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Originally Posted by Pud237 View Post
I drove one and found similar, I think it was fitted in conjunction with an original DMF which is something that can also cause judder. Did you use a new DMF or re-use your old one?
It was fitted with an old DMF-never judder before. Even the guy who fitted clutch said that DMF is perfect. So the CG Motorports are misleading, or clutch plate is fitted wrong way round.
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Originally Posted by Seal View Post
That is kind of what I'd expect, since its a semi-paddle afterall. One could also imagine that the judder will kill the DMF pretty fast.

I'm from Finland, so the car is driven on ice and snow for about half the year. Sometimes a smooth clutch makes the difference whether you make it to your destination or not.

Most likely I could live with a clutch like that, but my wife also drives the car. She'd kill me if I fit a paddle clutch, since its kind of her car And she'd kill the clutch and/or DMF anyway.

Has onyone done any measurements if some pressure plate (CG/Sachs?) is a bit stiffer than OE?

In some other cases I've ran into some "sport" pressure plates that were actually poorer than the good quality original.

Maybe just the original pressure plate shimmed for max grip with a bit better disc would be a good choice. I'd only have to figure out which is a good disc

Anyway I'll have to be carefull with the clutch especially when towing and use a bit more revs. Afterall the low end torque and pulses are the thigns that kill the clutch, not hp.
Maybe you should use the clutch they specified for the GT 1.9 JTDM with 170HP. They also used this clutch in the 147 Ducati Corse.
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Anyone got a link for a sachs clutch for a 170hp 937 that will fit a
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Originally Posted by Pud237 View Post
Maybe you should use the clutch they specified for the GT 1.9 JTDM with 170HP. They also used this clutch in the 147 Ducati Corse.
Will that actually fit? The gt has a diameter of 235 where the 159 has 240 mm. Also e.g. Autolusso - M32 6 Speed Gearbox
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I'm not talking about the 159 clutch, I'm talking about the clutch they use in GT & 147 1.9 JTDM models with 170hp from the factory, p/n 71752488, its uprated compared to the standard 1.9 clutch. It seems the perfect option if you don't want to go with a CG clutch.
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Hey guys

Sorry for necroposting this

May I please ask all of you what is currently the best solution in terms of uprated clutch and possibly DMF on GT 1.9 150?
I got 2006 model year with factory 150bhp but few days back I chipped it to around 180 and 400Nm - above 2000rpm in 4,5 and 6th gears, when I floor it the clutch slips a bit so mechanic told me 'you need a new clutch'.

I don't think I will be wanting to go above 400Nm ever in the future as don't have the money for really costly stuff like new turbo, different injectors, Q2 addition etc etc so the clutch will have to sustain up to 400Nm (would think I would like some kind of margin for it maybe? like 20-30Nm - just for safe operation).

I am not taking CG products into consideration as they are too expensive for me (I live in Poland where you earn nothing).

I am actively researching this on the internet and my options seem:

1. Clutch from 170bhp model of 147 (so Ducati version only really) or GT 170bhp - I am still unsure if the clutch from 170bhp is the same as in 170bhp 147 i.e. Ducati Corse version? Engine's code is the same (A6.000), power is the same (170) and torque too (330) so one would assume that yes? I don't know how to confirm on EPER that the clutch for 147 Ducati is the same as on 170bhp GT.
Pud237 - you mentioned it is uprated in comparison to standard - do we know what is uprated? I mean the friction plate and pressure plate or just the pressure plate? Also, do we know what brand the clutch with p/n 71752488 is please? Is there only Valeo (828065) or there are others too?
The other thing is: these cars from factory had 330Nm torque. Do we know what margin the clutch in the would have? 10%? 20%? I am asking in respect of my 400Nm and if the newly inserted clutch will stand this (just to let you know: I have 400Nm but it wasn't on dyno as it was not available. So possibly I have a bit less then that....posiibly 350-360Nm).
The part number for this 170bhp clutch is 71752488 which translates to 828065 in Valeo. I hope I got this right?
I can get this 170bhp kit made by Valeo (so 828065) in my country for around 120 gbp so it is not (that) expensive.

2. Clutch from Lancia Kappa 2.0 20v turbo (220ps)
A guy at the store told me that this is the strongest oem/factory clutch which will fit in my engine/driveshaft. He said that that Lancia has 220ps + is a 1.6 tonne car so the clutch is the (meant to be) the strongest.
I can get this clutch for about 170gbp.
The only thing which got me wondering is the fact that this is 220bhp coming from a turbo petrol engine so the torque will be 'not that high' right? This engine has 298Nm of torque so....it's actually lower then standard on the GT150 (305Nm), not to mention 330Nm of the Ducati. So what would be the point? Especially when I (theoritically) have 400Nm?

3. Clutch made by Sachs
Sachs performance (i.e. 3000951541-S) is out of the question as it is too expensive.
But one guy at an other store said to get standard Sachs clutch (so intended for 150ps) which is 3000 951 541. He said this clutch is a better clutch then standard Valeo clutch which was being put in the factory and should be ok with my 400Nm.

4. Custom clutch with Kevlar
I can get Kevlar put on the friction plate for about 80 pounds here in Poland and it will be some kind of strengthened Kevlar and not just 'normal' kevlar- so the guy says and I didn't know until now that there are 2 kinds of Kevlar . Also, within this 80gbp my old pressure plate would get machined/grinded. I would need to buy the new bearing of course and apparently Sachs clutch bearing is the only one to go for or something (Valeo supposedly breaking too often).
All in all the pressure plate would 'stay the same'. Now, some people tell me that Kevlar on the friction plate will increase the clutch's ability to handle higher torque so it should be a good solution whereas others say that no, Kevlar will bring only the extended usage miles for the clutch but it will not deal with my heightened torque and that pressure plate is where the secret lies/I should focus on and strengthen it somehow.

So 4 choices. Really don't know what to do.
As far as I know my clutch is 235mm in diameter and has 20 teeth - these are the most important specs right?

and Dualmass flywheel?
Well, what I have gotten to know is that with my old dualmass may be two problems (after looking it at it when taken out of the car): it may 'have play' (which is hard to overcome as the original springs are not available as spares) and/or it may be warped which could get machined/grinded if I found a place that would restore the DMF in that way for me.
The other gentleman told me: 'listen, you have to be ready to put a new DMF at the same time when you put new clutch in. This is because the old DMF may be warped and when you put the new clutch in, it may not cling to the new clutch with entire surface and the whole 'system' will still slip, after putting it back together. If you you will put standard new DMS, i.e. Valero 836016, it will cope well with your 400Nm as the clutch is the most vulnerable when torque is elevated by chip tuning (DMF too but to much less extent).'
Strengthening of the DMF is very hard and not many people do it in Poland - if anyone. I know that there are mono/single mass flywheels but someone told me that then the engine is overloaded greatly and it is rather intended for occasional use and not everyday use so I am not interested int that. Dual friction flywheel? I don't know what it is and don't even want to know hehe.
So I suppose that, Valeo original 836016 DMF, if I needed to change it, would be ok with handling my 400Nm.

Guys, please advise what to do and also correct and add any info you may have and I have provided. Again, I will not be wanting to go above with torque of my current 400Nm and wouldn't like a 0-1 kind of clutch but similarly comfortable to OEM parts as out of the factory in 150ps.

many many thanks
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