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Kind of. The car was fitted with OE xenons and has the levelling system. But it's been "modified" to take standard headlights. I had the day off today, spent 8 hours working on it with my dad but I don't feel like I've really achieved anything.

We started by taking the bumper off, again, and looking the original wiring to the OE xenons so that we understood what had been done.

On finding it my dad sighed and said "I'll go and get the wiring diagram"...

I've obviously got some problems with the clutch and this doesn't look good in terms of the gearbox's health;

But on further investigation it may be coming from elsewhere;

I also found another slight leak. - These newfangled alloy radiators don't appear to be worth it. The bottom rail is made of steel by the looks of it. It's corroded and the radiator looks like it has a leak from the bottom nearside corner. Ill be replacing that with a bogo copper one!

*wonders whether the thermal conductivity of copper is better than alloy.

Last time I looked at the clutch slave I did think about swapping it out but I can't remember if I did or not. Thought it would be worthwhile trying one before ripping the engine out to change the clutch and cambelt...

I took the pictures before apply pressure to the eazi bleed and before the lid on the reservoir started leaking brake fluid everywhere. #frantic 5 mins dragging the hose pipe out to wash it all off the underside of the car.

I knew the headlight sloshers didn't work from previous expeditions behind the bumper;


Bottom (broken bit)

Again my dad, rather ingeniously has repaired it *touch wood* using a bit of a core plug, some araldite and a hose clip. I thought I'd taken a pic of it but apparently I haven't.

The windscreen washers and the rear washer don't work very well. They're a bit limp at best. I thought it might be a problem with the pump but testing and replacing it has proven otherwise. We think it could be a problem with the non return valves but I can't see both of them failing.

Looking forward to fitting the projector lens lights tomorrow.
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