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I'm with Gino on this. A car that you can't just get in and drive without resorting to the owners manual is a badly thought out car. I know we have manual boxes with more gears now but, once the lever moved to the floor, they all work the same way and there is usually a handy diagram. Worst case scenario is you forget 6th and cruise in 5th rather than inadvertently reversing the thing through Tesco's cafe.

As work we have a Citroen pool car which is some sort of eco-****** diesel thing. It's an automatic but it's not a proper automatic it's one of those robotised manual things and it is a truly woeful car. It has flappy paddles but the changes are painfully slow. In full auto, they are just as slow meaning that the thing loses momentum with every upshift. It has stop-start on it and you could time the time it takes for it to start and select a gear from standstill with an egg-timer. It also has an e-brake that doesn't automatically release (so what's the ****ing point?).

This also doesn't have the traditional PRNDL type arrangement. It has something like M/A/R/N (possibly not in that order). A colleague of mine (with lots of experience of driving manuals and autos) was once charged with driving it about 500 yards onto a car park. This she did in a series of massive bunny hops because she didn't realise that with in M as opposed to A, you have to shift yourself using the paddles and if you don't you hit the limiter and it cuts the fuel completely.

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