - need to decide between Tarox .116 & .112 or Ferrodo DS3000 & DS2500 - I think the latter are a bit cheaper and have had good recommendations (I have run DS2500's on a previous car with good results) so will probably end up going with those. Fluid will get replaced while we're at it.

Once we have finished removing the rest of the tar inside the car, we will look to tidy it up a bit as it looks a total mess at the mo. Tidy the wiring, remove anything redundant, make some lightweight doorcards and mounts for switches that have lost their original trims - I know it's a track car, but we want it to look neat.

Still plenty more to do as yet!
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Is there a way to get IMG tags working on this forum?
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I'd definitely do the weight reduction first, the cars weigh about 1200kg so every 12kg you can get out will improve the power to weight ratio by 1% (about 0.1 seconds off your 0-60 time), plus you'll be able to brake and corner harder. And its mostly free.
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