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Re: Tonight with Quenten Wilson

The thing he also overlooked was that the cars he had on his show are not out there in the real world. Do a quick search on Autotrader for cars under 2000 and you will not find stuff like he had.
The programme was fundamentally flawed in every department if you ask me. Small cars only do their 45mpg on longer trips, on the school run or trips to the shops they will be down in the low 30s which would totally ruin his "savings" calculations. Try doing 200 miles in a Ford Ka or a Kia Crappo and then tell me if the tenner you saved was worth it.
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Re: Tonight with Quenten Wilson

I rate him the same as that other lot,that he rebelled against and then left!
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Re: Tonight with Quenten Wilson

We bought a 3.2 diesel Shogun last year as we decided after a few years camping that we wanted a caravan. (I know, I know - I set off really early so as not to inconvenience other road users...)

There are laws governing the weight ratios of caravans (and trailers) to the cars used to pull them so I couldn't have a Peugeot 1.anything even if I wanted to. Never mind the fact that the Shogun is roomy and comfortable for long journeys with the family. One gust of wind and the caravan would drag a smaller car sideways into a ditch.

So now, with foreign holidays suddenly more expensive Mr Wilson (who probabaly doesn't have any qualms about flying to his Spanish villa) wants us to give up our hobby as well does he?
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Re: Tonight with Quenten Wilson

what was the point of this programme?
if you want to save money you'd do best buying a rather old reliable car from a grandad who bought it with his pension but no longer wants it.
what i did with my first car: a rover 414 g reg, had 12k miles on it after a full 14 years and was fully serviced like clockwork.
bought for a bargain and only small niggles.
i have spent a great deal more running my 1.6 156 but its a much better car in every way but running costs!
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Re: Tonight with Quenten Wilson

Originally Posted by zulu ferret View Post
73GTV JIm or, if you have the cash, then splash, but not more debt?:
Absolutely Zed.

I'm not averse to having a modicum of manageable debt (e.g. for a new car or house) in normal times but now is not exactly right is it?

If you have cash then there are deals to be done.

On the subject of cash though, we just put a couple of Christmas cheques into JimJr's savings account for him and I was stunned to see he is barely getting 1.5% interest In real terms his money is depreciating too by 2.5-4% per annum now at present inflation. It was about 6% when we last moved it! *Note to self to find another long term savings account for the lad if I can*

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

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Re: Tonight with Quenten Wilson

The programme was a bit flawed really as he was putting them in the wrong vehicles, you can still have a big efficient car, my 7 seat Grand Scenic does 40mpg around town and 50 fully laden when off camping etc, its not even the most efficient engine but still has cheap tax, so there are always alternatives I just reckon Quentin put the people who need space in the wrong motor, they could still get a bigger car and save.

Originally Posted by alfafamily View Post
Small cars only do their 45mpg on longer trips, on the school run or trips to the shops they will be down in the low 30s which would totally ruin his "savings" calculations.
Not really because a larger car will also experience similar drops in its economy when driven around town that the differential will be similar.

Originally Posted by 73GTVJim View Post
Finally you realise the best course of action with a reliable car that's worth very little is to simply hang on to it.
This is true, of course when it starts to cost you in repairs to keep it on the road, which was the point I though he was trying to make with MOT costs etc, as these cars on the show were likely to do a newer car with 5 years warranty and 20k servicing is not that costly, course you can't predict the future and know for sure what's going to go wrong but if you have a 10-15 year old car like those that you've had a few years and not spent much money on it chances are its going to cost you for something soon be it suspension/steering bits, clutch and brakes etc so its all about weighing up whether you want trouble free motoring in a new vehicles thats likely to be safer, cleaner, more refined and reliable vs plodding along and taking a chance.

How much value do you put on your time and effort, I know the last thing I want to do is hang around garages whilst they fix my motor, nor do I want to go out in the wet like this weekend and get my tools out much better things I can be doing with my time.

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Re: Tonight with Quenten Wilson

I don't get how buying and running a new or newish Fiat 500 would be cheaper than my GTV. I paid 2.5k for my GTV in November 2007. I looked through my old receipts last night and the total I spent in repairs and upkeep (not counting cosmetic repairs because they're a luxury) it came to around 700. How on earth I'd be better off forking out for a new 500 I have no idea.

IMO for credit crunch beaters, he should have looked at old, basic cars. Old because they're cheap. And basic so they're easy and cheap to fix.

You can get 12 year old Escorts for a pittance these days, that's the sort of car I'd be buying if I was faced with needing a car and not having much money.
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Re: Tonight with Quenten Wilson

They were just showing extremes, he did mention that you could pick up a number of newer secondhand motors and save a packet too.
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Re: Tonight with Quenten Wilson

There are a few issues here. Getting a loan (for a new car) to save money seems a bit odd to me, unless you do mega miles and fuel savings alone cover your loan.
If you have no interest in cars and just want the cheapest way of getting fron a to b in a reliable, newish, cheap to run, practical car, just buy a 2nd hand honda jazz.
If you do like cars this will bore you and you will want something that costs more to run.
No-one NEEDS a porsche/Alfa/BMW/Merc or whatever, if you can afford it without your family living in a box or going without food/clothes etc then its no problem. Each to their own, lots of people pay Sky 50/month just to watch football and repeated movies, thats probably the difference between the average driver going from a 30mpg petrol car to a 45mpg diesel car alone. Depends where your prioirities lie i suppose.
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