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Why am I wrong?

A new MAF for a V6 costs upwards of 150. The advice on here is always to pay top dollar for one from a specialist. These people are selling one (minus plastic tube) for 60.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Air-flow-mass-meter-sensor-ALFA-ROMEO-166-0280218054_W0QQitemZ370086088872QQcmdZViewItemQQpt ZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item370086 088872&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1689|66 %3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

My thought processes are:
1. Electronics are electronics, they will either work or not and there probably wont be that much difference between Bosch or anyone else's.
2. If originals are so good, why do they fail so regularly?

So why am I wrong to consider one?

Edit: Can some one make that link work for me please? Thanks.
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Re: Why am I wrong?


This one?

It is a fake.

I am not sure why the fake ones don't work well, but the fact is they are generally a waste of money.

I Can't remember the last time someone posted up and said their non bosch MAF actually worked ok.

The Bosch ones are not too bad, OK they do fail occasionally but normally its because of dirt/oil contamination. I have been driving MAF equipped Alfa's and Fiats for over 10 years and I have only had one dodgy one, and it was faulty when I bought the car.

Also remember that Bosch also make the ECU and other management parts. The Bosch parts are designed to work with each other.

Electronics are not nessesairy electronics, a top Notch Sony TV will work better than an Argos own brand one for instance.

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Re: Why am I wrong?

Originally Posted by symonh View Post
normally its because of dirt/oil contamination.
I had only one broken MAF, I found dead fly on the element. Some days after air filter change, the box was poorly cleaned. As long as anything else than air is kept away, they work fine.
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Re: Why am I wrong?

i had a 'other' MAF fitted for 80 quid...lasted 4 mths....paid and had a bosch part 146 quid..the car is totally different.....
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Re: Why am I wrong?

You need the Bosch original, others don't work, presumably so it speaks to the Bosch ECU. A boffin on sportsalfa(well, GTVV6).com did a lot of work on this and claimed he had got a different make to work, but no-one was particularly convinced. It seems to be the phase 2 models that have a fragile maf but don't know if P1s are different - perhaps just fewer of them around.
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Re: Why am I wrong?

I think it was a Pierburg unit or something Simon.

Thing I don't understand is why the part still costs so much, the price doesn't seem to have come down much over the last 5 years.
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Re: Why am I wrong?

i have read before that the actual element from the maf is the same for the v6/ts and it is only the outside tube that is different, if that is correct then a saving could be made by purchasing a ts maf and swapping the internals with your old v6 one

as for the cheap maf, a mate of mine bought one from ebay for his laguna, i fitted it for him, worked perfect for 1/4 of a mile then failed
that is my only experience of the cheap copys and as such would recomend a genuine bosch part
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Re: Why am I wrong?

As far as I know the P1's are different as in fact they have an AFM rather than a MAF.

I believe that that the AFM idea has two sensors, one for airflow and one for air temperature. Seems that these are more reliable.

Not 100% sure on this though, clarification/confirmation would be nice.
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Re: Why am I wrong?

from a bit of research I did recently there are two ways that air flow is generally measured.. one uses a tiny web like filament that is directly in the air flow, the other uses two wires that are above or to the side of the air flow.. obviously the newer web filament type is more sensitive and should give more accurate information to the ecu but it is more delicate.. the older type is more robust but doesn't give such accurate numbers to the ecu..

someone will be on in a bit to explain it properly I'm sure..
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Re: Why am I wrong?

Firstly, I just bought a new maf from Steve at Alternative Autos- genuine, boxed, brand new for 120 plus vat. This is pretty good from what I hear of other places.
Secondl, what is really weird is that the maf is the same one as on Fiat coupes, and they never fail, but the GTV munches them. This can only be due to contamination; probably the GTVs rubbish air filter location and the fact that the airbox gets cracked, and the bolts shear off where the filter element sandwiches to the box, thus letting dirty air in. Both myself and my mate with his 156 v6 have found this out in the last week....

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Re: Why am I wrong?

Fiat coupe ones do fail. Trust me.

IIRC the 20V Fiat shares the MAF with some TS Alfa's. (Ally topped I think)
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