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Originally Posted by chrisd_b
The police just watched not wanting to create a situation, well sorry guys, you gutless t005ers, that is your job. They were chanting and displaying offensive slogans to US the british people, they should have been round up and locked up.

For any other person that has come to this country, or brought up in this country but have a different culture or ethnic origin it is simple we see this as our country and are proud to be part of the country, and feel honoured by the generosity this country has shown us.

But for Muslims, its different, they honestly dont feel that way, and many of senior clerics for the muslim faith have stated this, saying their faith comes first, and they can not concede this point.

They want us to change our way of thinking to believe their faith is right, and their laws according to the Koran should be our laws.

They wont stop until this point is achieved.

It would need a strong polition to recognise this and lay the law down, which is this, If you come to this country you can bring your faith but not the laws that govern your faith and actions, and if you break our laws, you are out of this country without question.
I agree with the sentiment that people of other faiths, cultures and nationalities must respect our laws and way of life. But I think it's worth noting 2 things. The police are acting on behalf of the government and they are briefed as to when to intervene at demonstrations such as the ones we have seen recently. For an example of this control, Abu Hamsa (sp?) was watched closely for years by the police but the CPS (leaned on by politicians) decided not to act. That's not the fault of the police.
Secondly, I believe that the vast majority of Muslims in this country follow their own faith but in a way that allows them to perform an active and contributory role here and long may that continue. The reality is, we are a multicultural and multifaith society and everyone must be allowed to express themselves. But everyone must know the rules and what is expected and allowed. And yes, I do think we have become too 'PC' in the past and it's going to be hard in the present climate .
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