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Glad to know there are lots of alfa lovers around. I just love the sound of the diesel engine. It sticks to the road and I have so much confidence in corners.I keep looking at it both from home window and office window with a big smile. thinking about it I think they've no idea about engines and perhaps jealous.
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I just bother my co-worker and friend if their car break down..
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Anyone making such remarks haven't owned or drive an Alfa. A properly maintained Alfa will be equally as reliable as any other marque or brand unless you're very very very unlucky.

BMWs are for sales reps and contractors.
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I didn't tell my best mate before buying my GTfor this exact reason, after I bought it and went to go see him, he went absolutely mental saying I was asking for trouble and it would 'blow up on me immediately.'

Took my sister and nephew shopping, got a rear facing baby seat and my sister in the back, my brother in law in the front and a pram and microwave, along with a couple other 'baby bags' in the boot.

Cracking bit of kit

It's your money and it should be spent as you wish!
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Member car:

159 2.4 JTDm

You folks have some odd friends. Nobody; family, friends, best friends and neighbours have said anything derogatory. My brother commented that he had heard the heater in Alfas were a little naf, the thermostat in my 916 Spider needed replacement (still does actually ) at the time.
I bought something off eBay a couple of years ago and turned up in my GT. The chap commented how good it looked and that is just typical when out in one of the Alfas

I get it on occasion when we are having a your car is crap day, but then so do the Kia's, Audis, VW's. Hondas and Volvos

I am currently my girlfriend's youngest son's roadie. We get his full drum kit including bass drum and attached pedal in the GT.

It's not been without issues, EGR, lower turbo hose, front (and rear) suspension, but it's not the least bit rusty, not the least bit unreliable just a little temperamental.
The three most unreliable cars I've owned starting with the least unreliable of the bunch, is a 2002 VW Passat (which was 4 at the time), a Renault 19 that was 10 at the time and a Ferrari Mondial which in fairness was 24 at the time. That was one bad ass unreliable Italian car
They were bad because they either stopped or went into slow down mode, on one or more occasions.

Priorities I find, are usually someone else's.
Statements above are all my own opinion and not fact.

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Member car:

Alfa 166

I dont know. My alfa too have been pretty unreliable and has needed many hours of my spanner time fixing it.

However. I love it. I mean I really miss it.
Its the most problematic car, unreliable thing I have ever owned (I also owned fiat and Lancia and Peugeots) but for some reason I can't get shot of it.

Its just that good. When it work it really is that much better.
Interior. Looks. sound. The V6 is awesome.

The BMW makes me feel sterile and boring. The only bow to its string is rear wheel drive. Inside its boring. Outside its worse. Its a floppy thing. But its actually a good car in it does what it says.

If only Alfa and BMW could collaborate. Alfa style and fun. BMW thought process and engineering (Yes it really is that much better).

I don't know. I love Alfa's but I don't think I could ever recommend one unless they were a mechanic with a lot of free weekends.

Alfa 166 2.0 Twinnie - LPG and a few trick performance parts
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Originally Posted by MalcQV View Post
You folks have some odd friends. Nobody; family, friends, best friends and neighbours have said anything derogatory.
Completely agree with this. All of my friends are jealous that they're stuck in their boring Fords / Toyotas / Vauxhalls and I've got a speedy Alfa to drive round in. Even a fella at work who drives quite a nice Lexus was dribbling over the GT last week...

In terms of the family, it easily takes my two little ones in their car seats in the back - it's a perfect second car for us.

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Member car:

03 156 V6 SW

You want a Reliable car to go from A to B, go buy something German...

You want an awesome driving experience where you feel part of the car with exceptionate handling, a big smile whilst accelerating from amazing engine tones and responsiveness, always looking back after parking it due to beautiful and intelligent styling, the know how from getting involved with the engineering, decades of racing pedigree and the will to survive no matter what the world throws at it (This includes comments from friends with BM's & Fords) and can't help but say this: Being the original inspiration for Ferrari then... Buy an Alfa!!!
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I get stupid comments off all my friends all the time, such as "why buy an alfa its only going to break and be expensive", they think I should have got a ford. (how boring)
My first car was a 147 1.6ts which was great and could fit everyone in fine, including baby and buggy.
My second car is a 147gta. When i told the wife i was getting a gta and it only had 2 doors she nearly had a hernia, the fact is when she saw it and got in it she loved it. It also accommodates my child who is now 2 and occasional still the buggy just fine.
The smile it puts on my face everyday i see it and drive it, im sure you only get when you own an alfa.
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Member car:

Alfa GT JTDm

honest opinion after owning two of them and an audi and bmw.

Without a doubt the Alfa has been the most unreliable. Most issues are easily fixed but they are SO annoying when they occur.

Having said that, I am on my second GT and every time i think "i will get rid", I go for a drive/clean it and look at it and i just cannot do it! I swear to god they know what you're thinking because every time the thought enters your head, it gives you a lovely little surpise when you for a spin - damned things!
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Well done you. I liked Quattros when I was growing up and owned one once. Since then I feel Audis have lost any individuality. Beemers never excited me. I have been driving my GT for more than a year and love it. Every time I drive it, however short the journey it brings a smile to my face. I have wife and 2 kids who I transport with luggage when required and with ease. The lab joins us sometimes in the footwell. A great car, much loved and envied by colleagues (not necessarily friends). A number are selling their VWs/Audis and buying Alfas too.
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I go out my way to find any little reason to drive my GreTa.

People always think I paid a lot more for it than I did, and I never correct their assumptions.
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My Blackline is the best alfa I have owned.
It has more than enough space for me, the mrs, the 7 year old AND the dog. And my mrs hates it.... because she has a brand new VW and I am certain she would rather drive my car
(Plus, after the remap, it is a 190Bhp pleasure to drive).

I won't be getting rid of it in a hurry!
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I only have a baby 147 but it reminds me why I love it when it's parked next to the Polos, Corsas, Leons, Passats and even a C63 at work. I get in her, start her up and forget work, forget stress and relax. My journey home is over the Grane Road and Hoddlesden, with some lovely twisties that remind me why I'm paying through the nose for a car that wants me to spend more money on it. And I wouldn't trade that feeling for the world. I'm already saving for my next Alfa.
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My Alfa has a sticker in top corner of the window screen which reads:

"Alfa Romeo cars are fitted with high performance engines derived from their strong racing heritage. It is therefore important to check your engine oil level regularly, maintaining the correct level using the recommended lubricant as stipulated in the vehicle handbook."

My mum's Vauxhall Corsa and my girlfriend's Hyundai Getz don't have a sticker like this and I think this raises an important point. Sporty driving causes more wear and tear than tootling along so the millions of BMW's and Audis and VW's driven by dispassionate tootling company reps, and Mercedes bought by old people, help to even out the handful bought by road warriors. Alfas aren't often available as company cars, they are bought by people who do as they choose, not as they are told. But congratulations, you made an autonomous decision and now you are encountering your 'friends' fear that their small minded opinions might be exposed as phoney and bigoted if your car doesn't go wrong. Either they are teasing you took it the wrong way, or you should raise your classification of 'friends' to exclude opinionated morons. Incidentally, it might help your repost that the Alfa GT has a lower reliability index and repair cost than the Audi A4 in spite of the number of A4's sold to careful drivers and the number of GT's sold to Alfa nuts

As for the bad parenting argument, well as long as they have a seatbelt, you'll be a happier person and a better parent if you make sacrifices with a good hear rather than prostrate yourself unnecessarily and becoming bitter and aloof as a result of trying to meet some psychologically unhealthy 'atomic family with a Renault Scenic' ideal. That said, resale on GT's isn't bad and Scenics are cheap and plentiful if being autonomous all gets a but much and you find yourself in need of peer approval.

"Illegitimi non carborundum!"


Alfa 156 M-Jet 16v Sport
Rhoddy Harvey Bailey revalved Bilsten B8 damping kit
Eibach Pro Kit
15mm wheel spacers
Wiechers strut brace
Air freshener

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Member car:


i agree with most as said - but for the following:

1. gt is based on the 147 not 156
2. ze germans are not that good in terms of reliability... lemme see e46 m3 - LOL. VAG issues with DSG and some motors, porsche.. yes porsche... just go look up 'intermediate shaft failure' - u know that well known failure that affects a lot of motors in very expensive models that detonates a very expensive engine that prosche just walked away from??!!?

it's sheepism is what it is. it appears brand rep is hard won... and hard lost... alfa's problem is it never had it in foreign markets to begin with - and the steady stream of reliable and good-to-drive models since the turn of the century has largely gone ignored. but they did get punished for the selespeed fiasco and that has tarnished the lot of em - notwithstanding that VAG seems to have weathered the storm much better. People are still buying them despite their well published issues.

as for me, my 04 156 v6 manual has been so reliable since i've had it coming up 4 years that it has become a lil boring (not to drive it's awesome!!!, but in an ownership sense)... i've now started having wavering thoughts of buying another... alfa of course! thinking of a brera v6 q4... just reading up on all the stuff ups GM introduced.

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I have a GT 3.2 V6 and as coupés go, it's definitely one of the most practical you can get (and looks great too)
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Member car:

GT.Clover 170 Q2

God i love my Alfa Gt i really do...but Italian metal is utter rubbish.. Already getting to grips with my Gt and have starting rust protecting. The screws and bolts they use quality wise are appalling compared to my audi's. Just have to replace with better stuff when needs be.

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I know a chap who carts his 2 toddlers in.... an E46 M3. A red one at that.

Jealous neighbours are just that. They're stuck in blandboxes and econo rotboxes while you have a particularly different and nice car. Point that out to them and mention how great your car makes you feel

As for unreliable? A friend of mine had a nasty problem with his 156 V6, where it would always cut out at the drop of a hat. Cue me stepping in to work some magic on some terminals and contacts: problem gone. Point being it requires a bit of thinking outside the box to keep these cars alive and in tip top order, but totally worth it.

On the contrary, every BMW I've had has given some sort of electric bother. From a 318is to a V8 535 (it actually went on fire) there have been electric issues to make any pub mechanic shut up

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Member car:

Alfa Gt

I bought my Alfa Romeo Gt with my heart not what the crowd is saying and in fact, until I bought my Car i only seeked the Alfa owners forum for advise because I didn't want any biased mouth to change my mind.

Obviously, I finally got the car, due to the newness to Alfa Romeo, i came across some few issues that you get with any new acquisition, but eventually sorted all that out and must I say oh Lord! what a car, I just came back from Rome, I feel proud to be driving and Alfa Romeo.

You either Love it to bits or you don't and if you ask me the question over and over, damn I love this car to bits. Best car I ever owned.

When you don't follow the norm, I can assure you that you have made a right decision not just following what everyone wants you to buy.
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Member car:

alfa gt 2.0 jts

I bought my Gt over a year ago, apart from servicing and a few niggles its been fine. It is a 2004 model so its going to need stuff regardless.

I always wanted a GT but all the disaster stories put me off, and I randomly was on my way to look at another car and I saw an advert for a GT that was on the way....I never made it to look at the second car lol

Cambelt intervals are very short and not super cheap as you have no choice but to see a specialist and I have learned more about cars in this one year of ownership then in general ever before.

I bought a bloody JTS model too, but I perv on it still every day and I remember my when my neighbor first saw it....he just said to me....its pornography lol There is only one other Gt in my local area and I love that fact.

The fact this forum has lots of people willing to help is good, I dont think I would have had the balls to own one otherwise haha
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Fully agree with Piedthepiper , the forum is great ,advice on absolutely anything is only a quick click away.
I also think its just jealousy with some people, mostly had positive comments about mine, esp. the colour (atlantico blue ) which is probably why a couple of people were staring at it yesterday when sat at a level crossing !
whatever, it feels great to be different from the run of the mill tat and christ , does it make some other cars look bland !
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My alfa Gt has twice as much room in the back compared to my mates 2011 audi A5 coupe & I sold my audi tt few years ago as my daughter 5yrs old at the time injured her face getting as fell against the car

Had the GT 2 yrs now & she is 11 next month & it's mint for rear access & was the reason I bought it as was looking for a 159ti to start with
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Last time I checked a GT has more than two seats. I don't get people who buy people carriers because they have 2 kids? A GT would be fine as for reliability audi and bm can be just as bad and I speak from experience and not from the suposed brand image that people blindly believe.
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Member car:

A galleon

Opinions. ********s etc. It does seem, sometimes, that the Alfa community is as snobby and defensive as the German auto lobby that we love to hate. :cigar:
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honest , jealousy , opinions

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