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Remote Control Door Locking

Hope someone out there can offer some advice or has experience of this.

My '97 155 has central door locking with remote option via a transmitter in the key. This has been working fine since I got the car 4 months ago.

Yesterday I decided to replace the standard fit Philips radio with a CD player I had lying around. To be safe rather than sorry, I disconnected the +ve battery lead and proceeded to remove the old radio and fit the new one. No problems with that (once I'd worked out what each of the 3 different red wires did!) but now I find the remote control door locking doesn't work.

The central locking still works with the key in the lock but not with the remote control. I tried the master key in the ignition and then the slave key in the ignition in a vain hope that this would give the slave key a kick that it needed but it didn't.

I've looked through the manual but can't find an obvious reference to a fuse that might be specific to the remote control.

Anyone any ideas or is this going to be a dealer rip off job?

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Simon Atkinson
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This is a copy of reply I sent some time ago to a similar problem. It looks at though you may have upset the alarm receiver which controls the central locking (it may have lost its memory). Does the alarm still arm OK? (The main alarm unit is not part of the central locking):

I take it you have 2 transmitter keys. First (blindingly obvious) check the
alarm is switched on, the switch is in the glovebox.

Now sit on the rear seats and look up at the roof receiver (its in the rear coutesy light). Hold the key nearby and press the button. If you see a steady green LED for about 2 secs then the roof rx has recognised the key. Under normal circumstances the
central locking would cycle and the alarm would arm. If you see the LED but
there is no reaction, then you would appear to have a wiring problem between
the roof Rx and the rest of the vehicle.

If however this doesn't happen, then you can open the memory of the roof Rx
using the the key code. The code should be a 4 digit number. CAUTION, I'm
not sure what happens if you get any of the following wrong.
First ensure that the alarm is turned on at the glovebox.
1. Press the button on the Rx for approx 2 secs. The LED should flash for
the whole time you hold the button.
2. Release the button. After approx 2 secs the LED should flash once. This
is a request for the first digit.
3. Press the button the number of times corresponding to the first digit, ie
if the first digit is 4, then give 4 presses. Every press should cause a
brief flash.
4. Approx 2 secs from the last press, the LED should flash again to request
the second digit.
5. Continue in the same way for the other 3 digits. If a digit is 0 then
don't press at all, just wait for another request flash.
6. Having entered all 4 digits, the LED will either stay oncontinuously
meaning that either there has been an error entering the code, or the code
is incorrect. Or the LED will flash, meaning that the code is good.
7. At this point if the LED is flashing, hold the rx button down and press
the tx button.The rx LED should light continuously if the code has been
8. There is a country setting procedure that follows but I'll omit this as
it defaults to EEC so don't do anything.
9. The rx LEd should now flash 6 times to show all is OK. If you get 18
flashes start again from point 1.
10 Repeat for key 2.

If you do not have the correct code, check what the National Security Agency
have on record, (that the sticker you should have on the windows, or a
dealer can check for you), as they are given all the key and immobiliser
codes at the time of importation.

If none of the above works at all, then you are looking at a new roof rx
(£90) and 2 or more new keys (£50 ea) plus fitting and programming. If this
happens to be the case, then you should be aware that then another similar
programming procedure applies, further details on request!

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for such a detailed reply.

Unfortunately I can't get as far as using
the 4 digit code yet. When I point either of the 2 transmitter keys at the receiver, their led's flash red but the green led in the receiver does not flash at all.

The rear interior light does come on when the door is open, so some power is getting that far.

When removing the old Philips radio, there was one lead which went to the connector on the back but was not required for the CD I fitted. Surely they can't have wired the receiver through the stereo? I suppose you never know with the Italians.

I've found a fuse in the manual which claims to be for the clock, roof lamp and door remote control but this has not blown.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.


Daniel Newman
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new batteries in your fob? My red led works in the keyset, but there's not enough power to transmit a signal.

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Thought about trying that but both keys worked just before I took the radio out and then didn't work afterwards (space of about one hour) - even at very close range i.e. sitting on the back seat pointing the key at the back interior light.

Think something may have gone wrong with the receiver when I reconnected the positive terminal on the battery. Perhaps a surge has blown the electronics?

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Errmmm, I've always worked on the practice of removing the negative terminal of the battery first and replacing it last. Ie if you touch the spanner on the car body whilst undoing the negative it doesn't matter but if you do the same with the positve whilst the negative is still connected you are in trouble. Of course once the negative is off the battery, it won't matter it you touch the possitve to the car body as you won't be completing the circuit.
Of course if you drop the spanner across both terminals of the battery, nothing will save you.

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Looks like I could be in trouble then.

Perhaps disconnecting the battery properly and reconnecting it might reset the system (doubtful).

Looks like it could be a dealer job. If they want to charge me for new keys and a receiver, I think I can live without it.
Simon Atkinson
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I've got a couple of things for you to try. If as I suspect, the receiver has lost it's memory, then it MAY be possible to reprogram it.
There are two ways to do this. The first is for a brand new receiver and is the simplest. The second is for a receiver that has been through more than 256 arm/disarm cycles.
The problem is that I don't know whether a receiver that has lost its memory reverts to being just like a new one, or whether it has retained some key information, it just can't act on it. So try the following:

New receiver proc:

1. Press the button on the receiver- does the LED flash? (the power for the courtesy light is seperate from the receiver power so this also shows that the receiver is powered correctly).

2.If the LED does flash, keep the button pressed down and then press the button on the key fob.

If the receiver LED lights continuously, the key code should have been memorised, so release the receiver button. The receiver LED should then flash 6 times to show that the procedure was carried out correctly. If there is a problem the receiver LED will flash 18 times.

3.Do this for all your keys.

If the above doesn't work (ie you get those 18 flashes) try:

1. Get your 4 digit key codes, there should be one per key.

2. Press the receiver button for approx 2 secs, the receiver LED should flash for the whole time that the button is pressed.

3. Release the button. After approx 2 secs, the receiver LED will begin to flash, this is the prompt to enter the first digit.

4. Press the receiver button the number of times corresponding to the first digit of the key code (eg the code is 4321, press the button 4 times). If there is a zero in the code, don't press the button at all for that digit, just wait for the the next prompt. Each time the button is pressed, the receiver LED should flash.

5. Approx 2 secs after the last push of the button, the receiver LED will flash to prompt for the second digit.

6. Carry on as above until all 4 digits are entered.

7. When all 4 digits have been entered, the receiver LED may do one of the following:

a. Stays on continuously. This means that the code was not found in the receiver memory. Try again, if it still doesn't work, then it looks like a new receiver is on the cards.

b. Flashes. Code has been recognised and the memory has been unlocked. You can now reprogram the receiver using the procedure used for a new receiver (ie the first procedure in this post).

If it looks as though a new receiver is the only way out, only buy a brand new receiver, not a second hand one. You do not need to replace your keys as long as you have at least one 4 digit code (and you know which key it belongs to!) An new receiver is about £70 and it just pulls out from the headlining.

My only concern is that the alarm itself is playing up, but if the central locking isn't working then the receiver is at fault as it controls the locking directly. You've got nothing to lose by trying the above though.

Good luck

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Thanks once again Simon. I'm determined to get this fixed without resorting to a new receiver and new keys.

I've followed you instructions tonight but unfortunately I only have one 4 digit code which is attached to the bordeaux colour master key. The receiver did not accept this code.

The two red keys did not come with codes (I'm the 3rd owner of the car) and looking through the manual, I should have two CODE cards but these are missing as well. I've e-mailed the previous owner and hope he may recall seeing these and forgot to pass them on. Failing that, I'll contact the garage where the car was first purchased and see if they kept the details on computer.

I'm not too hopeful but need to try all the simple avenues first. I'm sure if I get those CODE cards, I could have this sorted in a matter of minutes.


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Simon Atkinson
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It looks bad I'm sorry to say. The chances are that the code on the master key belongs to one of the red alarm keys and if the receiver did not accept it then a new receiver would appear to be the only option.

Additionally, you can always try a helpful dealer and ask their advice- Mangoletsi in Knutsford and Walker Farrimond in Bolton have always been pretty good to me when dispensing advice about this kind of problem. You could even try Alfa UK, but don't hold your breath. At the end of the day though, you should be able to disconnct the battery without this sort of thing happening, therefore you may have a case.

Don't worry about the code cards, these were scrapped a year or so (i'm told) before your car was built. The only way to get the codes is from the National Security Register, the phone number is probably on a sticker on the windows or on a label in the drivers door shut. All Alfas imported by Alfa UK were part of the scheme and if your lucky (I wasn't) they will have all the info on file, including the immobiliser bypass code and the key profile code. If you bought the car through a dealer, they can also get this info for you, but ultimately it all comes from the same place.

Best of luck,
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I'll try Mangoletsi and then the original dealer on Monday and also look for the sticker you mention.

Thanks for all your help and I'll keep the forum posted on the outcome in case this happens to anyone else in future.


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