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I hope it improves, as someone who has reason to use the M60 now and again, I feel your pain, I can only imagine how awful it is to have to use it everyday.

If it makes you feel any better, a lot of the SMART motorways were a bit pants when they were first opened up, and have got better over time. I read an article on it and how they work, so I'll try and explain here.

Th SMART system requires data, tons of data, and it feeds it all into an algorithm - by adjusting speed to A at point B then X happens at point Y. Obviously, volume of traffic affects this, time of day, weather, lighting conditions, basically loads of stuff. When the SMART Motorway is first turned "live" it uses a default program (bit like your default ECU settings in a car engine). It then sucks up data over time and constantly adjusts this. Sometimes it gets it right, sometimes it gets it wrong, but slowly it gets better.

I lived near Reading and did a weekly commute to Leeds when they first turned the M25 "SMART", and what you're complaining about now actually happened there; but eventually the system "learned" and it became excellent. Its now possible to drive round the M25 on the Friday Rush hour from the M3 to the M1 past Heathrow in the space of an hour now - albeit at 30mph but it's so much better than before with the crappy concertina effect causing accidents and frustration.

I saw it again on the M1 when they upgraded the Luton section, then the section near Leicester, then the section past Wakefield and into Leeds Leeds Leeds. The M62 between the A1(M) and Halifax was the same. Then the M3 from Camberley to London.

What it also requires is drivers actually doing what the signs are telling them. A required speed of 50mph means just that - if everyone actually drove at 50mph then the algorithm works. However, and there was a massive piece in the YEP about idiots getting caught out on the M62/M1 area, loads of drivers were spanking it between the camera gantries then slamming on before the cameras. Once a few tickets were sent out and drivers began to modify their behaviour, the situation improved.

So, a lot of ~words~ but all I can say is I hope it works out eventually, but have a bit of faith, it's tried and tested technology which has helped out on roads far worse than the M60, and remember to use your Cruise Control!

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