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Water temperature

Water temp. gauge on my 2.0 TS 16v shows a temperature of about 110C when I am stuck in a traffic. The fan cools it downt to 90-95C
I am a little bit worried. What is the max.normal temperature reading for a 2.0TS 16v engine and should I be worried. There are no other side effects (like "mayonaise" on the oil filler cap or dissapearance of antifreeze in the expansion pot) so I think it's not a head gasket problem.
Every suggestion and information is welcome!
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Hi there Luke, this topic was discussed in some detail a little while ago, so I've just copy/pasted my entry. Hope it helps.....

posted 07 June 2001 21:58
90 degrees seems about right to me. It's only when it gets over 100 that you have to worry.
However, there is a very simple and effective way to make your car 'cooler' (and no, it doesn't involve 18s).

There is a conversion known as a 'top-hose' conversion (usually done on Integrales etc, but it works on all cars.)

The temperature sensor that measures the water temperature is normally located at the bottom of the radiator. The conversion involves removing that sensor and relocating it in the hose that runs at the top of the radiator.

A simple 'T' bracket is required to mount the sensor in the top hose.

Are you all following so far? Good.

You have to use another sensor to blank off the now vacant hole at the bottom of the radiator. This sensor performs no function other than to blank off the lower hole.

Right, now as we now, heat rises, so the top of the radiator will get hotter before the bottom of the radiator and therefore, a top mounted temperature sensor will register 90 degrees before a bottom mounted sensor will, having the effect of making the fan cut in earlier. (the fan cuts in at 90 degrees normally).

Having this conversion results in the fan cutting in before 90 degrees, as the sensor is tricked into thinking that the engine is hotter than it actually is.

Clever ain't it.

The car runs noticeably cooler (even if it is on 18s !) especially stuck in traffic. You can feel all the warm air being blown away from the engine if your window is down.

Over heating is a major cause for gaskets to perish and leads to engine failure.

The 'T' bracket costs 12. The conversion takes 10 minutes.

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You have real cause for concern! My fan cuts in at approx 90 so the temp never goes more than a degree or two over that.
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Rob155:
[B]You have real cause for concern! My fan cuts in at approx 90

Which engine do you have?

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Hi Lucky
Dont believe too much in your luck. Have your coolant temp checked with a precise gauge a well-sorted service shop will have one. The gauges on our Alfas arent renown for precision an issue often brought up in this Forum. If a check reveals that you are running hot check for blockage in the cooling system, the thermostat etc. before having any conversions made.
Good luck
Sean Conway
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I've got a UK 2 litre 16V which most of the year runs a shade above 70 degrees water temp and 65 degrees oil temp (on average).

However , this week with the very hot days, I've noticed that the water temp has climbed to an average 85 degrees and the oil temp around 80 degrees. My journey to work takes about an hour and is over mixed roads - some pretty empty and fast, some nose to tail traffic. In stationary traffic, the fan can cut in, but seems to control the temp, never allowing the water temp to rise above 90 degrees. I've noticed that the car warms up to these temperatures very quickly in slow traffic but cools back towards the lower temps once the road frees up for any appreciable time. I've also noticed that the fact that the heater is set to cold has an impact on the indicated temperatures - if you turn the heater up, the extra heat loss into the car drops the temperatures significantly.

Perhaps you have a problem with your thermostat ?

Allan Jones
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I had a similar problem on my 164 a while back. The thermostatic switch had failed.
This was about 2/3rd up on the radiator body.

Since I wanted it fixed quickly I checked up the relevant settings for the thermostat on the 164 web site and went to a normal car part shop for a replacement. I got one which was a reasonable match and all was well. There is a turn on and turn off setting eg 95/85. The 164 still ran a little hotter than I was comfortable with so I went and got one of sinilar thread with a lower setting. I had to modify the connector with some new crimps but this was no problem. Don't take the settings too low though or you'll never get your fan to go off.

Seems to me you could use this approach to gain an equivalent benefit to changing the sensor location without any of the mounting problems.
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What about the radiator condition? Best check.
I noticed small pieces of the 'honeycomb fins' had fallen off and appeared at my air filter. On inspection, my '96 radiator is rotting away. Is this common? I will change it pretty soon, as I'm thinking my engine gets hotter quicker than it did. Thankfully my thermostat and fan are ok.

Jason, UK
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Jason, my service told me the same too; and I have changed my 1996 radiator with a new one. The problem persisted, and I am still keeping the ex-radiator because a specialist said it is OK.
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Hi can anyone tell me where I can find the thermostat on my radiator? have same problem as luckluke, also live in a hot country, fortunatly it is winter now.


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