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Courtesy cars and dealer grouch in general

I wondered what variety of courtesy cars other 159 owners have experienced whilst the dealer is patching up the latest Afla botch.

In exactly one year and one week of ownership, I've had the following:

Kia Piccanto (twice - local Alfa dealer who also does Kia and Mitsubishi)
Mitsubishi Colt (twice - hideous - preferred the Piccanto)
10 a time to borrow these if one's own policy is not "any car", which I object to strongly. I refused to pay it when I had the same with VW,* but I'd had so many rows about my car with the dealer, I couldn't face another so paid up.

Knackered 147 1.6
MiTo 1.4 (nice)
MiTo Diesel (horrible)
And today....a year old 147 with 13K on the clock which rattles like no car I've ever driven. Red, and with massive chips on the bonnet. As noisy at motorway speeds as my old Fiat Bravo.These from a more distant dealer who is more competent and doesn't charge for their courtesy cars.

Another grouse. They always hand the car over with virtually no fuel and say to bring it back the same. Easier said than done - it's a 40 mile round trip to work and back, and if it's overnight, another 30 work to home. It's hard to judge with an unfamiliar car exactly what to put in and as I don't want to run out, it always goes back with a gallon more than when I collected it. I suggested they handed it out full, and ask for it back the same. More convenient for the customer, but a little more for the dealer, as he pointed out. At least today's had half a tank, but I know I will over fill.

That's 8 times returned in a year - the neighbours keep asking "what's wrong with it NOW?!" as I park the latest loan car outside. My business has 180,000 miles experience with Ford Focuses with never a solitary issue of any kind.The dealer tells me MiTo has been trouble free so far and expects the Guilietta to be the same. I hope he's right for the owners' sake. I won't be one of them.

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A GT 2.0 JTS Cloverleaf is the only courtesy car I have had
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I've had the '99 any make service' Fiat Punto From Guests of Willenhall for the last four days, and I've had a couple of Mitos, 95hp petrol and 120hp diesel totalling almost a month this year. Mine have all been 'wiring problems'. The latest one was the ABS wiring 'fell out of the control unit'. 97 for the diagnosis, nothing to put the connector back in! To be fair they haven't charged a fee on the car but I know that they can if they want. The way I feel at the moment, this will be my last Alfa. I've had 8 previously and all have been well built and reliable but this one has tested my patience once too often.

146 1.6TS, 156 2.0TS, 156 1.8TS, 147 1.6TS, 147 2.0TS, 159 1.9JTS, 147 1.6TS, 159 1.9JTDm, Mito 1.4, GT, Giulietta 2.0JTDm, Giulietta 1.4tb, Giulietta 1.6JTDm........
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A 147 Collezione 1.9JTDm (which broke down when the wiring fell off the ignition switch), or a petrol Citroen C5 1.8i

About 13.00 per day for their insurance if required, or a lot of faffing about getting a cover note if you don't.
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Member car:

159Ti 1.9Jtdm

Mines in at the moment for a warranty job on the Alfa Red paint work. I have been give a 2009 Vauxhall Corsa, not a bad little car but not one I could ever invisage me owning either. Miss my GT already
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Member car:

147 1.6 Lusso

Mines coming back on Weds after first service and a partial respray. Free Loan Car for 10 days was a 2010 Panda with less than 1k miles on it, last time I got a GPunto. As I don't work, being given something smaller and a Fiat is not a problem, as I had 9 Fiats before my first Alfa........
To be fair, I could have had an Alfa but would have had to put it on my insurance.
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Member car:

159ti/GTV 2.0 ts

Have had a Spider LE and a Mito 1.4 at no extra cost to me from Alexanders Alfa in Thornaby on Tees.
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January 1989. I was 18 at the time had just bought a Y-reg Alfa Sud Gold Cloverleaf from Arcadia Motors in Exmouth

The Sud broke a clutch cable barely a couple weeks after getting it. Arcadia sent a transporter to collect the stranded Alfa (eventually ) and courteously left in it's place for my pleasure, this bad boy:

(OK, that's probably not the one, but it shared same colour and natural beauty nonetheless)

A mighty Morris Ital... the successor the legendary Morris Marina. This was a true progression was it not..?

Initial impressions were, well, something like, "Oh my god - who owned this car before part-exing it?!?!" The lush brown velour interior was covered in dog hair My allergies were not going to appreciate this...

Unperturbed by watering eyes and endless sneezing however, I thought an immediate max speed test would definitely be in order :yessmiley: 115 mph downhill with the wind behind and I could feel the vast expanse of body panels flapping under the turbulence. Wow, that was the fastest I had ever driven!

Anyhoo, the day after landing this hot rod, it snowed. Excellent! A rear wheel drive courtesy car - what fun! Cue a morning filled with lots of spinning and playing on slippery quiet lanes near home in the heart of Devon

That afternoon, I had to take Mum and girlfriend into the nearby Town. They were in for a real treat. The snow had all but turned to slush and on heading through Town, a spindly framed woman strode out on to a zebra crossing without so much as a glance or care. I braked to slow but just carried on sliding at the same speed... bollock - up she went! I can still picture the lady's legs flying up in the air as she bounced off the bonnet

Thinking I'd obviously killed the unsuspecting stick insect of a pedestrian outright, we all dived out of the car - it was a 4-door but neither one of us bothered to take a moment to marvel at the wonderfully crafted finish on our respective inner panels - but to our surprise, she sprang up off the floor and all was well

Of course, being so young and having narrowly escaped the taking of a human life, I was suitably subdued and remorseful. So much so in fact that it must have taken, ooo, all of a day for me to start rallying around the single track lanes near home again. The snow had all gone of course, what do you think I am? Crazy or something..?

I had a mate in the car - he was enjoying the vast expanse of space available to the lucky passenger - but upon enthusiastically exiting a sweeping downhill left hander, I suddenly found myself with a steering wheel full of tank slap and bollocked the nearside wing into a hedge. Cripes, I've done it now

We pulled into a farm entrance to study the damage. Yep, it was damaged alright... but British Leyland had designed such a masterpiece that I could simply grab the arch and pull the ***** back into shape. There! Like nothing ever happened... well, almost

On returning to Arcadia Motors a week later to collect my repaired Sud, there didn't appear to be anyone around. Marvellous! I parked the beast tight to a wall to hide the crumpled wing, collected the Alfa and legged it as fast as the flat-four would take me the hell out of there. I was in such a rush that I plain didn't bother to make the connection with the puddles of water on the garage floor beneath my Alfa to the knackered headlight washer non-return valve on my pride and joy

I'll never forget the Ital experience though. Not just because of the car and all the wondrous things it encompasses though, oh no... but more because of the unequalled chaos it brought in such a short space of time. I didn't get off Scott-free however - far from it sister. It cost me ninety smooth ones (two weeks wages!) to replace zebra-crossing lady's broken glasses... bugger
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Western Edinburgh have provided a 2.4 159SW Lusso, 1.9 159Ti and 2 Mito Veloce - 1 diesel and 1 petrol.
None cost me anything other than leaving more fuel in than I picked them up. The work 'comedians' reckoned that I should have been paid to drive the Mitos - one white with huge red logos and the other one being bright yellow!
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I got a white GT (diesel) the other week from Western Alfa Perth when my MiTo was in - so glad it was only for a few hours as the clutch was so stiff my leg was sore by the time I returned the car

Didn't have to pay anything towards insurance and topped the fuel up to replace what I used - around 7 I think.
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Originally Posted by Dr Feelgood View Post
- one white with huge red logos and the other one being bright yellow!

Tell me about it. AMC's black one with decals is actually quite cool, but the white one with decals has the worst paint job you ever saw - black stripes following the bonnet creases. Looks flippin awful!
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I've got a brand new Mito Cloverleaf at the moment whilst my Spider is being serviced. Very happy with that!
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Am still suffering from shellshock after being given a Desiel Skoda Fabia when the dealer screwed up my car and was back for the 5th time in a week.

Thanks for that Allams!
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Member car:

159 TBi Ti

Why not purchase an annual hire/courtesy car excess insurance @ 49?
E.g Car Hire Insurance | Car Rental Excess Insurance

My parents used this, and had a prang in a hirecar (with out paying the CDW), and all was settled without issue.

With warranty repairs ARUK are supposed to pay for the Courtesy car anyway IIRC.
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Member car:

159 2.0 jdtm Ti

I got a mito 155 Tbi from Lipscombe in maidstone while my 2.0 jdtm Ti was being made rattle free. Very pleased with that. didnt take long to get home either. lol. got to say its a super quick car.
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