: Way Off Topic

  1. Can I use normal superglue on a cut?
  2. PG's got competition
  3. Is my employer allowed to do this?
  4. Gotta love the Aussies!
  5. Odd News from Japan: Vol.61
  6. just saw 11000 posts
  7. Woman Caught Speeding .....................
  8. Congestion Charge Hike to Increase CO2
  9. letter from a farm kid
  10. Think You Can Fly A Helicopter?
  11. Are you 2% or 98%?
  12. Cosmic Rays and Climate Change
  13. Men!
  14. Matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs...
  15. The phone call I hoped I'd never get
  16. Firefox History.
  17. Wooohooo LOUDER cars
  18. Much has changed........
  19. Born to be a politician :confused:
  20. Missing, but remembered.
  21. Traffic Cops Hunting
  22. I got a raise!
  23. Al Fayed on News At Ten
  24. Delving into your partners wash/cosmetic bag!
  25. Quake 3 on iPhone and iPod Touch
  26. Odd News from Germany: Vol.5
  27. Odd News from the USA: Vol.50
  28. Pete Doherty Jailed
  29. tattoos
  30. Boris Johnson
  31. Laughed at by a bird with pink hair in a micra
  32. Liverpool v Chelsea (again!!)
  33. Hotel Babylon?
  34. Have you got 8 Minutes spare ?...prepare to be amazed ..
  35. Marmite Butter
  36. Rain forest rumpo
  37. Time to relax, whilst being shorn?
  38. DIYer's Motor Repair Bible?
  39. Bump
  40. Wrong news from Australia: Vol1
  41. Odd News from the USA: Vol.49
  42. Odd News from the USA: Vol.48
  43. Odd News from the USA: Vol.47
  44. Odd News from the USA: Vol.46
  45. I appreciate the fact
  46. Where can I take Mrs MPH tomorrow?
  47. Man goes to the Chemists
  48. Some Barsteward as nicked my Purple 155
  49. meatloaf
  50. Don't mess with me......
  51. Food for thought...
  52. R.I.P. Judah Ben-Hur
  53. Happy Birthday rayq81
  54. Wagners Ring ............check this out ......
  55. Cadet Forces in Schools, a good idea?
  56. Cilento Italy
  57. joke
  58. Happy Birthday Cul !!
  59. Free Tibet.
  60. 'Good News' TV
  61. Paying for donuts
  62. Virgin Cable Broadband
  63. How do deaf people think
  64. AO average age rising
  65. The problem with Ken Livingston is...
  66. 33,000 spending spree in Anne Summers? ....
  67. fight nite
  68. If I hear another ...
  69. Grand National
  70. Man Survive's Shark Attack.....
  71. Happy Birthday Mark147
  72. Stop Mariah Carey!!!!
  73. I miss you...
  74. Blonde car accident
  75. Embarrassing Medical Claims
  76. Who said Scots romance is dead?
  77. Pride and Joy
  78. "Flintstone" car as "art"
  79. Best looking woman in the world. IMO
  80. Amazing Free-Diver
  81. Revenge of the Check In Girl
  82. Blummin' Charming....
  83. Whats so amazing about this:
  84. Stroking the Sele'
  85. New British Coins
  86. Alexa for Alfa??
  87. MFI are as good as always
  88. Odd News from the UK: Vol.18
  89. Thursday disaster
  90. Bigfoot Do Some Work!!!!
  91. Who said this "Youth is wasted on the Young"
  92. Har Har me Hearties..........Shiver Me Timbers !
  93. Sat nav blunder
  94. And just to top off all my luck..
  95. Guess the Fiat
  96. I got.....
  97. Pictures at just the right time
  98. Spare a thought
  99. Fitness/Training advice needed.
  100. The Book Thief...
  101. New York, New York
  102. Beastie Boys - Three MC's and One DJ
  103. Why is AO so good? Just in case you forgot .....
  104. Alternative Book titles
  105. Alfa Waves works with the ladies :)
  106. Odd News from Germany: Vol.4
  107. Jenna Jameson's Lambo on eBay
  108. Odd News from Japan: Vol.60
  109. Happy Birthday Selespeed
  110. Hand,Foot and mouth Virus
  111. Tonight Mathew I shall be mostly...
  112. Geeky Virtualisation Thread
  113. The Living Camera
  114. Are you a nervous flyer?
  115. Etape Caledonia
  116. A Good Catholic Girl....
  117. C'etait un Rendezvous - DVD Offer
  118. Alfa in Goodfella's ad
  119. just calling by again!
  120. I've just had a Bovril
  121. Alloy wheel cleaning
  122. Mis-heard lyrics
  123. Carbon Footprint by Region
  124. Strange things going on with the forum...
  125. Odd News from the USA: Vol.45
  126. Odd News from the USA: Vol.44
  127. Cadbury Petrol Heads
  128. Bones found
  129. wow.......
  130. What's your best April fool's wind-up?
  131. A relation of Bigfoots
  132. Very Very Clever stuff
  133. Internet connection speed explanation needed
  134. Anybody like fish
  135. Horse's with speed camera's
  136. :o)
  137. Custom Time on emails
  138. The Natural World - we know so little
  139. Top Gear USA
  140. Bhangra Bangers
  141. Chemists
  142. Ice Hockey Playoff Finals
  143. What's your other car?
  144. had to be really didnt it!
  145. Web Sites that can surreptisciouly invade!
  146. Free Music
  147. Husband Store!
  148. Outbid'd on ebay again!
  149. Odd News from Japan: Vol.59
  150. Odd News from the USA: Vol.43
  151. Light aircraft crash in Kent...
  152. The Depreciation Factor
  153. PC or Mac laptop
  154. Winter tyres in Dortmund
  155. Beowulf...
  156. Old Joke
  157. The Streets - Don't Mug Yourself
  158. Suitable revenge...?
  159. One for the Model Car Collectors amongst you
  160. Photoshop online
  161. calling network admins - if your not a techy don't click. Very dull
  162. normal day
  163. Happy Birthday badgers_nadgers!
  164. Happy Birthday alfasud.ti!
  165. Happy birthday scaligeri!
  166. End of free downloads??
  167. It's my bed time.
  168. Ruddy hell!
  169. Be quick - what to drink with mussels??
  170. Dioxin scare in mozzarella
  171. Want to work out your carbon footprint (Takes 5-10 mins)
  172. For Those Interested In Vintage Watches
  173. It could only be Italy...
  174. Not a very politically correct joke
  175. This is tricky
  176. google just turned the lights out
  177. Shakespeare
  178. I wonder if Amazon deliver overseas ???
  179. World track champs on BBC2
  180. Where in the world is osama bin laden
  181. Sarko,, What's the UK public perception?
  182. Ken Leee........ Tulibu Dibu Douchoo...
  183. Fancy going through Terminal 5?? True Story...
  184. Heathrow's terminal 5 makes me laugh.
  185. Pimp My Ferdi
  186. Odd News from the USA: Vol.42
  187. Just like being a kid again....
  188. Heather Mills....Spend, Spend, Spend!
  189. What's your Summertime Song?
  190. Lady on an aircraft joke
  191. The Darwin Awards
  192. I've got the horn.
  193. Church Bulletins !!
  194. i just won with mcdonalds!
  195. Odd News from Japan: Vol.58
  196. Correct for some sections to blame computer games for the worlds ills??
  197. Odd News from Japan: Vol.57
  198. Odd News from the UK: Vol.17
  199. Odd News from the USA: Vol.41
  200. This is my 1,700th day on AO
  201. Think twice when a Canadian asks you to go Clubbing
  202. @:@?>:@?>@
  203. Why bother with fly paper
  204. who's Brave (Daft) enough to agree with this
  205. The Apprentice [2008] - BBC 1 (UK)
  206. Canadian remake of "Caddy Shack"... for real
  207. Happy Birthday Pascs
  208. New Camcorder: looking for advice
  209. Happy birthday Will
  210. Odd News from Japan: Vol.56
  211. Odd News from the USA: Vol.40
  212. Odd News from the USA: Vol.39
  213. Odd News from Taiwan: Vol.2
  214. Odd News from Germany: Vol.3
  215. Odd News from the USA: Vol.38
  216. I guess that's the end of me for now
  217. it is really cold out here
  218. Postman Pat's last day
  219. Immediate car panic unfolding
  220. Optometrists Technicians advice, please?
  221. Babys Platinum party thread
  222. NLOS game - for those with hours to waste
  223. Oh! The Shame...A Family Revalation....
  224. Happy Birthday ACAPULCO AL!
  225. Super Furry's meet John Z De Lorean
  226. back to work tomorrow
  227. Have you busted it? (You Tube NSFW)
  228. Top Ground Gear Force
  229. Women, For Pity's Sake, Don't Drive
  230. Please please if it's the last thing you do watch this.
  231. Where's steve lyden brown
  232. Has Anyone Got A Bottle Of Brown Sauce I Can Borrow Please?
  233. Windows-files/folders-post it notes
  234. Now This Is What I Call Fishing!
  235. Doesnt time fly!
  236. Double Galzing
  237. World Car of the Year
  238. Happy Birthday kelly230381 !!
  239. Spiders on drugs
  240. There is a character called Brian the dog
  241. First spotted!
  242. Mums bad day (Youtube)
  243. Smart Water
  244. What Are You Eating & Drinking This Evening?
  245. STELLA ARTOIS Fans please look
  246. Hangovers
  247. What are the Worst Lyrics of all Time...?
  248. A tap on the shoulder...
  249. Dirty Sexy Money
  250. Maybe never. probably sometime
  251. Happy Birthday V02MAX !!!
  252. I think I might need phsyciatric help?
  253. John Zachery DeLorean
  254. Anybody collecting Shell Ferrari's
  255. What's happend to Dpat
  256. OK Who Flinched?....
  257. Tribute to the Master
  258. Curious question for Mr Orange
  259. The Eagles
  260. The Eagles
  261. Wackhead Simpson - Telephone Prankster
  262. One of my many jokes!!
  263. Your driving license on line for all to see!
  264. Would you eat these...
  265. As big as 18 billion Suns!
  266. Whats The Biggest
  267. Odd News from Japan: Vol.55
  268. Odd News from the USA: Vol.37
  269. Odd News from the UK: Vol.16
  270. Odd News from Japan: Vol.54
  271. A walk in the woods...
  272. Please rate your bank holiday misery here.
  273. Here's a question fir ya...
  274. How will Monica vote??
  275. Paul Scofield .... RIP
  276. School answering machine
  277. Looks like the Home Office is spending your tax pounds...
  278. 15 years on ....
  279. Very Rude, but Very Funny BBC4 Clip About Adverts
  280. "Big Dog" walking robot
  281. Need a kind Mod, to assist?
  282. Nomads day job?
  283. UK get's it's own force of Jack Bauers!
  284. Happy Birtday MPH
  285. Sony Ericsson w910i - Strange problem...
  286. Park carefully now if you've had a drink :)
  287. Numpties
  288. Healthier Hearts fo cat owners
  289. Do you have a middle name?
  290. SA Car of the year
  291. Happy Birthday 73GTVJIM
  292. Waahey
  293. Arthur C Clark .... RIP
  294. Driving up the Hard Shoulder?
  295. This could work
  296. Anyone have a Which.co.uk account?
  297. any students out there?
  298. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  299. Anthony Minghella RIP
  300. Maybe not all blondes are dumb! :p
  301. What Camera/Cameras
  302. MS Word
  303. Gavin & Stacey
  304. If and when you are walking ...
  305. Spot The Easter Bunny Competition !!
  306. Chileans laugh at everyone else's pathetic swimming pools...
  307. In a word,....'Awesome!'
  308. The Dating Game ....Gentlemen be aware
  309. Bricks or Precious Metal?
  310. Odd News from the USA: Vol.36
  311. Odd News from Japan: Vol.53
  312. George Bush caught eating babies :(
  313. Making avi or mpeg files
  314. I've spent one month and one day of my life on here....
  315. Newcastle United will be relegated
  316. The Routemaster
  317. Boom Boom for Basil Brush
  318. Signatures
  319. Heather Mills....Gold Digging Cow or Fully Justified???
  320. For the Bored
  321. FIATs on Barry Boys !!
  322. Odd News from the USA: Vol.35
  323. Odd News from China: Vol.6
  324. Odd News from the USA: Vol.34
  325. Happy Saint Patrick's Day
  326. just saw a thread in the wrong place
  327. thought i'd swap my alfa for this and save the planet - THE SEQUEL!!
  328. Glasgow Rangers
  329. thought i'd swap my alfa for this and save the planet !!
  330. Electric Razors - HELP!!!
  331. Need A Bed But Not Breakfast ?
  332. Fancy A Day At The Races ?
  333. 156 Performance Modification
  334. Happy Birthday Eric Metz
  335. What Did You Have Planned For Today ?
  336. Cinema censorship in the UK
  337. it's my birthday too!
  338. Stupid, idioic and rather ludicrous things you've done in (to) your cars
  339. phobias
  340. Oooops
  341. Post deleted
  342. Oops
  343. Today's tunes from Saint YouTube
  344. For Rugger Fans North Of The Border...
  345. Get this lyric...I bet you can't
  346. Expenses for Members of Parliament ...........
  347. "while your eyes played games with mine"
  348. Monkey Dust - The Cyclists
  349. How do I drive an old Automatic???
  350. this may be an old and tired subject
  351. Beck - Where It's At
  352. Aliens v predators requiem
  353. Where I'm at....
  354. That's one cool Squirrel
  355. Flute!
  356. Satellite Enthusiasts help required.
  357. Ive just realised that ive passed a thousand threads.....
  358. Shannon Matthews Found Alive
  359. Number plates
  360. Neither Gibbo Or Nomad Have Ever Bought Me A Drink
  361. toilets are comfy tho - weird news
  362. I like it
  363. Disappointed
  364. Advice on obtaining photos from a national newspaper of myself!!
  365. Proud day for me
  366. Tut Tut....Naughty Bazza!
  367. Sweets from the past
  368. Odd News from the USA: Vol.33
  369. Odd News from Japan: Vol.52
  370. I See This Forum DOES Have A Swear Filter
  371. cleaning his undies??
  372. Maybe some good news at last
  373. I've noticed daffodils
  374. Ebay scam...I think
  375. Job well done!
  376. Happy birthday bobda!
  377. Me No Understandee?
  378. Should a mod have replied to Nomad
  379. Odd News from Argentina: Vol.1
  380. Odd News from the USA: Vol.32
  381. So you've accidentally semi-frozen a beer in the freezer!
  382. Kick open the door and look at the floor
  383. Any Tamiya model kit builders on here?
  384. Is it me or does this sound fishy...
  385. 6200Km Test Drive
  386. The British Weather........
  387. Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)
  388. Chess....its blummin' rubbish
  389. Passport Application Letter !!
  390. Joke to start the day
  391. Odd News from Italy: Vol.3
  392. Odd News from the UK: Vol.15
  393. Odd News from the USA: Vol.31
  394. Floods not connected to global warming ???
  395. Should he be hung drawn and Quartered
  396. Alfa fanatics questions..
  397. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  398. The Draw
  399. I'm a Dork
  400. Let me explain....
  401. Naughty - but you gotta laugh....
  402. Odd News from Italy: Vol.2
  403. Odd News from China: Vol.5
  404. Why have you called yourself that then?????
  405. I want this, but.....
  406. Drive by victim
  407. Any Cardiff City Supporters On Here?
  408. If your partner grew...
  409. Adverts
  410. Crazy Cats
  411. Dp at the Motor Show
  412. Frank Feldman
  413. Happy Belated Birthday Pud237!!!
  414. its good to see the last post i put up was blocked!
  415. World Champion Barry
  416. Smoke anyone
  417. Happy Birthday AlfaOwner
  418. Any Poets Here on AO?
  419. For sale - One Chariot
  420. First Liverpool, now Chelsea get "The Barnsley Chop"
  421. Barnsley Knock Chelsea Out Of The Cup!!
  422. Poor Poor Alfa
  423. very good game
  424. Ghent, discuss
  425. "You are little mystery baby...
  426. Not a nice thing to say but....
  427. Who closed the today I'm mostly listening thread
  428. The Chat Thread
  429. "Shadows? ... on me lungs?"
  430. The Ewoks got a ood grade for woodwork.
  431. Funny adidas advert
  432. Give your dad a call or hug.
  433. FA Cup - who will you be supporting?
  434. Yay - I can cook fish!!!!
  435. Blonde and a BMW
  436. Wanted: PCI Non Express Graphics Card
  437. 8c in the sun....
  438. Sewage swan
  439. Password protected
  440. Dear Electric Customer,
  441. Sri Lanka - Anyone Been?
  442. Civvies Only!
  443. Odd News from the UK: Vol.14
  444. Odd News from Malaysia: Vol.4
  445. Odd News from the USA: Vol.30
  446. Odd News from the USA: Vol.29
  447. If you had to adopt an opposite sex name...
  448. Money making scheming days...
  449. WOT Announcement
  450. Here's a fact
  451. The Cresta Run - a warning!
  452. Car Auction Tips
  453. Tell yourself off about something...
  454. Ironic advertiser?
  455. Seven Dirty Balls I've just noticed!
  456. Wot did I do wrong??
  457. Cutting the edges off of the bread!
  458. Wot is WOT???
  459. The Very Best from Liverpool
  460. The sisters
  461. Are you a phone pacer?
  462. Blonde
  463. Gibbo's spelling bee
  464. My signature...
  465. Happy birthday Funkstar De Lux
  466. The coolest thing I've seen in ages
  467. Buying electronics from the US
  468. Odd News from the UK: Vol.13
  469. Odd News from the USA: Vol.28
  470. Odd News from the UK: Vol.12
  471. Happy Birthday Sunbar
  472. A drivers and Hikers worst nightmare
  473. "I may have have failed to kill you Count...but my sister will not"
  474. Registration swap?
  475. One for HM......
  476. I'm Back
  477. 5 Funny Commercials
  478. How to behave in an Internet forum
  479. Dungeons and Dragons creator dies
  480. Theres a women in my monitor
  481. HE-MAN (power of grey skull et al)
  482. Some interesting pilot-workie...
  483. Define "Expendability"
  484. There are things the English language has no word for
  485. Astley Pie Chart
  486. VW Polo Ad
  487. Any CPL.s On Here ?
  488. Morning Sex
  489. That damned :boxer: smilie ...
  490. Things to do in Oxford?
  491. U.S. towns vote to arrest Bush and Cheney
  492. Odd News from Japan: Vol.51
  493. Odd News from Israel: Vol.2
  494. Odd News from Germany: Vol.2
  495. Plan to introduce road pricing finally scrapped!
  496. PS3 Vs X-Box? Proven wrong. Yet again.
  497. Goodnight John Boy
  498. How creative
  499. I've just bought another Honda.......wait for it
  500. The AO Fragrance...