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I clear coated that steering wheel surround later yesterday and gave the 147 a service. It didn't come with any history at all, so I have no idea if it ever was serviced or when that was, so it was in need of it. Feels beautiful and smooth now it's been done too. All eight plugs, air filter, oil filter and oil done. Next job, belts.

Originally Posted by maxiboy wales View Post
how are you doing these... would love a few exterior items done... what sort of cost is involved please
It is done by a process know as Hydrographics. It is a fairly easy process to do - but a much, much harder process to get right. It is often referred to as hydro-dipping or dipping a part.

Essentially what happens is you pick a hydrographics film that has a pattern on which you wish to apply to an object. In my case the film was a carbon fibre pattern. The film is black and clear - as you can see on my hand below - so the base colour changes what colour carbon fibre you have. The sky is the limit for that, it all depends what colour coat paint you pick. I've used a graphite grey (Ford colour actually) to give a realistic look.

Then what happens you float the film on top of a tank of water (you need to lick your fingers and pinch a corner of the film, the sticky side goes face down in the water, as this is the side you need to hydrate). This hydrates the film. The water temp has to be very precise though, around 33 degrees depending upon the film.

After you let the film soak on the water for about a minute you spray it with an activator spray which activates the pva glue in the film - if you over activate a film it will ruin it, if you under activate a film it won't work - so takes some practice.

Then after about 30 seconds of having activated the film the water surface will look like glass with the film floating on top of it, so you very slowly push your chosen object down through the surface of the water and the pattern film sticks to your object.

You swirl the piece around in the water and remove any excess film then go and rinse the part under warm water to remove all the glue - you can feel it all slimy on the part and it goes smooth and dry as it washes away.

Then once dry you can clear coat it.

Take a look at youtube - there is loads of vids on it and if you are wanting some bits done I have a mate of mine that does it pro if you want I can refer you to him.

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