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When did you know you must have a 916?

I was chatting to a customer today and the conversation soon turned to cars, the chap was telling me he has a fiat x19 tucked away and I explained my passion for alfas, he asked me a great question after explaining he would love a alfa but was scared off by the reputation (it was at its lowest when he bought his toy)

The question he asked, "when did you know you must have a alfa?"

And to my surprise I had two answers!! I remember seeing a rosso red gtv with tan leather driving through Leicester in the summer with the windows down and it just looking stunning. I had no idea what it was but I knew then I gotta have one!

The second I don't know if I am making this up but I used to watch emerdale when I lived at home (10years ago) and I'm sure a guy called Scott had a Zoe yellow spider?????

When was you urika moment??
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When i could afford to insure one. 21 for a TS and 25 for a V6
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You had a v6 at 25! You lucky.... Lol!
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I'd have had one at 21 if the insurance companies would have allowed me
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Car magazine did a review of a blue phase 1 GTV back in 1996. I sat in a Blue twinny at the NEC motor show the same year. Wanted one ever since. Finally got one last year.
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Must have been about 14. Silver GTV V6 with aero kit in Tesco car park in Kidderminster, went shopping with mum. Knew then that whatever it was, I must own one one day!
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I wanted a Ferrari, but the missus wouldn't let me sell our daughters for medical research..
I saw my first 916 in 98. It took ten years to get one..
And now I'm very happy
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I bought a diesel Punto back in 1995. One day when I left it at the local Fiat/Alfa dealer for a service, I was handed the keys to a new Spider twinnie demonstrator. I drove it for a day and fell in love. It was my first Alfa experience and it left a deep impression on me. It's only now I can justify such an impractical toy.
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Shopping trip to buy a freezer

Saw the car on a forecourt next to 2 z3s and a boxster - and it was by far the sexiest.Didn't know a thing about them at the time but spent a week researching and trying to be sensible,but then went back and bought it Paid over the odds ,but still love it.
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I remember when they first came out when I was a kid (maybe 6 or 7 years old) and some bloke near where we live had one and I would see him every few days in this beautiful red GTV and I fell in love with it. Then, some 15-odd years later (last year) when I was looking for a new car I thought why not go for a GTV since I couldn't afford another 944?

Now here I am with a beautiful rosso twinny parked in my drive every night and getting wonderful comments and stares from random people who are fascinated with the car!

2000 Alfa 156 Sportwagon 2.0 TS CF3

2002 Alfa GTV 2.0 TS CF3
1983 Porsche 944
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Member car:

1999 Spider

When I was looking around for a car for stepson. The Spider was sitting looking tired and forlorn (but cheap). After some tlc, new clutch, exhaust and a few other bits and pieces wouldn't swap it for anything.
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After owning a few Alfas in the past and always loving them I was gobsmaked driving past a dealer in cambridge in the late 1990's. I saw a black GTV with Red leather. I though thats the only car I've ever seen that would give my ego a run for its money I gotta have one.
Of course it was about 10 years before I could afford a second hand one buy hey. It bit and I'm hooked.
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When I drove and bought my first Sud back in 1983, I p/x a Fiesta Pop Plus for it!
The car eventually went the way all Sud's did, but what a joy to drive, still one of the best handling cars I've owned.
Fast forward to 2012 and retirement, my wife said " it's about time you had another toy in the garage". In 1996 I lusted after the new Spider but at £24k there was no way, all of a sudden 916's were affordable and the Spider was the obvious choice.
I still pinch myself every time I drive it and even look at it, it's everything and more I thought it would be.

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Member car:

Bentley Turbo R

Back in 2005, my Tuscan had gone up for sale and I was looking for something interesting but much cheaper & cheaper to run. Everything I'd looked at so far seemed incredibly dull next to the Tuscan. Then, driving home from work one day, a GTV pulled up alongside me and I took a good look and thought 'now that looks more like it!'. And here I am, on my fourth GTV But still thinking about getting another Tuscan...
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i bought my first alfa in 99. A new red gtv v6 p1 tan interior. i later sold it a year later for a family car. I didnt deserve it. I didnt love it enough. I kind of regretted it and i always looked at other gtvs and liked them.

But when did i realize i had to have one?

It was when i saw my old car for sale a couple of years ago. Same rego and in pretty good condition. I had to buy it and did so the next day and have been a propper alfisti ever since!
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I remember seeing a GTV when they first came out down in Ironbridge on a hot summers day thinking how cool it looked and always thought they would out of my price range , roll on a few years and I had a plan of having a few dull BMWs and saving towards a Porsche (I say dull one was a old style tourer which I would like again) , I was looking at Hyundai Coupes , Celica's , FTO's but they just were missing something then thought I would see if I could afford a GTV .Looked at few ropey examples then found mine at a local garage and loved her ever since .

Ref the original comment from the FIAT X19 owner saying he was put of by reliability !!!!! My brother owned a X19 hich drove a few timeS, nice but not exactly reliable -- Fix It Again Tony !!
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Originally Posted by Blimpmiester View Post
Car magazine did a review of a blue phase 1 GTV back in 1996. I sat in a Blue twinny at the NEC motor show the same year. Wanted one ever since. Finally got one last year.
Same as me. I saw the cover of the May 1996 issue of Car magazine with a selection of Alfas and an Atoll blue Twinspark right at the front and from that point on, I knew that I would own a GTV one day and it would be that colour. Had to wait eleven years, but it was worth it.
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In the sixties, as a kid, (yes, I am that old) I saw a Giulia Super, dark blue, parked under the trees in Carouge (Geneva suburb) on a sunny day and I said to myself: "One day, I'll drive an Alfa".
Those were the days Alfa Romeo was pronounced with the same sort of respect and in the same breath with Maserati, Ferrari and the likes of them.

Roll on the years and in the early years of this century, there was the 156 Sportwagon, followed by a GT, now a Mito as the long-haul, run of the mill runs.

When I had to choose a second car to run next to the Mito, I knew it had to be a ragtop. And affordable. And have a Busso. And be more modern than the boat tail.
916 - here we come.


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In 1999 I joined a company who's company car policy did not allow coupes or rag tops, so a GTV or spider was not an option.

I settled upon a Chrysler Voyager 7 seater. When I left 2 years later, I used my redundancy dosh to personally import a V6 spider (they had been released as RHD that year)- "had to have one"

I ran it for 140k miles for 7 years when I let it over heat and cracked a cylinder head. Without a spider for two years, I now have 2 more v6 spiders the road, one for commuting (20k miles per year) and one "for the weekend". I have also owned two TS spiders which my sons now run!!!!

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In February 1997 I was serving notice with my then current employer.

Went and had a look primarily at a 155 ( although the dealer I visited didn't actually have one in the showroom ) because I thought I couldn't get the children in a GTV. Had a look at the GTV and placed my order in May.

Then waited impatiently for the 1st August.
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Member car:

916 gtv 2.0

In 2012, something possessed my mind at the age of 20 I must have an alfa....if for anything get it out of the system and go back to the reliable germans. So began a search every so often looking at ads.
I don't know what it was that made me want an alfa, Id never even been in one, until the morning I bought my 156.
At the time though I was also thinking a nice big jag xj6 or an s80.
Bought a 156 v6 in June 2013 and picked up a fixer upper of a gtv in November as well as a few donor cars along the way.

Id wanted a gtv from the start, however none came up that really shouted out look at me and there was also the concerns raised by people who'd never owned an alfa that they'll brake my heart.
Im glad now that i didn't listen to either of them.

Pm for good price on parts for your 156 v6
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I retired early in at the end of December 2013 aged 59. As a now ex mechanical engineer (not auto) I was looking for something to keep me busy. My brother turned up one evening in a 55 plate 147 that he had just bought off eBay for £2100. I thought that looks nice I'll try and get myself one at that price. I looked on eBay and was swayed by the 159 as an even better looking Alfa IMO. I almost bought it but after speaking to the owner I decided it was too far to go to look at some of the issues with it. Back to the drawing board. I came across this forum to seek advice and was sold on the GTV 3.0. Back to eBay to find myself one which I'm pleased to say I did. A 1999 Rosso Proteo Met GTV 3.0 6V 24V Phase 2. It had 13 bids at £1350 but had not met the reserve. It was too far for me to go but my son lived near the seller. I sent him to have a look at it and if he thought it was worth it offer the seller his reserve (which he did at £1900) and remove it from eBay. My apology to any body on here if they had their eye on it but you have to act quickly if it is worth it.

Whilst working on the car out in the lane all my neighbours walking passed have commented on the lovely sounding engine and how beautiful the car looks. I must say I'm delighted with it. Now I know what all the fuss is about with the Busso engine. I've redlined it a few times, as you must, but I must learn to keep a cool head. I'm too old to be picking up a ticket.

I shall be taking the car to the forthcoming BIAMF show in Bristol which I have volunteered to marshall. I look forward to meeting any of you who are also going. Stop and say hello.

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For so many years since the launch, I lusted after the Gtv. Finances would not allow but the desire was there from day one. I ended up with a Fiat Barchetta, in 98, bought just a couple of years old and kept it as an almost daily driver right up until last year, when I sold it to fund my V6 Gtv.
Two years ago, I bought my GT & now have a spider as well as the Gtv.
I blame Clive in some ways as browsing his cars for sale over the years certainly kept the flame alive before taking the plunge.
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In 1996 when my Dad purchased the green twinnie for my Mother which I now have had since pretty much new...
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Originally Posted by Blimpmiester
Car magazine did a review of a blue phase 1 GTV back in 1996. I sat in a Blue twinny at the NEC motor show the same year. Wanted one ever since. Finally got one last year.
Same here my brother in law worked at Emap at the time and got some free tickets for the motor show at the NEC.

I remember sitting in a red 146 and the GTV and told the wife there and then one day I'm having one of these !
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