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Originally Posted by JTD_Liam View Post
It won't make me feel special at all - I have a Giulietta so will be going knowhere near a Maser dealership, thanks!

Was merely saying it'd be a good way to plug gaps in the dealer network in the UK without attaching Alfa to the same building selling Fiats, which is what happens here in many instances - going completely against Alfa's aspirations to move upmarket. In the case of QF owners - at 60k plus, these cars cost more than some Maserati models so I can't see the owner being too bothered by Maser service prices IF the quality is better than it often is within the existing Alfa network.

There's no harm in it being an option, but i'll bow to your superior knowledge of the UK Alfa dealer network, seen as I only live here!
Jeez, all I was trying to say is that pairing Alfa up with Maser, as happens on occasion here in Oz, results in higher service charges. I bought mine at Fiat-Alfa dealer and have it serviced there with a 4C trained tech with whom I have talked to directly. I have compared service costs with other 4C owners who bought from the Alfa-Maserati dealership and I’m way in front. I have also felt very well treated by the staff, so no complaints from me. Even though I paid cash for my 4C, a saving of $500 is not to be sneezed at for what was essentially the same service. That’s my experience. I simply don’t see how the pairing up with Maserati can result in more sales for Alfa. Maser buyers aren’t going to look twice at the interior of an Alfa and then there’s the full Ferrari engined pedigree. I think Alfa and Maser buyers are two different types. Don’t claim to know your market at all, just going on my own experience of the way things are down here. What’s going to sell cars is a quality product, price, quality after sales service and dealer supported trade-in values. If you know your new Alfas’ value will plummet over the first few years, but the new Audi/BMW/Merc dealer will support you when you go to upgrade, which will you buy? I have the Alfa virus so have little free choice in the matter. The dealers in our part of the world have been notoriously unsupportive of trade-in values. This is one reason I don’t change my Alfas that often as I don’t want to regularly incur those substantial financial losses. I didn’t mean what I said to be a personal attack nor claim superior knowledge of your market.

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