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Re: 159 Reliable? Honestly....

Touch Wood. My 159 is now 6months old/7000 miles and the only problem is the creaking from the windscreen. Got some lube but not used it yet. Love the car
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Re: 159 Reliable? Honestly....

Had to change one of the rear number plate bulbs today (W5W). Car told me it was out & change took only a few minutes.

While lavishing some TLC on it I noticed that the paint protection film is failing in a number of places now

Don't even pressure wash it so a bit peed off.

Must get the car back to Chris Variava in Notts and get it all sorted (screen re-fitted to permanently cure the creak, take a look at the under reading fuel gauge, the notchy 2nd to 3rd gear change and the paint protection film).

Tim had better sort a nice car out for me


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Member car:

a very dirty car

Re: 159 Reliable? Honestly....

Originally Posted by nigelread View Post
...Got some lube but not used it yet. Love the car
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Re: 159 Reliable? Honestly....

Originally Posted by mojo_jojo View Post
It seems everyone is agreeing that it's ok to have an Alfa and put up with badly built cars and poor customer service from a dealer or Alfa UK? That is not the message you want to be really putting out to the public. More importantly it's the message we are giving Alfa UK, that we will buy their cars and put up with any faults and poor customer service.

If there is any problem with any Alfa car or the dealer or Alfa UK itself, we should be hammering the message to Alfa UK that it is not acceptable behaviour or the competent level of service we expect from them. We shouldn't be basically rolling over and taking it up the backside just so we can drive our Alfas.
I raised this issue before and got flamed for it. After pointing out that one shouldn't expect to spend £25k on a car and be faced with irritating niggles, the response was 'the niggles are part of owning an Alfa'

If I were to go out and spend that sort of dough on a car with unsatisfactory build quality, then you can bet your bottom dollar that I would not be quick to buy a new car from that marque again, especially if the dealer I was in contact with apparently didn't give a [censored]. These are stories that we've read on here so many times.

Alfa have a small, loyal fanbase, but if they want to survive long term, then small and loyal doesn't cut it. The brand needs to grow, the dealer networks and build quality need to improve. Thankfuly it appears that this is happening, slowly. Without these improvements, Alfa are the kind of niche brand that could well disappear from the automotive world forever.
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Re: 159 Reliable? Honestly....

Originally Posted by mhollywood View Post

Ive been lucky enough to have a 159 saloon and now the SW. I had quite a few problems with the first one, but its replacement is superb.I think the first one quite simply was a lemon and ALL car makers can produce these. Ive had the new SW for 5K (2.5 months) and it hasnt skipped a beat. I absolutely luv it! Also, i think the SW handling is much better than the saloon.
A year and 34k miles later, nothing negative to report except the car's hunger for tyres. Love the styling, handling and sheer grunt of the 2.4. Also, increased the rear pressure to 37 psi (from what was 32 ) and the economy over the last 1K has improved by 2 mpg to 38 mpg on exactly the same driving route as before. So get those tyre pressure gauges and check them!
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Re: 159 Reliable? Honestly....

Fully agree!!! I have a nine month old 159 which I love, however it has had a few minor niggles: windscreen creaking, interior trim coming off, windscreen washer jet pipe coming adrift, sticking interior door handles and rattle from bonnet tapping against inner wing. I fixed the various niggles myself and as an Alfisti while not happy, put up with them to a degree. If Alfa built "zero defect" cars Audi would be out of business within 3-5years as Alfas are far more desirable. A "zero defect" Alfa would represent a compelling motoring propostion.
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Re: 159 Reliable? Honestly....

I’ve covered 34000 miles in 8 month and have had no major problems

1) Blue and Me microphone quality very poor. New microphone fitted.
2) Rear driver side split folding seat will not latch without extreme force. adjusted
3) Plastic trim around gear stick is lifting. New trim fitted
4) Rear wind screen wiper washer only works 50% of the time. New wiper stork fitted
5) Number plate light housing falling out of bumper. new housing fitted
6) Rear tyres worn uneven 1mm outside 3mm inside. Awaiting 4 wheel tracking.

The main downfalls is the slightly poor fuel economy, 43mpg at best from 1.9jtdm and the soft paintwork after 34000 miles the front bonnet is covered in stone chips

I have no regrets!!! Yes a Audi or Bmw would have been a safer choice but at the same time a boring choice.
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Re: 159 Reliable? Honestly....

My Blue & Me has gone a bit nuts since I paired Clare's phone with it as well as mine.

Voice command has gone weird. It's always been night on 100% but now plays the media player when I say call

Also, I now understand what Clare means when she says it's difficult to hear me from the 159. She had the car for a few days last week and transmitted voice quality is really quite poor

The Parrot 3100 kit in her GT is excellent in terms of transmission quality but usability isn't that great.
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159 1.9 JTDM

Re: 159 Reliable? Honestly....

My car is good the little niggles don't spoil an otherwise well engineered car , my brother always bought Audis,Jaguar and they all have some problems especially Audis, now He has got a 1o Years old 156 and apart the usual wear and tear no major problems and it has got 100.000 KM ON THE CLOCK so if you like Alfas and especially 159s get one and if you really get a good Dealer and some of them are very good stick with them and you will enjoying one of the best and evocative car's name in the world and remember no one is perfect but as we know life isn't perfect.
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Hmmm Which 159 spec to buy?

Hi , I am Petrol head with my first Alfa, a 147 2.0 T-Spark. had a few issues but AutoLusso have been absolutely Brilliant!

Now my family has grown and considering to get a 159 due to my absolutely adored Alfa 147 , the Bug has bitten (big time!) and finding it even difficult to look or consider any of the German rivals.

However i am confused which 159 spec to buy? from my research there are many engine options from 2.0, 2.2, 2.4..........3.2V6.

Would anyone shed some light for a family man who is after a thrill when the throttle is forced to the metal , reliability and economy (mind the economy since the 147 2.0 of mine is not that great and i don't care, thrill is what matters and the looks) no other make can match this(only my opinion)

Since i am a petrol head am i loosing out on any of the Diesels? I have never owned a Diesel in my life.

Is it true that in any of the 159's the rear seats does not fold?

I am

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I was a pure petrol head, previous 2 cars were GTV 3.0 V6 and a RX8 231. Now have a 2.4 159 Ti and couldnt be happier
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Member car:

159 elegante tbi

Just traded in my 156 after 180,000 miles which apart from the normal wear & tear items(tyres, brakes, bushes) was trouble free. Even had the original clutch & exhaust on it.

Now have a 159tbi and at 22000 miles guess what!! yep. still no probs.

One of the most reliable cars i've ever owned.

(does anyone else have problems typing one handed whilst grasping very firmly to a piece of wood)
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all cars need to be maintained by regular service, japanese, Italian or German. My only criticism of the 159 is the front ride height is a bit low so it scrapes the kerb when i'm parking. just be careful of the speed bumps - go really slowly. they are harsh on the 159, causing front bumper to scrape and may cause bottom of your engine to scrape or hit the speed hump, just don't undersestimate them. other than that the 159 is a regular car like any other. compliments i got since ownership is that it makes the eqv c-class feel like a chelsea tractor and it grips and handles sharp bends really well. in a few years time i was considering buying a Jag XF next but i'm waiting for the 169 to compare it with. these 2 are my fav brands

one more thing, i find it difficult to nominate the 159 as a family car. my niece's child seat wouldn't fit properly then when i put my niece in it she didn't have enough room to move her feet and legs freely, so front seat had to go forward meaning my dad didn't have much room for his legs. my sis and my bro-in law sat at the back and they looked sqeezed and i had to slightly move my seat forward, as we're all +5ft 10" tall. we all got in but i felt it was a tight sqeeze. without the child seat i think the car can seat 5 adults. others may agree or disagree.

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Nearly 1 year of ownership mines a 2.4d 210, in first 2 weeks problems with blue & me (i find it a bit rubbish) and a battery problem causing worrying messages. Just had clutch master cylinder replaced under warranty. Have slight growning from steering.
Always starts and runs I would call it reliable. go for it

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estates and Tis are the only ones with folding seats as standard.

Owned mine for a year and 12k miles. Had some expensive maintenance to do but in truth it was all wear and tear. Tyres, brakes and the cambelt. reliability has been no issue and it feels well put together. I constantly look back when I park it up. I don't get that with the german brands.

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mine's not been great in terms of reliability to be honest

needed a new clutch & flywheel at 27k (warranty job thankfully)

apart from that, it's all been niggly stuff:
power steering reservoir & fluid needed replacing a few months ago
rear passenger door lock has broken so door is stuck shut
got water ingress on 2 doors (one front one back) causing lots of condensation & damp footwells
needs new o/s front ball joint (£280 part)
paint bubbling around boot badge
radio reception gone to pot

for a car that's only just turned 4 years old and 55k on the clock it is, quite simply, not good enough

- Keepin' it moist -

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Pretty lucky so far at 3yrs 4 mths and 54k. No significant issues, even tyre wear not bad since aligned properly.

O/S/R passenger door handle just packed up last week like Al's by the sound of it. Can still open from the inside though and was just wondering where to take it for a look - the little body shop near home or B-M's.
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My 1.9JTDm never broke down whilst it lasted (18 months and 40,000 miles from new in 2008) but had the power steering reservoir changed, new drive shafts to cure a rythmic noise which was never cured, diesel engine was noisy and had an irritating tappety noise sometimes, had a complete new windscreen wiper assembly under warranty when the drivers side bearings failed, new rear screen because of failed elements, developed suspension clunks, paint chipped like mad, and the clutch was slipping under load.
It looked great, performed averagely and fell short of its promise - so it had to go. Disappointed
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Member car:

159 Tbi SW

I am driving 159s since 2008 (over 120000Kms). I just bought the third one last week.
It is by far the most reliable car I owned.
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159 , honestly , reliable

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