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In general, I would say that just about the worst way of deciding anything of National importance is to allow a public referendum.

I don't think people understand the concept of Democracy.

Democracy doesn't mean everyone has to get their own way. The whole point of a democracy is that you vote for REPRESENTATIVES who then REPRESENT the views of their constituencies in government. We vote for these representatives because (a) we look to get sensible people who can make a call on our behalf based on a collective understanding of the bias, nimbyism and prejudice that needs averaging out, and (b) they are supposedly dedicated to the task and can therefore spend the time and effort to study the subject and make the right decisions after discussion and debate.

By dropping back to plebiscites like this (and the Scotland debate) we are allowing our representatives off the hook. We let them say "ooh - it's complicated, there's too many different opinions and it's too hard to keep you all happy". If I wanted to spend my days/nights reading up on the pros/cons of EU exit I'd have become a politician. I didn't do that because I thought I didn't need to as I would vote in someone who could do that bit and represent the consolidated views of the people of my area. I would then live with the consequences of that because I am normal, and accept that is what happens in a democracy.

But oh no.... We can't possibly have to live with consequences any more. We all need to be heard. We stand posturing with our hands on our hips saying "I didn't vote for this. I thought we lived in a DEMOCRACY!!"

So that means that the entire spectrum of the Great British Public, from high falutin' country squire to lowly wandering village idiots and all flavours in between now get to tick a box and have a 'phone in' vote on something that the vast, vast majority won't understand or bother to research.

Why not just disband parliament and setup a phone line and an SMS centre and put every single decision required every day to run the country to a 50 million vote-off and see what sort of God-awful dogs breakfast we can make of the place.

Maybe at work I will try this. I will say that it's much fairer if the whole department makes every decision. I, as manager, have deemed myself incompetent (probably rightly so) and from now on every invoice for approval, every request for holiday, every enquiry about who can have a parking space and every decision on what project or activity we should do next will no longer be my job as manager to decide - but will in fact now be decided by all staff texting in A for Yes or B for No and then I can sit and look out of the window and when the place goes to pot I can look back across the department and say "Well it was you lot, not me".....

Brainless nonsense. God help us for what sort of precedent this sets. I used to laugh about The Peoples Republic of Surrey, but I genuinely wouldn't rule out even more nonsense of this sort after Scotland and now Brexit.

Can't someone just do their job and lead.

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