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Is Technology taking the fun out of driving?

Well, what do you think, would you be happy with a bare car like a seven? elise? etc. Or would you rather have your electronica?
I for one would rather have a basic car with a good chassis and big engine, than a top of the range car with all the problems this can bring, what do you think????????????? [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]
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I am a gadget man, so I'm happy for all the "fancy stuff" you can get in cars nowadays. But at the same time I like the idea you present, so I have plans to build a locost (super seven replica) for track racing with a mate. Conclusion: I want both!

But of course it's true, the more electronics, the more trouble???

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I'd like to make an exmaple of the gadgets in quetion by discussing the appeal of the Selespeed.

I have always been fascinated by gadgets and tried to get my cars to reflect that. The appeal of the Selespeed technology in the 147 was because it reflected something derived from Formula 1 and W.R.C. cars. Sequential gearshift via paddles or gearstick....Wow baby!

I know sooner or later this technology will be copied by most car companies (especialy Japanese as that is their game...Always make a better copy...NEVER INNOVATE!).

In Australia, my 147 cost $53000 on the road which is similar to the price of the 1998 Lotus Elise I was considering. For all its sporting characteristics, and weight saving technology, I could not justify the costs copared to the 147.

Finally as I have said in many of my previous posts, I will never again consider a new car that IS NOT Selespeed equipped.

...That is unless Formula 1 cars go back to a Stick Shift transmission! [img]smilies/krakrani.gif[/img]
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A tough call this one but I think a lot of gadgets on modern cars add uneccesary weight and cost for the small amount of time that they are used.
For example electric mirrors and power seats.Now once I have adjusted seats and mirrors to my liking I generally leave them,so theres the the weight of a few uneccessary motors I am lugging around for starters.
Electric windows are nice but if a car has aircon how often do you lower your windows.More weight.
On electronics controlling the driving experience,ABS I think is a must,its saved my skin before now.However traction control I`m not sure about.Used to have a 2.0 litre Focus with traction control and it used to cut in a lot of the time when it did not really need to.The 156 and Peugeot 406 I had didn`t have traction control but both had a decent chassis so didn`t really need it so I`m with Numan on this one.
Tried Selespeed,good fun for a while but still prefer the challenge of coordinating my feet with my left hand and the feel of a good manual.
The only things I need apart from a decent car to begin with (preferably an Alfa) is aircon and a decent sound system.

Regards Pete (still using Catherines profile because I can`t be arsed to get my own!)
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With you 100% Numan


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I think gadgets have limited appeal. Sooner or later the novelty of pressing buttons wears off. So give me a car with a good engine and chassis anyday.Im not a fan of selespeed. Again its the 'button factor' and I like to have a gearstick to grab. I think with alfas infamous electrical gremlins, the fewer gadgets the better!
Some car program was showing the new bmw 7 series with 'the knob'? Did anyone see it? Its kinda like a mouse for controlling the in-car audio, video, phone etc. Has pride of place on the console. A bit daft to me. [img]smilies/krakrani.gif[/img]
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Not a car for a technophobe like me then.I have enough problems with a Video Recorder!
Mike D
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Hi People,

Interesting question this. Personally I think there are more factors than just technology that are taking the fun out of driving. Things like traffic density, influence of law enforcement agencies to name just a couple. Money is also a consideration. I would dearly love a car such as a Lotus Elise but these cars really only come into their own on the race track or that deserted piece of twisty back road. I'm not sure how much they cost in the UK but here in NZ they're about the same price as a 156 V6 Monza and due to their rarity have very low depreciation. I've only seen a couple second hand and they were both low mileage but very well used. As a family man I can neither afford nor justify such a vehicle - maybe when I'm older, hopefully I'll still be able to enjoy it, that is if the thought police haven't legislated against having fun.

Oops, gone off topic here. Technology has its place. The advent of ABS, VDC and all those other acronyms that try to make our driving experience safer do take some of the fun out of driving but for the majority of drivers it doesn't matter. This type of driver never pushes hard enough to activate the ABS or VDC (this type of driver also misinterpretes having fun behind the wheel as dangerous anti social behaviour).

In short I like my 156 not because of its technology or lack thereof but because of all the cars that were on my short list (in my price range) it fulfilled the requirements of a family saloon AND offered the biggest "grin" factor (on the twisty bits even my 6 yr old son says "faster Daddy" as he's trying to hang on in the back - the booster seat slides about on the leather). This is a rare combination these days.

Just re-reading what I've written and I'm not if it makes a lot of sense but I guess what I'm trying to say is that we live in an increasingly technological world (for better or worse) and the growing levels of technology in cars is just a natural progression of this. But there is still a market for bare bones cars like Lotus 7 replicas but these days they really only appeal to those of us who enjoy driving simply for the sake of driving.

There, done.
Cheers [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]
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Interesting topic.having been around Brands in an Evo 7 i would answer yes to your question.The car simply left me cold compared to the violence of say a hard driven scooby or Evo6.Wonderful car,no doubt,just TO good for its own good.Am I making sense? A decatted MY99 scooby had be grinning like a cheshire cat,but the Evo was almost surreal.Would still have one though [img]smilies/wink.gif[/img]

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