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Alfa Romeo 147

The story so far - 310 bhp alfa 147

My story starts in 2010 when on Christmas day i smashed my Seat Leon :'( Having argued with some ice she ended up rear ending the barrier going onto the M4

Just after christmas we attempted to repair the work but a snapped wishbone arm and the extent of the body damage just wasnt cost effective and i wrote the car off.
This then meant i needed another car so i looked to the usual suspects to find a decent car. I had a budget of 2000 which wouldn't go along way. I looked mainly at Audi A3's and S3's but found none in a decent condition for my price range.

??? Bummed out and needing a car for work i started searching locally for 'cheap' cars... my dad and ex girlfriend were great at this point having searched high and low for what seemed an impossible ask... we had a couple of options;
Alfa Romeo 147, Couple of mk4 golfs and obviously saxo's and corsas.

Went to look at the Alfa first and immedietly fell in love.
Having been owned by a middle aged couple - motorbike owners. it looked well looked after. 2 owners. They had bought it for their son whom kept dropping his bike but he couldn't get used to driving it.. so it had to go.
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Status: Has a very sexy 147!
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Alfa Romeo 147

The car was then taken to Hadden Hill (we've always taken our cars there) to be serviced and have the cam belt changed.
A total of 478 pound was spent but it later transpired that they hadn't changed the variator or the waterpump. For those that don't know the variator sits on the end of one of the cam and as it starts to wear a petrol engine starts to sound just like a diesel!
Obviously unhappy i walked away not wanting to spend any more money on an engine which would most likely be just fine!

March came and it was due its MOT... it needed 2 tires but i was reluctant to buy new tires because i had my eye on some slightly bigger wheels so i was in the market for some used tires! 20m from Philips tires in Oxford the water pump gave way.
I was recovered back to hadden hill after sitting in the water eaton bus car park for almost 4 hours.
More money was spent and a week later the Alfa drove out. Slightly worried the car didn't seem to have as much power as previous... so the car was returned for them to have a play.
It transpired that they didn't have the proper cam locks and so i can only guess how they timed it up. Not good.
They refunded a big wedge of the money and as our family used them a lot they made right and all was remedied.

Time went on and i suddenly found myself with the modding bug again... this time looking at the stereo.
A set of focal 165KR component speakers, 200 in Dynamat and 2 days had the basics in. It wasn't really perfect and i was a little disappointed in the features achievable by the factory headunit.. so i fitted an aftermarket one but inevitably wanted satnav etc.
I looked at buying an official Alfa Romeo sat nav unit... 1200.

I decided to make my own. With a strong background in IT (IT Manager) i set about choosing components and also looking at amp designs.
Bought 2 Alpine amps... a 4 channel and a mono block
but these were quickly sold as i just didn't like the warmth of the sound. I needed to focus on the end result and for me this could only be achieved by a computer.
Some ideas and sketches started to be made and i had a few ideas.

Eventually i went the route of buying Genesis Amps (i dont have any pictures )
A four channel amp - which could be used to run a 2 way front end (so tweeters and mids)
2 channel amp - would be used to run rear speakers for back fill
and another 2 channel amp which would be used to run the sub.

It was at this point i managed to acquire a piece of the aluminium extrude which is used to build these amps.
Not being very big... i scratched my head for weeks trying to work out which components would fit for a car computer.
So i decided on a Pico Itx setup.
the main component being the motherboard. I opted for a Pico Itx M10000 - The EPIA PX 10000 is the first motherboard from VIA Technologies to be released in their 10cm x 7.2cm 'Pico-ITX' form factor, and is currently the 'world's smallest full-featured x86 mainboard designed for ultra compact embedded PCs, systems and appliances'.
I then coupled this with a solid state hard drive.....
Needing to find somewhere to mount the hard drive.. we started designing again.... ;D cutting the amp casing to fit... bootiful!!

Screen -
Decided that a 7" touchscreen might fit in place... so bought the screen and a double din adapter...

Decided at this point i didn't like the step on the buttons.. so chopped it out.. re moulded it.. and highlighted all the imperfections before taking it to the car.

Dismantle the car....

Test fit...
Still no where near perfect.. and at this point i was struggling to get it perfect so i had few options...... attack it in the car!!!
testing the hdmi connection into the screen with a skybox....

:P - she's lovely isn't she?

Moving on -

Steering Wheel - As part of my attempts to make it look Oem i wanted the steering wheel buttons to work as well... so i purchased a new steering wheel... to replace the previous non buttoned version.

To help me achieve my idea i spoke to a couple of companies and one of them sponsored me!

Such a small little device which plugs in via mini usb.
It works on button resistance... these resistances are then mapped to keys on the keyboard! Clever Huh!?
In testing....

First off i needed to make the loading screen - so a modified bios screen...

Then started looking into lots of different routes for the operating system. For this i used windows 7 lite by Experience (google it)
and then cut some more bits outs.

Then checking the changes as i go along...

i then managed a 10 second from cold boot.
Thats fast!!
This was then wrapped in brushed steel effect vinyl as well as the heater controls as well... pictures to be taken though!

Interior - it previously had a cream and grey cloth interior... god awful!

So stripped it out....

This was then changed for a black leather and red stitch interior

Then added matching gearstick and handbrake gators.... and also a stainless steel round gear sweetheart.

The rear tweeter covers were changed to the bose editions, the dash clocks were changed to the white facelift versions and the front tweeter covers were changed for the later facelift version which included a chrome ring
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Status: Has a very sexy 147!
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Alfa Romeo 147

Exterior wise... it looks completely standard...

Had a set of road pads and vented, grooved and drilled discs.

and its only modification engine wise... A gsr induction kit... on a very underpowered 1.6 engine.

so.. that was my next venture!!

i looked into the different engine types available to me... 1.8... 2.0l.. 3.2 v6 from the gta. I was disappointed by all 3.
I paid a deposit to have a race engine made based on the 2.0l engine but then withdrew having spoken to a gentlemen in germany...
who fitted.....
A 220bhp Fiat Coupe engine....

this got me thinking!!!
Easy power.... easily tunable... and will leave a GTA and R32 etc for standing...

With a factory fitted LSD and using the same ECU setup as a lancia intergrale they are really capable.

one thing led to another..... ;D

Currently has the following mods;

Blue flame Exhaust
3" down pipe to turbo
Motech Chip
Gizzmo MS-IBC Boost Controller
HKS dump valve with hard pipe
Stage 2 gt28rs Turbo - 360 bearings + 60 trim wheel
Straight induction pipe
paddle clutch

but hasn't yet been remapped and was already showing 260 at the fly on a rolling road with a standard turbo and just the parts bolted up.
i expect between 310 and 350 bhp...
Genuine HKS dumpvalve and modified pipe
Genuine K&N filter which needs a clean!

So my ideas so far:

Give Fiat engine bay a good clean!!
Polish anything which can be polished..
Paint engine cover black and polish up fiat emblem
Add a fuel pressue regulator and gauge.
Add a oil catch tank and stainless steel coolant tank.
Get that sucker into the Alfa!
fit a set of coilovers and get it sitting on the wheels properly.
custom made exhaust - nice and quiet
and fit my personal number plate (i'm keeping quiet until engine is in ;D )

So in order to fit?
Not sure myself!
Mechanically; i guess mounts, drive shafts, gear linkage, and throttle cable (Alfa is drive by wire) but both run a hydraulic clutch

I'm most worried about this as the Alfa uses a canbus system...
I am presuming he means the body ecu and engine ecu
(the fiat ecu will be demobilized to make life a little easier)

So spoke to my contact in Germany...

"About WIRING - we conected two ECUs and some extra wiring.
ENGINE MOUNTS - ALFA 156 2.4 jtd.
Drive Shafts- Lancia K and Alfa 156 2.4 jtd.
Intercooler - Fiat Marea 1.9 td100."
"Remove all the coupe mounts and use alternator and steering pump bracket of 156 2.4 JTD also the front one from 2.4 JTD, Gearbox from kappa 20vt. "

Drive shafts -
the left one its from AR 156 2.4 JTD
and Right one from Lancia K (kappa) 20VT but in Lancia it s in left side
or gearbox side
but I put 2 cm plate betwen Shaft and Shaft bearing

147 subframe is OK and 156 + Kappa shafts are going to fit but you must cut in red marked (measure the 147 CV Joint and cut in that dimension) points in the attached picture
I think that this will help you!

I'm now lost at this point!
Does the German make any sense to anyone else?
Mechanics really arn't my thing!!!

Anyone fancy helping out with the engine change?
I can pay in bacon sandwiches! haha
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Alfa Romeo 147

The next question to then ask once i get the engine changed.. is do i keep with my original brakes.. or really try and put the fiat 4 pot brembos on
As far as i am aware the gta uses the same setup albeit different pcd on the discs.
I could then buy a set of discs for the gta setup and use the coupe calipers?
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WOW!! Nice write ups and some nice modding there as well. I can say after seeing Jason's 145 with the 5 cyclinder fiat turbo engine in it, that the thing is awesome . I would personally mod the brakes and go for bigger . As for the pcd and other stuff I not looked into it so can't comment on that
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alfa gt jtdm

hi dude super mods, great wright up .Go for that fiat engine, uprate everthing that you can afford and some you cant lol .It will be a supa quick one off that you can be proud of .Keep us all informed of your progress
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Status: Has a very sexy 147!
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Member car:

Alfa Romeo 147

I don't think this project will be moving very quickly!

I was made redundant in June and am relying on recruitment agencies and temporary work to keep going.
The second issue is that space is a luxury where i currently am so i will need a garage or at least a workspace somewhere. No money = no garage.

and finally.. I'm not sure i have the mechanical know how to pull this off!

Brakes are an easy solution it appears - supporting arms from a GTA, GTA calipers and good ridge hoses.
If i run with the 305mm discs i can still keep my 16" wheels - Apparently.
This keeps the oem look which i would be pleased with!
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Member car:

Alfa GT Jtdm

wow adventurous! ...good luck with both car and with work

(if you need help, probably worth mentioning where you are!)
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Status: Has a very sexy 147!
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Member car:

Alfa Romeo 147

I'm sure it wont be that bad once we get down to it... its only nuts, bolts and some wiring right? ha famous last words.
I'm based in Didcot, Oxfordshire... any help would be much appreciated!!
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