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New key

hi just bought a 156 1.8 ts. problem is only got one key with it which is held together with selotape. anyone know how much a replacement key would cost???
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It may be the same situation I had with my 145 TS. There should, when new, be two keys plus one (usually brown) master key. Replacement blanks are not too expensive, but they won't work the remote or alarm without a code number that should (but often is not) held on the Alfa database. It is up to the dealer who first sells the car to put the code on the database, hence the patchy coverage. I even followed up with the original dealer - they couldnt help.

New keys can only be programmed with this code, I am told. In the UK the policy was not to supply owners with the card that has the code, for insurance reasons I am told. (EU owners get the card in the owners manual folder).

The master key is needed to reset the ECU /Alarm if there is an electrical problem, but cannot programme new keys.

Without the master key, if it goes belly up, I gather the only solutions are new locks / ecu, priced maybe up to 1000, or MAYBE fitting a new alarm (my Alfa main dealer suggested fitting a Fiat alarm, this would control the central locking too, but would need an additional remote on the key ring). I must admit I found this all quite illogical and baffling.

When I bought my Alfa it came with only 1 key, but as I had heard of this problem (from this site) I argued with the dealer (not an Alfa dealer) to get me a master and spare. He did this at no cost to me and although the spare key wont work remotely at least I have the master, so an electrical problem wont leave me stranded with the 1000 bill. The main dealer couldn't even do the new master themselves, they have a "roving" specialist that presumably serves the region, and visits Bristol irregularly.

I hope that all made sense, and I stand to be corrected on some details by the many more knowledgeable members here. I would suggest you try your best to get a master key and preferably, code number from whoever sold it to you. Alfa MAY, if you are lucky, have the code on their database (mine wasn't). Also search any paperwork / documentation you have for a code / code car.

Sorry if i have been the bringer of bad news.

Good luck

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If you go into a Alfa dealer you shouldn't have a problem, but then it is Alfa dealers we are talking about.

All 156's came with two red keys, the master key if there is one was never given out. I think Alfa UK hold all the codes for reprograming keys. I don't know the procedure but I'm sure the dealer will be able to tell you. I can't see a replacement key costing more than 60quid. I'm sure someone else on the forum has had this done and can give you a better idea.

I'm pritty sure the policy on keys changed after fiat had all that trouble. Probably mainly to do with watchdog.

Mr T
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Hi Martian, I had the same problem with my 156.
It cost approx 100 for a new key and to have the immobiliser re-programed at my local Alfa dealer.
If you do get them to order a new key, make sure that they order the correct type. Mine is red but they ordered a black one as used by the more recent cars. It took several weeks and a number of chasing 'phone calls to get the right type of key. I then had to wait for them to obtain the codes again as they had lost them in the meantime!
Hope this helps.
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My 166 came with 2 regular key's and 1 master key incl a card containing 2 codes.
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most locksmiths(well city locks anyway)can cut and clone a new key for 25.
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Hi guys,

There is some cross model confusion hapenning here- hopefully this will help.

There are two systems of immobiliser used- Bosch Code 1 - Alfa 145/6 and GTV/Spider and
Code 2 - Alfa 147/156 and 166

There is a transponder inside the key of both systems which operates the immobiliser by radio signal transmitted from the immobiliser to the transponder and verified each starting sequence.

If the car has remote central locking, each key will also have a transmitter inside with a battery- this is totally separate to the transponder and immobiliser system.

The difference comes in the key ordering and programming sequences.

Code 1 keys are supplied as blanks which need to be cut and programmed into the immobiliser. This is done with the (BROWN) master key which has a special transponder embedded in it and unlocks the immobiliser to enable programming or deletion of keys.

This key is vitally important as it is necessary to program and delete keys, there is no access to programming of this system through the diagnostic computer. If the master is lost it is not possible to program further genuine keys into the system. If all keys are lost- the engine management and immobiliser computers will need replacement along with keys and barrels. If you do not have the central locking code from the code card the receiver will also need to be replaced.

If like Richard your car has remote central locking and you have no code, buy a new receiver and get it programmed, they aren't that expensive as a part and you can then program the existing keys to a new code quite simply.

It is however possible with this system to clone any of the existing keys if you find a locksmith who has the appropriate machine to copy and duplicate the transponder. This will only work with non genuine keys.

Code 2 is more complicated and secure. This uses a rolling code transmitted into the transponder. There is no master key, all keys are the same (the other key in a 166 is just a valet key) This system requires the keys to be ordered by chassis number from the factory by the dealer- no blanks are available.

With this system no master key is required as the programming is done via the diagnostic computer. All keys on the Code 2 cars can be lost and replaced- there could be some delay obtaining them depending on where you live!

Replacement keys can only be programmed in by a dealer with the appropriate computer and code card- as supplied from the factory the keys will not start or open the car. Any keys not present during the programming procedure will be deleted permanently and cannot ever be used again.

As far as I am aware these keys cannot be cloned but are produced to order as necessary by the factory. I can't understand how a black key could be supplied instead of a red one unless it was ordered under an incorrect chassis number- the lock barrels and central locking receiver are totally different.

In Australia the immobilser programming code is supplied with all new cars- the central locking code must be ordered from the factory- usually with the key. If the code card is lost a new one can be ordered from the factory. I have also heard that this is not supplied with the car in the UK for insurance and security reasons- your dealer should be able to confirm this.

Hope this helps
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<blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:<hr /><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">It is however possible with this system to clone any of the existing keys if you find a locksmith who has the appropriate machine to copy and duplicate the transponder. This will only work with non genuine keys.
<hr /></blockquote><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">...!!!!!!duh!!!!!!!!! im sure ive heard that before.
K Durose
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Speaking of keys, my 156 has been sold to me without the "Emergency Key" (the one that turns off the alarm so that the battery can be changed without embarrassment).
Are these easily available or am i likely to incurr a huge charge for a replacement ?
My Alfa is booked in for a completely new set of lock barrels (someone at some point has changed the barrel on the boot lock and i cannot open it with the keys !) so with a bit of luck I'll get a new Emergency Key with them.
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Damon is quite correct in what he says, unfortunately the information preceeding this was incorrect. The code cards were not released to UK customers because insurance companies insisted this was a security risk. All genuine UK supplied cars had their codes stored on the international security register. Dealers had nothing to do with this it was entirely done by Alfa GB, (another thing we got blamed for!).
And K the UK spec cars did not have an emergency key for the alarm, also a security risk, if you have an emergency key hole your vehicle is not a genuine UK vehicle.

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